To Peep, or Not to Peep. That is the Question.

Yes, the gym is open today and yes, I will be there to teach my regularly scheduled morning class.  See you there, or back here.

Enjoy your day, peeps.  But keep in mind, each PEEP you eat is about 28 calories.  You’ll have to walk about 8 minutes to burn one off.  It’s all about choices, so if you have to have the peeps, make sure to lace up those sneakers and get moving….or just say


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It’s Not Just Good it’s Friday.

This one is totally off topic, but I couldn’t resist. Thanks to Steph M for putting this up on Facebook yesterday.  It just cracked me up!

Wishing my friends and family a good, Good Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend.

And the Genius Said….

In yesterday’s health news, in my daily paper, there was an article about a study on eaters of animal protein.  It compared people who ate different amounts of animal protein and how it impacted their chances of getting type 2 diabetes.   Put quite simply, for every 10 grams more a person ate, they increased their chances of getting the disease.  The people that ate the most (72 grams per day) were almost 20% more likely to end up diabetic.

The first thing that strikes me about this study is that 72 grams of animal protein a day is NOT that much for someone who eats a couple of eggs for breakfast (about 13 grams), a chicken wrap for lunch (let’s say about 20 grams in the chicken)  and a piece of meat or fish (about 30 grams in 6 ounces of fish)  for dinner.   That’s 63 grams before a glass of milk, a piece of cheese, etc.  There is no mystery behind why our society is overweight and under-”healthed.”  The same foods that cause diabetes, happen to also contribute to cancer, Alzheimers, and many auto-immune disorders.

The other thing that struck me about this news story, is that it isn’t really news at all!

We were ALL schooled to believe we need way more protein then we actually do.  We were also schooled to believe our protein can only come from animals.  While it is certainly harder to get protein from plants and grains, it is easily do-able.  Athletes do need more than non-athletes and most of us aren’t athletes!  The average person would do just fine with about 1/2 gram of protein for every pound they weigh.  Serious athletes will go to over 1 gram per pound they weigh.  Even at that, if you do your homework you can find protein in many foods that are healthy for you, for the planet and for the animals.

Hopefully you will consider this information as you make food choices today, on Vegan (Feast) Thursday…and every day.

Make Mine a Double!


Oatmeal (Photo credit: DeSegura89)

So here’s a quick tip I learned about making oatmeal that I wish I knew sooner.  If you take the exact same amount of oats as you usually use (1/2 cup is 1 serving) and double the amount of water (2 cups instead of 1) and double the cooking time, you will end up with a bowl of oatmeal that is not only double the amount of volume but also a much creamier consistency.  I find that when I make it this way, I have to let it sit for a bit after cooking to let the remaining water absorb into the oats.  Then I add my ground flax, some vegan protein, a little bit of peanut butter and whatever else might be going into the bowl.  Play around with the recipe until you find your perfect texture, but if you are the type of person that like QUANTITY, you will appreciate this tip!  It is also a great tip for families on a budget, looking to stretch their breakfast dollar.  Thanks to the Hungry Girl in the Kitchen, for this one!