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Biggest Losers….Where are They Now?

“I weighed 122 pounds for about 2.2  seconds of my life.  I took a drink of water after I won, and I didn’t weigh that again.”

–2008 Biggest Loser winner Ali Vincent

We all wonder what happens to contestants after the show.  Ali was the first female to win the title of Biggest Loser having gone from 234 to 122 pounds, and has since gained back 50 pounds.  This breaks my heart, as the reality of maintaining weight loss is a tough one, especially when you lose all that weight in a controlled environment and then have to go back out into the real world.

If only we could all commit to tuning in and taking care of our health, making wise food choices, getting our daily exercise and asking ourselves “What am I really hungry for?” perhaps we could all find a more peaceful balance in our lives.  Perhaps.

Ready, Set, GO HARD….

English: A stopwatch is a hand-held timepiece ...

English: A stopwatchl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pressed for time but still need to get in your daily exercise?  Try some HIIT….High Intensity Interval Training.  Sure, you have probably already heard of it, but have you tried it?

There are many ways to do HIIT, but this is the original “recipe,”  based on Professor Izumi Tabata’s 1996 study which involved Olympic Speed Skaters. Pick 4 or 5 exercises that require a lot of aerobic endurance like jumping jacks, running in place or spriniting, punching while in a low squat, high knees up in front, even pushup.  Get your stop watch or have someone else time you and do 20 seconds of one exercise followed by 10 seconds of total rest and move on to the next one.  Repeat until you have finished all the exercises and then begin again, continuing until you have used up almost all your time.  Always follow with some full body stretches, like downward facing dog and cobra.

Traditionally, this is done anywhere from 4 minutes to 30 minutes, so…you don’t need an entire evening at the gym to get your fitness on.  You just need to push yourself!   Start this program today and you will see improvements in your strength, coordination, endurance and BODY by the time we say hello to spring, in just 10 days!

Games People Play…

English: The aces in a four color deck.

English: The aces in a four color deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I read an article in Natural Muscle Magazine, that made some great suggestions about “sneaking” exercise into your day.  1 idea was a great way to incorporate tons of squats.  The suggestion was, each time you grab a door knob, hold on and do 10 squats.  Another idea was a great one to do at home and include your kids in your “game.”  In your own mind, designate a word, and each time someone says it, do 10 reps of the exercise you pre-determine.  For example, if your word of the day is dog, every time one of your kids says the word, you drop and do 10 push-ups.  It might take them a few times before they will figure out the word, which can be fun.

  You can also get in a full blown workout and have fun with your kids by using a deck of cards.  This is a trick I learned from either Bob Harper or Chris Powell (can’t remember) and have been using ever since.  If you train with me, you know…Assign an exercise to go with each of the suits.  Then let your kids flip the cards one at a time and call them out

.  Hearts might be lunges and pulling a 6 of hearts would mean you do 6 of them.  I like to assign 25 jumping jacks to the wild cards and make aces and deuces wild, but you can set this up however you like and with exercises that work for your body.  Your kids will have fun being the trainers, but the best part of the deck of cards is you can also be your own trainer, or more accurately, the cards will train you.  Write down which exercises match up with which suits (I like to try to cover most major muscle groups, so a good combo could be squats/pushups/rows and chest presses, just for one example) and shuffle your deck and get busy moving.  I promise you will get a great workout!

Yesterday, I took back to the street, mixing some running back into my walking.  Since my ankle started acting funny in the fall, I have NOT been running, but my body sure does miss it.  I am starting back slowly alternating a tenth of a mile walking with a tenth of a mile running.  This morning, I don’t think my ankle is any the worse off for it, but I will continue to be very cautious.  Being injured is a great reminder of why overdoing never really pays off.  Moderation……balance….work in progress.

Have a beautifully vibrant Tuesday.   Happy birthday Dolores.  Much love to all.