War Crimes

d oxycontin demotivator
d oxycontin demotivator (Photo credit: dmixo6)

If you are a friend, a family member, a student, client or peaceandfitness reader, by now you know I have big issues with Big Pharma, on many levels, for many reasons.  I have been involved with the fight against the legal pill pushers and I watch it continue at the quiet little pharmacy right in the same plaza as Tamarac Fitness Center, but trust me, I am not just watching.

If you are at all interested in how OxyContins have become the drug of choice for children and adults alike, and wonder how this can be,  I would like to share some info.  Back in 1995 one Curtis Wright, M.D. was employed by the FDA and involved in the approval process of the “oxys.”   After the approval he left the FDA and went to work for Purdue Pharma, who happens to manufacture the drug.  Hmmmm.  Did I mention that the drug was classified not for severe pain, but for moderate pain….I happen to know people that have gotten them for tooth pain, post minimally invasive procedure like liposuction and of course back, knee, foot…basically any kind of bodily pain.

Let me also introduce you to J. David Haddox, M.D., the gatekeeper at Purdue Pharma, who during the original “launch” of the drug, worked to convince the medical profession that there was no such thing as addiction to these pills…just “pseudo addiction.”  The answer to patients who exhibited sings of “addictive” behavior, was to increase the dose.   Haddox, by the way is currently Senior Medical Director, Health Policy and past President of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM).  At present he is busy working on marketing the term “under-treatment of pain,” in America.

Thanks to these heavy hitter professionals and others just like them, in the past 10 years per capita sales of opiates in our country has increase 600%!  Of course, there has also been an equal increase in overdose deaths and….addiction.  NOT PSEUDO ADDICTION…REAL LIVE, KILLING PEOPLE (7 a day in Florida) ADDICTION.

If YOUR family has not been effected by this horrific crime, than you have a lot to be thankful for.  My heart breaks for all the lives lost…for all the parents that have had to bury their children and for all the children that have had to bury their parents, as well. My guess is that many of us have effected family members and we don’t even know.

I am a huge believer that people in severe, chronic pain and certainly the terminally ill,  should have easy access to pain relief.  These are NOT the people I see in the gym parking lot.  They are driving in from Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky and other states to bring the pills back and sell them on their hometown streets.  This is criminal, but more criminal are the doctor/pharmacy set-ups that are not just allowing this, but promoting it.  I, for one, cannot sit back and watch.  Thankfully, my children did not get involved with drugs, but your children are my children, too, because we are all connected.

Supposing I should somehow tie this rant into the theme of my website, I will conclude by saying that moderate pain is best treated with some over-the-counter, long time studied drugs like Aleve, Tylenol or Advil, just to name a few.  Eating healthfully, exercising regularly, meditating, deep breathing…all great tools (maybe addictive, pseudo or otherwise) for avoiding and managing light to moderate pain and sometimes, they are even enough to manage severe pain!

If you learned anything from this blog entry that you feel would benefit someone you know, please pass it on.  Together, we can not just make a difference, but we can save precious lives, as well.  Thanks to the ladies at STOPPNOW for all their incredibly hard work fighting this war.  You can find a link to them on my link page.  Thanks to you, for allowing me to vent.  Now it’s time for some real peaceandfitness as I go walk with the bigredguy.  Hoping you will find time for some fitness and some peace, today and every day.  It’s the anti-medication!

Don’t forget Biggest Loser hits the White House to work out with Michelle Obama tonight. 

The Seeds of Change

Wall Street Sign. Author: Ramy Majouji

Though it’s been a frustrating wait, it’s good news to see the pain pill pushers FINALLY getting taken down!  I can’t stop applauding the grass roots efforts of those 3 local ladies, Joy, Janet and Renee, at STOPPNOW.   If 3 people with a cause and a passion can make the kind of progress that they have, there is no stopping the “99%”  who are occupying Wall Street and most every street!

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Thanks to a small group of people who came up with a win-win-win situation back in the 90s, SilverSneakers continues to grow and that is great news.  As open enrollment begins next week, keep your eyes open for insurance providers that offer YOU wellness benefits.  The market is growing and locally we welcome Coventry Insurance to the list of providers offering the SilverSneakers benefit.  Remember that if you are a local and know of someone who is looking for a place to take class after the middle of the night closing of Sunrise Fitness Center (aka Golds Gym) invite them to come on over and take class with us at Tamarac Fitness Center.

