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Charlotte’s Story in the Miami Herald

The reporter tells me that her editor tells her that the story will be in TOMORROW’s paper.  That’s the Tuesday Miami Herald…Tropical Living section.  Just a head’s up since we thought it would be yesterday and then thought it might be next Sunday….This is what I was told so we’ll see tomorrow!

The Secret to the Age Old Weight Loss Question…and a Little Motivation

If you know me, or read my blog, you know I am much softer than the above quote.  But it’s true!  Stop looking for secrets and start moving.  Today is SOMEDAY!  Let’s get busy!

This morning I am motivated by Hugo Radelat, Kyle’s best friend Eric’s dad, who completed the Ironman Augusta yesterday!  Congrats to you Hugo!  I am motivated by Rose Brickman who blew it out in the NGA Champions & Challengers Pro/Am 2014.

Mostly, however, I am motivated by those that wake up physically challenged and still set out to accomplish goals that others might consider impossible….individuals like my public school friend Jan’s son, Levi,  who lost a leg after a motorcycle accident a few years ago and went on to train for triathlons.  Just last week he came in 3rd place in the Tempe para-triathlon.  All of these people inspire me to push myself every day and I am grateful to be impacted by all of them.

Get out of your own head and let your body show you just how much it is capable of.  It will change your head in ways you never thought possible.  Go get em!


Well Hello, Doll-y!

Good morning and hello Doll-y.

Yesterday was Museum Day and Mitch and I took advantage of free admission to the Norton Musuem in West Palm.  While we originally hoped to see the newlyweds and have a Jones-Zipp experience, weather earlier in the weekend had us changing plans.  We listened to the entire new Barbara Streisand CD of duets, which pairs her with some fabulous singers, my favorite being New York State of Mind, with Billy Joel.

The museum had several exhibits going on, one being all Matchbox cars and Barbie Dolls.  Being the mom of boys, I was immediately drawn to the small car side and loved all of it, but the little girl in me also enjoyed the Barbie side.  SO MANY OUTFITS!!!!!!  So many accessories and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of this one and sharing….

barbie scaleNiLooking at the Barbie dolls, and her clothes, they were certainly unrealistic body images.  Carole sent me a link to a doll (Lammily) which is build to NORMAL HUMAN FEMALE scale.  What a concept.  Nickolay Lamm, the creator of this doll shares this image of what Barbie would look like if she was modeled after a real woman.  I am happy that she not only has a butt, but some calves, too!

Barbie 5

If you are a mom of little girls and would like more info on this doll, who is still in the pre-order stages, thanks to Carole, I have some info.

My take-away from all of this is that it’s awesome to want to look and feel our best, but to try to be or look like someone that is unrealistic, is basically like trying to turn a cat into a dog.  Make sure your role models and especially your children’s role models are something they can truly aspire to be like.

Speaking of role models, I glanced through the Miami Herald at the news stand yesterday and DID NOT see an article about Charlotte in the Health section.  If anyone has seen it in today’s paper, please let me know!  I don’t get the Herald, but I do get the Sentinel and I didn’t want to waste all that additional paper unless the story was in there.  If they dropped the ball on this story I will be PISSED!  I have the reporters name, so I will call her tomorrow and see what’s up.  I realize, with the birth of Chelsea Clinton’s brand new living doll, Charlotte, that our Charlotte wasn’t the biggest news story–but then again, to some of us it was!

In closing, I want to say that whether you are a Streisand fan or not, I think you will enjoy her new CD.  Thanks, Rita, for encouraging me to listen.  Thanks to Carole for the info on Lammily.  You are both LIVING DOLLS.

As you travel through your Sunday and all your journeys, remember that the most beautiful of all dolls, female or male, are always the ones that come complete with hearts!