It Must be Sustainable, in Order to be Maintainable………

This morning the news reported that fad diets, while they work for weight loss in the short term, don’t work in the long term.  What works?  The reported concluded that exercise and healthful eating are the solution to long term weight loss.  AND THIS MAKES THE NEWS?  The problem with diets, to me, is that if you can go ON one, then of course, you can also go OFF of one, as well.  While there is no doubt that many fad diets are incredibly effective at getting the pounds off, if it is not something you can sustain for the long haul, it is highly unlikely you will be able to maintain the loss.  This is what leads to the yo-yo syndrome which is, according to those in the medical field, rather unhealthy.

While I am on this topic, I need to say, once again, as a society we need to stop confusing CARBS with CRAP!  If you are eating veggies and fruits, you are eating carbs and they are NEVER going to be what’s making/keeping you overweight.  From my experience, when people are successful on a low carb diet it’s because they have cut out the CRAP they ordinarily eat.  The main purpose of carbohydrates in our daily “diet,” is to provide energy to all the cells in the body.  If you are limiting your carbs enough, the body will resort to using the amino acids from protein, but only if your carb level is low enough to be in ketosis, which may have been a natural state for the caveman, but our modernized world has definitely not allowed for ANY of us to live like they did.  Ketosis is very controversial so I leave that up to you to do your homework.  Once again, this only happens when carb intake is EXTREMELY low and that means one is probably not getting ample fiber and nutrients to stay healthy even if they are losing weight.  I promise that if you listed all the carbs you eat and then delete the ones that are CRAP you will lose weight–perhaps not as fast as you would like, but in a way you can sustain to maintain!

Thanks to those that came back to the mat last night, proving it pays to “advertise.”  A simple reminder and a couple of flyers at the gym and class size doubled from last week to this week.   I love all the classes that I teach and love all the different types of training I do during my personal training sessions, but I have to admit that the peaceful yoga/Pilates stretch and stress reduction is the one that truly nurtures all aspects of our being–body, mind and soul.  As we continue to move into the season of giving, giving, giving, I hope that you will remember to take time out to give to the most important person of all….YOU.  We cannot give what we don’t already have, so taking care of YOU, really benefits everyone in your world.

Finally, I have to say that as I continue my daily practice of meditation, I am feeling much more focused on who I am and what I desire at my deepest level, which is helping others to feel good in their own bodies, minds and souls.  This was proof to me that taking time each day to take care of me by nurturing my spirit, allows me to appreciate how much I desire seeing others succeed in finding their own happiness through peace and fitness.  Namaste.


The Secret to the Age Old Weight Loss Question…and a Little Motivation

If you know me, or read my blog, you know I am much softer than the above quote.  But it’s true!  Stop looking for secrets and start moving.  Today is SOMEDAY!  Let’s get busy!

This morning I am motivated by Hugo Radelat, Kyle’s best friend Eric’s dad, who completed the Ironman Augusta yesterday!  Congrats to you Hugo!  I am motivated by Rose Brickman who blew it out in the NGA Champions & Challengers Pro/Am 2014.

Mostly, however, I am motivated by those that wake up physically challenged and still set out to accomplish goals that others might consider impossible….individuals like my public school friend Jan’s son, Levi,  who lost a leg after a motorcycle accident a few years ago and went on to train for triathlons.  Just last week he came in 3rd place in the Tempe para-triathlon.  All of these people inspire me to push myself every day and I am grateful to be impacted by all of them.

Get out of your own head and let your body show you just how much it is capable of.  It will change your head in ways you never thought possible.  Go get em!


Get Real About Your Calories………

Last week I posted a bit about the Labor Day weekend, and the loss of my old friend, co-worker and mentor, Bob Considine.  This morning, I found a comment from his niece, Chantal, which made me really happy and reminds me that I never know who’s taking a peak into  Thanks for leaving a comment, Chantal.  It brought me a little closer to your uncle, this morning, and that is a gift.

Ellen will be back to the gym today, and back on her regular schedule, as will I.  Two weeks from today, September 22, is the party for Charlotte.  They have named her the Regional Winner of the Richard Swanson Award.  For those that are curious, the award was started by Mary Swanson, who created the SilverSneakers program and named her dad, Richard, as her inspiration.  The party will be a light luncheon at the gym at about 12:30 (immediately after my class, which we will end a bit early that day).    All students, friends and family are welcome to come on out.  If you read my blog and live locally, if you are a student in another class, or a friend, you are welcome to come join us and see what 95plus looks like!  For those of you who live a distance, and worked so hard at helping with the voting, I promise that I will bring your awesome energy with me…and I will take some pics of the event.