Still another small group making big news.  The food trucks are “piling up,” up tonight and locally they will be gathering from 5-10 pm at 5350 W. Sample Road.  Maybe tonight will be the night I finally try the vegan Mac’n truck!

Finally, the smallest of seeds gone large…how did my chia pudding come out?  I like it, but I like most everything.  Seriously.  Definitely resembles rice pudding but you have to be ok with seeds in your pudding.  Personally, I’ll probably stick with eating them on my salads or in a shake, but with as much nutritional value as those little guys pack in a serving, I will definitely be including them in my daily diet.

In keeping with the theme of today’s blog, remember that taking one small step can lead to huge change!

Make it a fantastic Friday and as always, thanks for stopping in.



Monday Morning Says:

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRzk5WB3ShbQCc_YE3DDutgdoi7VTORzqd5Rz5iTYx-v9C5xBizHwEvery once and a while, the very least I can do is send a shout out to Janet, Joy and Renee, the 3 woman who came together to form STOPPNOW, a grass roots efforts to eliminate the Florida prescription drug pill mills.  Their incredible devotion to this cause has resulted in tons of media attention and ultimately helped in shutting down many of these.  Their next peaceful rally will be held this Friday, July 22nd from 9a-12p Fort Lauderdale Health Center 3267 Davie Blvd in Fort Lauderdale.  These ladies who have dedicated themselves to making change happen in order to save the lives of their and our loved ones, are facilitating very positive changes and have my greatest respect.  If you know anyone who would like to participate in this, or future protests (always peaceful) please share this link or for more info they can contact them directly at stoppnow@yahoo.com.

It was great to have an impromptu happy hour (or two) with the friends on Saturday.  The weekend in general was pretty lazy which was exactly the way we planned it.  I did get a jump start on this weeks pool lap and did 20 yesterday. Also got a chance to say hi to my “grand-coatimundi,” Lulz.  What an interesting guy he is!

Derek’s friend Nicole dropped some small spaghetti squash off at my doorstep and I tried baking them different ways.  She participates in an urban farming group and apparently the squash are quite abundant right now! Last night I kept one whole and just pricked it with a fork a bunch of times before sticking in the oven as I was already roasting trays of cauliflower, eggplant, brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes (which turned out to be a really good mix once cooked).   I cooked all the veggies for about an hour and then I cut the squash in half, scooped out the seeds and topped it with some Earth Balance and ate it along side the roasted veggies.  I also roasted some cubed tofu and Mitch grilled a piece of salmon.   The best part of dinner, however, was the homegrown pineapple that came of age in our front yard, yesterday.  I cut that up and served it with some mango from my students tree and some cherries from Publix.  Mitch said the pineapple was the best one ever!  We’ll be planting it’s top for a another generation of this fruit rich in magnese and vitamin C, and filled with so many other nutrients.

Eating a dinner like that on Sunday night always jumps starts my body for the week ahead. Highly nutritious, hydrating, very filling yet easy to digest, I feel happy, healthy and terrific this morning.  I am ready to tackle my classes, my walk with big red and weather permitting, try for 25 laps after work is over.  I will, once again, try for 100 laps this week.  As long as I can get in the pool between storms, I will do it!

What’s in store for you this week?  I am always curious!  Much love

Favorites Week

A Capoeira movement (Aú Fechado) (click for an...

I loved Biggest Loser last night and one hour of it was just perfect on Mitch’s birthday, which we had a great day celebrating.  Being favorites week, it was great to see Ali and Sam (OMG, Sam) in the gym training the remaining 7 contestants.  A 5k followed by circuits, a vigorous yet doable workout.  I liked it.  I loved that he then taught them about the glory of hummus, one of my favorite foods in the world.  While he suggested it as the condiment, then adding your protein of choice and veggies on a wrap, hummus IS my protein of choice, though I am thinking adding some cubed tofu to my wraps is probably a good idea.  I need to revisit making tofu (something I used to do much more before Gardein products came to the market) and keeping it cooked in the fridge and adding to wraps and salads.

At the challenge, which is at a racetrack (weird to me because of the book I just finished…see below), we get to see alumni Tara Costa, where she once won the car pulling challenge.  Race car driver Clint Bowyer is also there and tells them that they will all be competing in the car pull, including Tara.  Besides bragging rights, the winner will get to be Clint’s guest at the Richmond International Raceway, $5,000 and their face on the Wheaties box!  Tara wins, which I only liked because it would have otherwise been Rulon and I did NOT want the obvious choice, to win.  Tara will donate her $5,000 to her organization, Inspire Change.

