Love is Lovely….Let it Flow I have said it once, I have said it a billion or more times, people that workout and take care of themselves are some of the very kindest, most caring people in the universe.  Thank you to all my 8:30 in the morning students who responded so quickly and effortlessly to my suggestion yesterday at the end of class.  I don’t want to say too much until our “project” is completed, but you ladies came thru like nothing I have ever seen!  Within minutes I had people approaching me from all angles.

Your participation is going to mean the world to one person, but also to me, because my heart was truly warmed by your generosity and trust!  Hit me up personally if you are wondering what this is all about.

Love really is like currency.  It flows.  You have to put love out there in order to get love back.  This was the message of Tuesday night’s yoga/Pilates class and 25 hours later, I was able to witness just how true that is!

Later in the day, I had a long conversation with a loved one, about fitness, health, nutrition, school, money and happiness (the kinds that come from external sources, and true happiness which comes from within).  Money can buy a lot of awesome stuff as well as peace of mind and security.  It really CANNOT buy happiness and it CANNOT buy love.

Want to feel more internal happiness and self-love?  Remember to start giving of yourself.  Giving really is a selfish act, because what we give away comes back in abundance.

I am humbled by, and grateful to ALL my students.  A better family, I could not ask for!  Much love to all….



While I haven’t been ultra-impressed with this summer’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss show, last night I most definitely was!  What an AMAZING job Kim did, not only losing 122 pounds in a year, but letting go of the obstacles that were holding her back from being all that she could be.

She was drop-dead gorgeous at the finale, and once again, I am inspired and motivated be the determination and follow-through it takes to achieve a goal!  I cried even more so than usual, which I think was, in part, a result of all the focus and meditation we spent on balancing our heart chakra last night in class.

Photos are hard to find this morning.  This show will come to the end of another season shortly, but ANYONE looking for some inspiration (weight loss/fitness/LIFE!) should check it out.

We all hold the key to our own success.  Determination is everything!


Tired of the same old fitness routine?  Need a trainer but can’t afford one?  Want to work out when YOU want to work out?  Don’t feel you have enough space to get in a good workout?  Too hot to go outside?  Got rained out?  Don’t think you can get in a good workout because you have NO gym equipment?

These are just a short list of reasons (excuses) I hear regularly.  Stop it.  They really are just excuses.  There is such a simple solution to all of this….do like the do in CrossFit and make your very own DIY WOD (Do it yourself, workout of the day).

Pick and exercise from the list below.  Pick a number.  Do the exercise that many times (or for a certain length of time) and then pick another.  After you have completed them start over again.  Do it for the length of time you decide upon.  If you have a set of weights, an elastic tube, a ball, a couple of cans of food, even…you have like a whole gym!

Stretch when you are done and your workout is complete.

Push-ups (everyone can do a push-up, just find the modification that works for you.

Squats (no, you don’t need weights).

Burpees (look them up if you aren’t sure how to do them).

Jumping jacks.

Lunges (in place or walking).

Crunches.  Even better full sit-ups.

Running in place.

Dips between 2 chairs.

Leg raises.

Imaginary jump roping.

Some kicking and punching combos

Jumping over a rolled up little hand towel (back and forth)

And here’s one already configured for you:

The sky is the limit…your imagination and dedication is everything.

I would keep going but I am off for my first session of the day.  Remember while there is NO 11:30 class today, I WILL be at the gym tonight for 6 and 7 o’clock classes.  The kids are back in school.  Time to take care of YOU!



Get on Your Way…..

To all the students and teachers….which in reality, is all of us, everywhere.  Learning certainly is not meant to stop when we finish school!  Life is a classroom.  Let’s all keep learning and teaching!  To those headed to the physical classrooms, wishing you an easy day and a productive year!

Let’s ALL  get on our way.