English: My calculator, it's good to use.

English: My calculator, it’s good to use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With only one minute left online, I have to share (because I was asked) my favorite weight loss tip.  GET REAL WITH YOUR CALORIES.  Get a journal (or a scrap of paper, or an app or message pad on your phone) and start writing down your food intake.  Don’t guess.  Look up calorie counts.  If you have to guess, maybe you shouldn’t be eating it…..and don’t overestimate your calorie burn, either.  I jog a mile or 2 in between classes and feel like I am working so hard, sweating my butt off, only to learn I have burned between 100 and 2oo calories per “run.”  We can eat that in no time flat, so don’t let your fitness be a ticket to eating more!  GET REAL WITH YOUR CALORIES and you will start to see that scale moving in the right direction.  Write em down.  Add em up.  Most weight loss programs suggest about 1200 calories a day for women and 16-1800 a day for men.  Of course this is just an approximate.   After a few weeks of trial and error, you will find your own magic number.

Monday.  Always a great day to start anew!  Go get em.

You Can Call Me…..

Mrs. Potato Head

Mrs. Potato Head (Photo credit: Onion)

It’s one thing to be watching calories and another to live on a plant-based diet but when you combine them, you obviously create a smaller list of foods that you are comfortable eating.  For years I struggled with the potato.  I absolutely love potatoes (any way and every way) but with the whole anti-carb hype, anti-”white” hype, I limited them for quite a while, reserving them for days of indulgence.

I admit I dreamed about an optimal nutritional plan that would include the potato, but all the “experts” made me pessimistic about the reality.  Then, a dental woe temporarily caused me to further limit the foods I could comfortably eat and I had to include baked potatoes.  In fact, for a few days, I was eating them more than once a day.  I was so happy.  And because eating was challenging, the scale dropped, no doubt because my calorie intake was lower than usual.

This prompted me to reconsider the white spud and I have been eating them a few times a week, ever since.  And the scale continued to reflect weight loss.  What I found was that by continuing to keep my calories at about 1500 a day (I approximate all this) I can still get in all my nutrients, keep from being hungry, sustain the energy I need for my athletic day AND enjoy my potatoes, too!

We all know that sweet potatoes are a great food for everyone and they are still a smarter choice, but for me, nothing compares to the plain old baked potato.  If I am feeling more indulgent, I will cut them up and toss them with some olive oil and kosher salt and grill them in a tin.  That side dish is always a treat and goes a long way when feeding a family or company.

So while there is no consistent info on the potatoes nutritional value (because no 2 spuds are quite the same) it is enough to know that a medium sized one is somewhere around 160 calories, provides about 1/4 of your days needs for all important potassium, about half your days needs for Vitamin C, and about 1/3 of the vitamin B-6 you require a day.  It is cholesterol free, fat free and eaten with the skin, gives you close to 5 grams of fiber, which is a lot for one food!  Remember, fiber is not only necessary for a healthy digestive system, but also helps us to continue to feel full well after a meal is over.  Though the potato is a high carb food, it provides about 5 grams of protein as well.  We need to stop thinking of foods as just carbs, or just proteins and understand that foods are a combination of nutrients and we need them all!

Clearly is you are on a high protein low carb diet, a potato will give you way too many carbs.  I am not a big fan of those diets, personally for a bazillion reasons, but that’s what works for me and I am a big fan of choice.

If you are a fan of the potato, don’t be afraid of it.  Instead watch what you adorn it with!  I use a bit of Earth Balance “butter” and lots of nutritional yeast which I love and gives me a lot of added nutrients.  That said, I could just as easily enjoy one whole, like an apple.  As my father-in-law always says, “You have never met a potato you don’t like.”

So I will simply sign this,

Mrs. Potato Head

Yes, I am sad about King James leaving our Miami Heat.  I am not bitter.  Like I said, I am a fan of choice and I wish him and his family well, though I will miss him as he has been my favorite! 

Yes, I will be at the gym this morning for class.  Next Saturday class is cancelled as I will excitedly be attending my soon to be daughter’s bridal shower.  3 weeks till the wedding!!! WOW