At the last chance workout the trainers lean to what they feel most comfortable with.  Cara says “box.”  Brett says lets do  Capoeira — enough with the same Capoeira step, PLEASE!  Surely he knows other gym workouts, no?

The final weigh in goes quickly with only 7!  Rulon shocks us with the announcement he is leaving the show for personal reasons.  I have very mixed emotions about this.  For one, I will NEVER fault a person for knowing when to put their families first.  If he was leaving because he was in need of being a unit with his wife and kids, then I applaud him for the decision.  If, on the other hand, he just can’t see the commitment through, then it makes me upset that the Olympic champ couldn’t or wouldn’t go the distance.  Since I am not in his head, I have no right to judge, so I wish him well and am NOT sorry he wont be in the final 4!

Let me just say it right now.  I picked Olivia the first night, and Olivia is my girl.  I only wish her AND Hannah could win together.  Have a tie in the end and be forced to both be this season’s Biggest Losers.  I love them both.  If I have to choose one, I am choosing Olivia.  I love her spirit, her personality, her smile and her positivity!  All that said, I was elated to see Olivia lose 6 pounds and Hannah 5!   Those woman started out slow, but boy are they going steady.  At 162 and 156 pounds, I don’t know if they can beat Jay who still can lose a lot more, currently weighing 265.  I really don’t want Jay to win.   Kaylee gained 2 pounds and was easily voted off when she fell below with Irene.  My pick for final 4:  Olivia, Hannah, Irene and Austin, meaning Jay would be the last to be eliminated.

We see Kaylee now.  I think she looked prettier in a pony-tail at the ranch.  At 165 she says she was struggling with weight loss because she had actually hit her goal weight.  Really?  I don’t know how tall she is.  Erica?  Did you have a chance to look up heights this season?  She is now dating Vance (don’t remember him) from the white team.  She seems very happy.

Next week.  Finally.  I wait all season for it.  Makeover week!!!  Look out Austin.  Can’t wait to see the girls dolled up.  Funny thing is I HATE THE CLOTHES Tim Gunn picks for them.  Hate them.  Always think they could look so much better, but again, they aren’t asking me.  Doesn’t matter, I still love the idea of them sitting in hair and makeup and feeling like…well, appropriate for this week, ROYALTY!  They are the kings and queens in my book.

We then watched most of The Voice, which we both thought was really disappointing, after all the hype it has been getting.  Disappointing and confusing.

Erica was kind enough to send me the TV schedule for the rest of the season and it looks like this:

5/3 – 8-9p (1 hour only)

5/10 – 9-11p (2 hrs)

5/17 – 9-11p (2 hrs)

5/24 – 9-11p (2 hrs season finale)

Will probably return the week of 9/19.

Thanks, Erica.  Thanks everyone for stopping in.  When I wake up in the morning and I find mail or a comment like the one I did from Lynne, in North Carolina, I am humbled and reminded that even if I say ONE thing on here that resonates with a reader, helps facilitate some change or adds in any way to the peace/fitness/health or happiness of someone’s life, my time is well spent.  Thanks Carol for sending the petition against the dog fighting app by Google.  I love the geniuses at Google, but I really love dogs.   If you are interested in reading the whole article, email me and I will send it to you, but if you love dogs and are against dog fighting, you can simply sign this:  contact Google right now and ask the company to remove the Dog Wars app immediately.

Fredda, I finished The Art of Racing in the Rain with many tears at the end.   If you love animals the way we do, you may really enjoy this book.  I warn you that it will make you cry and even though it is fiction, you will want to believe everything that the main character, Enzo the dog, (a bigredretriever) says.  Very interesting reading a book from an animal’s point of view.

**I will be at TFC for morning aerobics class, then after training a client I will be at Bally for SilverSneakers and senior fitness.  I know many are going to see Water for Elephants instead of class, today.  ENJOY the movie and each other.  Stay tuned for any updates.  Know that one week from Monday, May 9th,  we relocate to Tamarac Fitness Center for 11:30 M/W/F classes.  Additional classes to be added as needed.

