Lions and Tigers and Cows, Oh My!

This being Vegan (Feast) Thursday, it seemed appropriate to address the issue of Cecil the lion.  NEVER wanting to be one to offend, I tend to stay pretty quiet about my choice to thrive on a plant-based diet and refrain from purchasing animal products.  After all, the more time spent in meditation, the more clear I feel about NOT being a judge and jury of anyone else.

It would be a lie to say, though, that it is not frustrating to read and hear and see all the outrage over the killing of this most magnificent king of the jungle.  For most of us, it is beyond our comprehension to kill a lion.  Same goes for a cat, or a dog.  All day long we post pictures of animals and converse about how much we love them.

No.  I am not the judge, but who of any of us is?  Who decides which animals are pets, which are for farms, which are for zoos, which are for hunting, which are for hanging on a wall, which are for food, which are for shoes and purses and furniture?

Many will point out to me that is all about culture.  In some cultures it’s ok to eat cows, while in others, it’s about the worst thing you can do!  Certainly as Americans we frown upon anyone that would eat dog meat, or horse meat, but when you step aside from “culture” what really IS the difference????

No.  I never set out to offend.  This morning’s meditation was about how when we are our TRUE selves, we are our WHOLE selves.   Then, while taking a very quick scroll through Facebook, I saw this:

So my deepest apologies you find anything offensive about this post.  So many things that end up on the internet are offensive and often hurtful, when that is probably never the intention of the person posting.

Many discussion have been had about all the emotions involved with this thing we call Facebook.  Many studies have been done by researchers (some by Facebook manipulating our feed!) and one thing that has been found is that the emotion most associated with reading Facebook is ENVY.  (The more vacation pics and pics of things people have acquired,  the less worthy others feel. These photos, however, are just a snapshot in time.  We often have NO idea what else is going on in these people’s lives.  No one ever posts when they are getting calls from collection agencies or their kids just got in trouble, etc.) Another study revealed that the more positive posts we see, the more we are likely to post positive things as well.  The opposite also held true.

Being human, I admit to have had my fair share of  walking away from Facebook, frustrated, annoyed or hurt.  Recently, I have made the connection and have decided less time on Facebook is a good thing for me.  That’s just me.

My blog will continue to get posted to Facebook and I strongly encourage you to hide my posts or scroll past them quickly if you find them offensive.  My aim is ALWAYS more peaceandfitness!

Please consider your food choices, today and every day.  What is good for the animals, is also what is best for our health and the planet.

Please also feel free to leave any comments on either of these 2 topics.  Let’s get people talking and hopefully moving towards a more peaceful planet.

Above All Else…Be True to YOU

Through lots of meditation and help from a friend, I have found myself saying “shut-up, Bonni,” (to myself) A LOT!   Mostly because when talking stops, listening happens.  Not so much listening to others, but listening to the calm that lives inside of me.  Inside of EACH of us.  Also, because my opinions are just that…opinions…and MINE.

In my fitness world…in all the world…so many are suffering because they don’t feel they are good enough.  When we dig deep, the only person we really have to be good enough for, is ourselves.   My career has not been as much about helping people LOOK good, as it has been about helping people FEEL good.  Sometimes the two are connected, often they are not!

Feeling at peace in our own skin is perhaps the single most important aspect of our lives, for without this, we can never be truly, completely, happy.  For me, feeling the best about myself comes from getting in daily workouts and nourishing my body on a plant-based diet.  It also comes from helping others feel good about their bodies, minds and souls — both at work and at play.

It’s always bothered me when people feel they have a right to judge how other people find their happiness.  Having a clan of tattooed young people in my life, who I love to pieces, it has bothered me through the years to hear anyone say anything remotely negative about any of them.  They are not asking anyone else to put pictures on their bodies.  They are just expressing themselves in a way that is making them happy and not hurting anyone else in the process.  These, by the way, happen to be some of the most compassionate, motivated, talented, go-getting human beings any of us could ever meet!

Nothing brings this judgement thing home more than people who are, today, bashing Caitlyn(Bruce) Jenner, after her picture came out on the upcoming cover of Vanity Fair.  If it doesn’t effect your life in any way, than why would you care?  If it DOES effect your life, my guess is that is for the positive!  She is speaking for masses of people that do not have her money/fame/stardom or ability to “come out of the closet” with something that people have been dealing with FOREVER.  I guess, I was lucky to have been exposed to transgenderness (is that a word?) at a very young age (Carole W. didn’t Pop employee a transgender, at the beauty parlor way back when? Cyd??)

Perhaps this is a good time to look in the mirror and reflect on what makes YOU happy…then focus on bringing more of that into your own life.  Let’s focus less on what other people do to find their happiness and more on what we can do to find our own!

This is exactly what we will be focusing on this evening on the mat at 7.

I hope, wherever you are, you will remember to take time to tune into YOU and ask yourself what truly makes YOU happy.  I bet Bruce asked himself this question a bazillion times before he made his decision…

and if you are reading this, Lori Bregman I loved what you wrote about this on Facebook, yesterday!




Awaken and Shine……

Just Say Ommmmm