The Journey of 1000 Petals…., at 7, we conclude our chakra series, with the 7th, or crown chakra.  We visualize this wheel of petals as violet or white in color.  It is the chakra that connects us to one another, to the universe and to all things spiritual.  If you are coming to class, feel free to wear either of these colors to help enhance your session.  Diamonds and crystals are the associated stones, so feel free to don those, as well!  As the crown chakra is much more about spirituality  than physicality (though clearly all chakras relate to our physical being) expect to be spending a good amount of time in meditation.

I will be there at 6, as well, for our cardio/strength training fusion.  Come for one, or the other…or wherever YOU are, make sure your day has included some all important physical and spiritual activity!



Speak Up!

Good morning and welcome to September.  No matter how old I (or my kids) get, I will always feel that sinking feeling of summer on it’s way out (even here in South Florida) and the school year back in.  But it is back to school time for all of us, and life, after all, is one big learning experience!

Today I will be subbing for Ellen at 10 (SilverSneakers) and back tonight for regular 6 and 7 pm classes….

We will be moving up the chakra line during 7 o’clock yoga/Pilates fusion class.  Tonight we will focus on the 5th chakra, the all important throat chakra, which is visualized as a beautiful shade of blue.  Feel free to wear blue, and as always bring anything that will make your practice more comfortable (pillows, eye masks, straps, blocks).,1000x1000,075,f.jpg

“The fifth Chakra is the seat of self expression, and can be seen as the crossroads between the head and the heart.  As such, it serves as the mediator between thought and emotion.  The throat must be open in order for the energy to flow. “Open” means that the person is capable of “letting the sound out” – both the sounds of pleasure and of pain.  Often, as the throat is opened, the pelvis begins to move spontaneously, indicating a strong link between self-expression and passion.  Blockages will be seen in sore throats, shoulder and neck pain, and clenched jaws.”

Thanks, once again, to all of you who contributed to the “gift” we will be presenting to one of our workout buddies when we next see her.  You are all amazing and restore all my faith in what is right with this world.  Thanks, Rita…the card is perfect!!

Wherever you are, consider learning something new, giving something of yourself to someone else, finding your fitness, and of course your peace!  Namaste….

The “contact” link on my homepage has been fixed (thanks, Kyle) so those of you that need to contact me privately can use that link again. 


Namaste been a kid who did NOT enjoy P.E. or sports, it warms my heart to see articles about schools offering Yoga as a P.E. option.  The only part of gym class I ever liked was gymnastics, and, I admit, square dancing.  Still, I dreaded that hour as so many students do.  Thinking I was not athletic because I didn’t do well in games like dodge ball (really?  how many of us really loved having a ball thrown at us?) just made it worse as the years went on.  Thank goodness for cheer-leading which often got me out of gym class.  I loved my years of cheering.

In many ways, I am still a cheerleader.  But I also love aerobic dancing, lifting weights, doing Pilates, jogging and yoga.  So this morning I salute the schools that are offering Yoga as an option to fulfill the P.E. credit.   The students who are taking these classes are getting so much more than just the credit, as any of that practice yoga know.  They are gaining confidence, learning useful tools to combat stress, increasing focus and concentration and of course, gaining strength, flexibility and coordination.

It is never too late to start adding yoga to your life.  If you are a parent, remember that we are the most important roll models in our children’s lives.  Namaste.

Om Maha

Om Maha.

I radiate love.

Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of...
Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of love, empathy, selflessness and devotion. On the psychic level, this center of force inspires the human being to love, be compassionate, altruistic, devoted and to accept the things that happen in a divine way. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After all my other sessions and classes are over and all that is left is peaceful, restorative Pilates/yoga, tonight at 7, we will be focusing on opening up and unblocking our heart chakras.  Though all the chakras (just like all the organs of our body) need to be balanced to provide homeostasis, it is that heart chakra (and heart) that I find most special of all.  If you are coming to class tonight, you can begin to bring your attention to your heart through the day.  If you are unable to attend class, with me or ANYWHERE, simply taking some deep breaths, thinking loving thoughts and BEING love, will certainly help activate this all important chakra.  Namaste


Can More Ohms = More Touchdowns?

East Rutherford, NJ ...item 4.. SUPER BOWL REC...
... (Photo credit: marsmet522)

I just read a great article in Yoga Journal about professional athletes practicing yoga. For those of you who may still believe “real men” don’t do funny contortions or chant ohms, you might be surprised to learn that the Seattle Seahawks are one of those professional teams that include yoga in their training.  I was already rooting for them, but now I am feeling even more confident.  Practicing yoga is truly good for every fiber of one’s being.  The strength, flexibility, endurance, patience, and calm of mind that all come naturally from regular yoga practice, combine to set one up for success in all aspects of work and play.  Go Seahawks!