The Meaning of Life

Thanks to all my students for your constant feedback and support.  I got all the messages and emails regarding SilverSneakers, the gyms, etc., and I think we are moving along nicely.  I will keep you posted as I learn more and get more details!  Remember, we are in this thing together.

Last night was a quiet, easy dinner.  Tofurky cold-cuts on yummy breads and a franks and beans casserole…the tomatoes came from the garden and the rest of the meal was pretty unhealthy and fattening, but easy after an afternoon with my girlfriends.  The chocolate lady (me) came by and made some chocolate covered strawberries AND some chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels.  THOSE are, as the kids might say, “off the chain.”  I try not to make too many and a little dark chocolate is good for us, as are strawberries and peanut butter.  I took pictures of the strawberries because they really are so easy and come out looking like you bought them at a fancy store, but of course, this morning, I am having a hard time remembering how I got the pictures from my camera to this site!  Every day, new things to learn and sometimes to RE-learn!  Anyway, this kind of dinner is where portion control is paramount.  I think I portioned…I am sure the kids did NOT.  There was a real mood change when the across the street neighbor backed up into James’ door.  I HATE those incidents, but they happen.  I remember hitting my neighbors car when we lived in Tamarac.  I had never before and never again hit a car, and it had to be a neighbor.  UGH.  I am sorry, James, and I am equally sorry for our neighbor, who hit your car.  It’s just part of life and will all work out!  Cars……..they often subtract from our peace of mind, but the object of the game is to try not too let this stuff bother us TOO much.

What great news for STOPPNOW.com and the way too many people effected by the pain pills and the pain pill mills!  The governor has decided to do the right thing, the legal thing, the thing that was already supposed to happen months ago…Governor Scott has apparently agreed to put the pill mill data base into effect.  Thank goodness!!!  Imagine how many lives might have been saved had he done this in December as scheduled?  At an average of 7 deaths a day, the numbers are enormous.  At least now there will be SOME control!  The 3 moms who spearheaded this grass-roots effort are to be applauded for the incredible job they continue to do with their peaceful protests and non-stop dedication to this very sad, situation.  For more about this, go to the stoppnow link on my link page.

Thanks, Toi (my public school friend) for sharing the blogging challenge and stopping in to check out peaceandfitness.  Toi is a massage therapist, life coach and so much more, out in the LA area of Californian.  You can check out her site at tblbodywork.com. Toi was a great, positive energy for as long as I knew her, and though we are on opposites sides of the country, we are definitely still on the same page!

Lots of changes are happening in my work life, and I am always excited for new and different opportunities.  Being forced out of a comfort zone is sometimes exactly what we need to grow.  I look forward to the opportunity to keep growing, right along with all of you.

Whatever your Friday holds, remember, as the lululemon people remind us, to “breathe deeply and appreciate the moment.  Living in the moment can be the meaning of life.”  Everything else just falls into place.


Sunlight, Soups, Salads, and STOPP

A week from this morning, I will be typing in the dark.  Yes, we (those parts of the country that DO) change the clocks next Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I will love typing in the dark, in order to get an extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day.  I do worry about the kids outside waiting for school buses, but other than that…I am ALL about the time change.  Can’t wait!

And, I am awfully grateful that typewriters do NOT work on gasoline!  It just keeps going up and up and up.  If you are not already giving a lot of thought to how much fuel gets wasted in running in and out for single errands, etc., I hope you will!  Plot your errands out and use this precious, ridiculously costly gasoline, wisely!  This past weekend, we talked with a friend about combining our exercise walks, with doing errands.  We were NOT talking about it as it pertains to economy and ecology, but it sure could help.  Bicycle riding, too!  Just saying…

While I took a break from making soup (enough of the winter soups!) yesterday, after a morning trip to the farmer’s market…and a local trip to my scale for a morning weigh in, I decided on making a big, big pot of simple vegetable soup.  No way I love it in the way I love the beans, lentils, and thicker soups, BUT when it comes to filling up on healthy, low calorie meals, a good vegetable soup can go a long way to shedding some pounds while fueling the body with lots of healthful nutrients.  I only used a very small amount of vegetable broth, and instead used plain water.  That alone cuts out tons of sodium.  After sauteing a large diced onion and a large diced leek (just the white part) I added about 12 cups of water, 2 cups of broth and diced carrots, zucchini, celery, string beans and one potato cut into pretty small pieces.  I threw in some fresh parsley and oregano and also a lot of cumin and paprika (at least a teaspoon of each, probably a little more).  I will be eating that with most meals this week to help fill my belly while burning some belly fat!  Bathing suit weather is just around the corner!

