Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old

Firstly, I think I know what’s going on with my home computer but will wait until Kyle is able to help. He is currently intentionally disconnected from all Internet access while he is on vacation. Given how much he IS in front of the computer at work, I think being disconnected is a really smart way to get some balance. And I choose to NOT get frustrated with the computer issues. It’s summertime, and the living should be easy! Anyway, I have this great little app on this great little iPad that allows me to get on and blog, though I am a bit limited. You can feel free to comment, send messages, etc., as your end of this site remains the same as always!

The importance of having strong muscles made front page news here in south Florida this morning. The university of Florida’s Institute on Aging is continuing to study what causes SARCOPENIA, or the aging of muscles, as well as how it can be prevented. Increasingly, studies find the strong ties between maintaining muscle mass and successful aging. Research has already given us very strong evidence that physical activity is a key component in longevity, emotional well-being and clearly combats age-related muscle loss. Dr Marco Pahor, the institutes director said that “Although aging takes it’s toll in varied ways – hip fractures, stroke, heart disease, arthritis, mental decline – mounting research suggests muscle loss is the main process driving all those changes.”. I say, it’s never to early or to late to start a sound exercise program that includes cardiovascular work, strength training and flexibility. The good people at SilverSneakers have pit together a perfect program for the 65 and over group and I am always proud to be a part of it!

Until we can wipe out cancer, there will always be great losses. Sadly, we lost one of our SilverSneakers students to a very aggressive cancer earlier this week. Services for Sydelle Naftaniel will be held at 1:45 today, at The Star of David on Bailey Road. I will miss Sydelle very much as will the entire class. My heartfelt sympathy to her wonderful husband, Gary, who truly exemplifies the word gentleman.

Jane and I are off for another outdoor workout adventure. What a smart, smart girl for realizing at such a young age, how important exercise is for her health. Her body doesn’t look too bad, either!

Please forgive typos as I haven’t found the spellcheck on here, yet! Thanks for stopping in. Try a meatless meal or two. And one last thing….Mitch and I ate our very first homegrown mango from the tree we planted in my brother, Mike’s memory 5 years ago. It was delish! We only have a few this year, but I can’t wait till I can generously share as my neighbor and students do. Mother Nature offers us so many wonderful foods that come to us free of any suffering and light up our insides with living energy. Try a one week plant-based diet and tell me you don’t feel lighter, more energized and probably even happier…and who knows…if the good doctors at The China Study are right, it just might be the anti-cancer solution!