I also made a really interesting side salad last night.  I boiled 3 ears of corn for about 4 minutes and then threw them immediately into ice water to stop cooking.  I did the same with about 1 and 1/2 bunches of asparagus.  Then I cut the corn off the cobs and cut the asparagus on a slant, into 1/2 inch pieces.  I tossed them together with a small, chopped red onion and added a dressing of a few spoons of sugar, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.  The recipe did NOT call for the olive oil, and it called for a lot of sugar, but I doctored it up.  I cut some basil up and threw it in there, too.  It was really good on the side of a garden salad.  It probably would be just as good without the sugar but I thought we were having company for dinner so I didn’t want to vie to far from the recipe.  It was colorful and yummy!  This would make a great take along for a spring or summer picnic!!!


The next stoppnow rally will be at the Ft. Lauderdale, St. Patrick’s day parade.  I have gotten a lot of questions and feedback…you can reach Joy, Renee, Janet and the rest of the “oxy moms” at stoppnow.com.  You can contact them directly, sign up for their emails and read more about their stories and what they are doing to help stop 7 deaths from happening daily.  Wake up, Governor Scott.  Law enforcement agents, politicians, parents, etc., are pleading with you to put the data base into effect.  Everyone else can’t be wrong.  Please.  My family has been effected…every family has been effected.  If you haven’t yet, chances are, sadly, you will be!  I have students who have been fighting this fight for a solid 10 years, already.  Having lost children and loved ones to prescription medications, I can only try to imagine their pain and frustration.  I am committed to continuing to spread the word.  While our loved ones are fighting the demons of this addiction, it is awfully hard to find peace or fitness!

Take care of yourself, but please, let’s keep taking care of each other, too.  Have a magical Monday.

Scott, Oscar and The Boys

The Pill Mill nightmare has a lot of attention in today’s Sun-Sentinel.  Governor Scott, enough is enough.  All you have to do is enforce a data-base that was already approved and is (was) ready to be put in place in December.  His decision to NOT put the data-base in effect makes me wonder who he is connected to?  Why not use a tool that is working quite effectively in so many other states?  Why does he want people traveling from Kentucky, Tennessee and other points north and west to OUR state to purchase and sell pain pills?  Many people who voted for our governor (not me) are now sad and disappointed that he is not representing THEM.  To the 3 incredible women who founded STOPPNOW you have my utmost respect for your NON STOP efforts.  My heart aches for yours, for your losses and for your frustration, but I see you in the newspaper more and more and I am certain your steadfast efforts WILL be instrumental in forcing change.  This week’s arrests were hopefully just the tip of the muderous iceberg.

Finally, good news about menopausal hot flashes.  Apparently women who experience them at the onset of peri-menopause and menopause are LESS likely to suffer heart attacks or heart disease.  Well, that certainly is good news to me who has been playing “covers on, covers off,” while sleeping these past few years.  Honestly, the sweating is not too bothersome to me.  After all, I sweat for a living!

Mitch and I took a ride to The Boys yesterday and even though shopping there on a weekend is total chaos, it was worth it all.  We spent $65.oo and got several new plants for the garden, (cilantro, lavender, cucumbers and field greens) and tons of goodies at excellent prices.  Cucumbers and lemons, 25 cents a piece!  A basket of deliciously ripe, red and sweet strawberries.  Gorgeous heads of leaf lettuce, brussel sprouts, avocados, asparagus and celery.  Perfect baby eggplants, sweet tangelos and loose portobello  mushrooms the size of dinner plates.  Seriously.  We also bought some fresh bialys for this mornings breakfast and fresh squeezed orange juice to go with.  Mitch just toasted his bialy and it smells INSANELY YUMMY.  We got a great deal on  sweets (chocolate jelly rings that are usually 5 bucks a box at Publix– 2.99 a box at The Boys) for Thursday night dinner/dessert.   The boys that come to VFT love those!  The store even carrys Tofutti cream cheese which I needed.  What a bonus!

So last night I halved the brussel sprouts and the baby eggplant, cut up a sweet potato and mixed them all together with some olive oil and fresh herbs from the garden with a sprinkle of salt.  I roasted the tray at 425 degrees, mixing them around every 15 minutes or so and roasted them about 45 minutes in total…till they started browning.  Along with a huge salad and 2 artichoke halves (grilled with garlic and olive oil??)  that we bought pre-made at The Boys it was such a colorful, healthy, low in calories, and most importantly DELICIOUS dinner.  I can’t even wait to put together tonight’s fresh veggies…asparagus, portobellos and the rest of the brussel sprouts.

But first, the bialy.  It is my Sunday morning splurge and I am ready.  If you live in South Florida, you have to hit the boys every once in a while.  Take a few deep breaths before entering.  Be careful of shopping wagons and crazy people!!  Then just get in a zone and enjoy the bounty of great deals and gorgeous foods…not just fruits and veggies, but also meats, poultry, fish…a full bakery and a coffee shop and lots of wine,too.   It’s definitely not just a store, it’s an experience!

Wherever you are, wherever you live, enjoy YOUR Sunday.  Do something special, or nothing at all.  We all deserve a day that is different than the other 6.  Enjoy the Oscars!  I’ll see you tomorrow —  here, there or somewhere…


If there were Academy Awards for veggies, brussel sprouts would definitely be on my list of nominees.  For more info about them, click here:

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A Little of This, That and Some Other Things. Happy VFT

First things first.  BIG WIN against the pill-mills yesterday.  I cried hysterically as I watched the busts go down in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties, on last night’s news.  No two news stories agree upon how many places were closed down, or how many people were arrested, but in any case it was a big sting.  Ironically, one of the doctors arrested is the son of our Broward County Medical Examiner.  While 7 people a day die of a drug overdose from prescription pain meds, here in Florida, the examiner’s son has been one of the chief suppliers of those prescription drugs.  What an irony.  Another doctor, Calangelo, was arrested and it is said that he was making $150,000.00 A DAY!  46 cars!  This morning I am rejoicing for all the “oxy moms,” (and dad’s and others) who have been peacefully protesting in hopes of this type of outcome, but it does sadden me that it is taking as long as it is.  Since our governor doesn’t seem to take the issue seriously enough, I am certainly happy that the DEA is on top of this.  They say they have been secretly pill shopping for the past year or so and all the pill-mill operators should assume they HAVE been shopped!  If you weren’t busted yesterday, be scared, because your time is coming and your greed game is going to end badly.  Not as badly as for the thousands that die each year, or their families, but it will end badly.  It’s also a pleasure to see the DEA going after the real drug criminals, though I am so skeptical about who might be tied into BIG PHARMA.  While I understand there is a definite need for pain meds for those who really need them, I feel BIG PHARMA has some responsibility in these deaths, too.  They have to know what’s going on.  Something is SO wrong, but this morning I am optimistic.

What an excellent salad base last night.  Thanks, Judy, for the gift of romaine from your yard!  I added some fresh herbs from my garden and with some fill-ins from the grocery store it was pretty much the main course for dinner.  Yes, greatly appreciated and very tasty!  Mitch had a slice of pizza and I had some Gardein chicken wings,on the side.  For anyone who makes those wings, I always add some earth balance “butter” to tone down the HOT of the wing sauce.  I love hot, but this sauce is HOT HOT HOT.  That’s your warning.

For the first week in many, we did NOT make soup for tonight’s dinner.  With Kyle and Nicole here, and family over for lunch Sunday, we skipped the soup project.  Tonight I will make a pot of whole wheat pasta, some meatless meatballs, (from Whole Foods freezer section) a big salad with cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs from the garden and probably grill up some veggies, too.  Fruit for dessert.

A note on nutritional yeast.  I put some in a shaker you would use for grated cheese and put it on the table as one would salt, and/or pepper, but usually use it like grated cheese.  I buy mine at Whole Foods and they don’t offer many choices.  The one I buy so their own brand and it does have B-12 but it is not as nutritional as the one Carole found on line.  I am sharing her info since she is the best online researcher I know 🙂  Thanks, Carole.

“YUM … And ALL THAT vitamin B…”

• Non-GMO
• Vegan
• Vegetarian
• Gluten-Free
• Great Taste
• Salt-Free
• Nutritious
• Sugar-Free
• Vitamin B including natural Vitamin B12
• Kosher Certified
yeast nutrition facts

While I have never tried the following recipe (bottom of the page), one day when I am not counting calories, I would like to.  Since Kyle added some very cool tools to this site, let’s try this link which popped up on my screen as I typed in the info on nutritional yeast.  This will be a good experiment to see how the “related articles” tool works.  Let me know that you were able to open the link at the bottom of today’s entry (or not!?!)  Thanks.

Just a reminder to my SilverSneakers students that this Saturday’s book club event is postponed while Sylna nurses her back, back to good health.  Sympathy pains, Sylna!  Sympathy pains.  Did Marcus give you his backache?

Since it is vegan Thursday, if you are looking for interesting recipes or a broad range of info regarding living the “kind” life, don’t forget to stop in to Alicia Silverstone’s site at www.thekindlife.com or find her link on my links page.  Her site is chock full of everything kind.  Thanks, Alicia for being such a great inspiration.

Remember, also, that all ads on the site are safe and secure as they are brought to us by our good friends at Google.  They are generally quite relevant to the topic of the day and can offer further info on subjects that I just touch upon.

Happy Thursday.  Be kind.  Eat kindly.  Pass it on.

Energy Abounds

Stylized lithium-7 atom: 3 protons, 4 neutrons...
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Lots more thoughts about energy. Forceful exertion; the amount of work that can be performed by a force; any source of usable power.  Energy.  It can be positive, it can be negative, it can be dynamic, vigorous, productive and non-productive.  We can absorb it, emit it, make it vigorous, conserve it, use it up and even waste it.  Lots and lots of wasted energy.  Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  To me, worrying is a great example of wasted energy.  Pushing a wall (that will never move) is obviously another example of wasted energy.  Huh?

I often use that “pushing a wall” as an example of how we may be working really hard at something but it doesn’t necessarily mean we are getting a good work.  You can put on your sneakers, head to the gym and start pushing a wall.  You will probably sweat and use up a lot of energy, but that wall is never going to move.  You may even feel the work in your upper body muscles the next day, but certainly that energy could have been used much more productively.  Sort of how I feel about those “toning” shoes.  Every company makes them now.  Sketchers is even being sued over someone claiming to have gotten pelvic fractures from walking in them.  I am not so sure how that can happen, but I have been pretty sure since they first arrived on the market, that they are a case of “if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”  Sure, they change the way you distribute your weight, engaging different muscles than we are used to using to walk.  Of course, the wearer would feel those new muscles working.  Doesn’t mean they will make you fit, just means you will engage different (not necessarily better or more) muscle.  In one study done at the University of Wisconsin, researchers tested 3 brands of toning shoes and after a dozen 5 minute spins on the treadmill, compared differences in muscle activity in the calves, quads, hamstrings, buttocks, back and abs and they found, well…they found, “squat.”  I agree with the good doctors, Oz and Roizen, when they suggest saving the up to $200 for a pair of toning sneakers and instead do squats, lunges and one-legged exercises to increase core strength and improve balance.

On a completely different note, what great energy on the part of the mom’s who make up STOPP–the “oxy moms,” fighting against the horrific situation regarding Florida’s pill-mills.  There grass-roots efforts (energy) have put them on the front page of the main section of today’s Sun-Sentinel.  My guess is, as they fight for their children, energy will abound until their job is done.  That’s energy well spent.

Speaking of children, it was all GREAT ENERGY being with ours this past weekend.  9 of us sitting around that dining room table on Sunday, made for the type of energy that nourishes and fills my soul.

As you go through your day, I hope you will give some thought to how you use YOUR energy.  Make it positive and productive.  If you are local I hope to share some energy with you tonight at TFC.




If you are local, there will be a peaceful protest on October 15 at 9 a.m.




For more information about this volunteer, grass roots effort to help save the lives of our loved ones, please visit


The photo below was once called CD HEAVEN EAST.  It was my son, Derek’s wonderfully fun music store.  How sad that after he left, this is what came into the bay, making the once lovely strip center, a haven for drug addicts and dealers.  I am happy to say they are no longer open, but we need to work together to get them all closed.  People that are truly in pain can get their pills from their doctors and pharmacies the good old fashioned way.  Every single day our loved ones are withering away and dying from this crime that my county and it’s politicians seem to feel is fine.  Please visit stoppnow.com and see what you can do to help spread the word.  This group aims to keep bringing attention to this very tragic situation.


I will be spending the next few days catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a very long time.  If I don’t pop in till after the weekend, make it a great one.