A Mother’s Love…..

Yesterday, while giving my car a bath, a very small bird came to watch.  Soon after, another.  They looked like babies, and after a while I realized they were probably either just learning how to fly, or practicing.  Their mom was probably not too far away, and I found myself thinking a lot about my own two “birds,” because as parents, one of our biggest tasks is to teach our birds how to fly and I believe, one of our greatest gifts, is watching them do so.

The more we watch animals in nature, the more we see that we really all have the same basic needs and wants.   Food, companionship, a safe place to rest, a little attention and offspring that learn to fly.

Wishing our youngest bird, KyleZipp, the one that made our little nest complete, a very, very happy 29th.

Wishing everyone a day filled with all the best that Mother Nature has to offer.


Bunnies, BOGOS, and all the Peeps…..

Lots of people will be celebrating Easter, tomorrow, and lots of parents will be out, today, trying to grant their children’s wishes for their very own cuddly bunnies.  Personally, I am all about pets, and bunnies are absolutely adorable.  Just make sure that if you are bringing one into your home (or even more so, the home of another) that you have done your homework.


Bunny rabbits will live over 10 years.  They need the proper amount of space to get in ample exercise and play.  If they are not given this, they will get bored and boredom ALWAYS leads to trouble.   They need a lot of fiber– probably access to grass and/or hay, all day.  They need to be litter trained.   No two bunnies are the same.  They may be affectionate, but also can be aloof and have a need for alone time.

Rabbits are absolutely adorable.  They are not, however, stuffed animals.  If you do all your homework and still decide this is a great animal for your home, please find one you can rescue.  Every Easter there are a lot of bunnies sold to people who find, soon after, they really can’t care for them and give them to a shelter.  Rescuing one, which will probably already be litter trained, is a fabulous option and a win/win situation.

On a totally different note (but then again, not really)….Gardein products are BOGO at Publix this week, starting Monday.  This is a big celebration in my home where I stock my freezer with breakfast patties, crabless cakes, fishless fillets and chicken(less) tenders.  There is such a big selection and Publix has been doing a great job of making them available to us.   It makes me very happy to hear how many NON-vegans have added Gardein products to their shopping lists.  I stay away from the ones that come with sauces, because of calories, but I bet those are REALLY good.   Additionally, Earth Balance products are also BOGO @ Publix this week.  It’s a good week for stocking up on some animal free products!


And while I am on the topic of awesome plant-based foods, I tip my hat, once again, to the good people at the Falafel Bistro in Coral Springs/Parkland.  This place consistently makes me happy.  Yes, the prices can be a bit high, but seriously the food makes it all worth it.  I had there food 2 days in a row this week.  Not too many places in town make a vegan tofu scramble with tons of veggies, served piping hot in a cast iron skillet with all kinds of side dishes (hummus, pita, salad)…and the mushroom kabobs (which are really patties) are so good, also served with amazingly delicious sides (many to chose from)…I am pretty excited about the leftovers in the fridge!  Most of their soups are vegan and enjoying a cup helps us to understand how UN-necessary creams are, when making creamy soup!  Last night Mitch and I shared some creamy garlic cauliflower soup that was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Happy shared birthday to two women that are both so special to me, Joy and Lesley.  You both add such a bright light to our world and I am so thankful to have you both in my circle.  Hope you each have a wonderful day celebrating with your families…and have many, many more!

Wherever you are enjoy your Saturday and your Easter weekend.  I am keeping good thoughts for my family in NY this weekend, as I know it will be a tough “first.”  I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all of my friends and family for all the kind words, cards, thoughts, hugs, love and contributions made to the fund set up for my 13 year old great niece and nephew.  It will certainly help their dad, who is a police officer, provide for them these next few years and is appreciated so greatly.


And one last thing…beware the sneaky peeps…they start in your mouth but definitely end up on your hips.  They have SOOO much sugar in them, one or two should really satisfy your craving without doing any damage!  Remember–it’s all about balance.


Springing Into the Season

Yesterday we celebrated the first day of spring in Largo/St. Pete, with Kyle and Nicole.  Wanting to do one new thing every day, we headed to the Sunken Gardens and they were so peaceful, filled with tropical plants, turtles, fish, birds and more.  What a great way to spend my favorite day of the year and also get great inspiration to do some flower planting!  We came home with that peaceful, easy feeling.  We are quite grateful we always do, after spending time with any of the “kids.”


Today, we begin the 21 day meditation challenge.  Looking forward to doing that shortly and starting the day off right.  Then, it’s off to a full work day and a full work week.

Wishing you all the beautiful possibilities that spring holds.  It’s the season of rebirth, renewal and growth and everywhere we look–it is!  Enjoy….


Green, Lost (but not to be found) Plants and Peace….


Happy St. Patty’s Day to one and all and may the luck of the Irish be with you as you journey through your day.

Also a HUGE congrats to Carol R. on hitting the 20 pound weight loss mark this morning.   This has happened in 10 weeks, proving if you can get your brain in the right place and then make good choices one day at a time goals become accomplishments.  Can’t wait to celebrate together!!!


Also great article, Carole W. about the vegan course at UCSB.   Knowing that someone out there is teaching our youth about veganism and how it intersects with politics, lifestyles, etc. is very encouraging!  I know from my own personal experience that eating a plant-based diet has changed my thinking about almost everything!  There is every reason to believe our planet would be more peaceful and compassionate if we all chose to eat living plants and not dead animals.  Hence, I don’t really buy into the notion that vegans are violent.  Some of the nonsense is the news is just that! 



When Was………..??

Last weekend we got to spring ahead.  That’s one of my two favorite days of the year.  Tomorrow we all get to be Irish.  Next week is not only the first day of spring, (also on the top of my list of favorite days) but on Monday a new 21 day meditation challenge begins with Oprah and Deepak Chopra.   It looks like it is going to be a great one:

Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit! Together we’ll take steps to release the burdens that hold us back so we can start shining from the inside out.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Release heaviness and toxicity – on every level

  2. Break free from unhealthy habits using the light of your own awareness

  3. Discover what truly nourishes your entire being to bring newfound freshness, inspiration, and joy into your life

Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit begins on Monday –  You can participate in this journey by registering at:


While walking the streets of NYC, I saw a great sign on a Kabbalah center.  I am sharing it today so we can all ponder this question which may help us all dare to step outside of our comfort zone.   It said:


If you have never tried the meditation challenge, that would be a great place to start!  I always say there is a reason that meditation and medication are only one letter apart.  It’s the cure for so many things that ail us.

Get out there and make it a wonderful Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping in!

March-ing into Super Tuesday and Exercising our Rights!


Here it is the 1st of March and Super Tuesday as well.  It sure IS a SUPER Tuesday–weather, training, friends, all SUPER!

As for the political aspect of super Tuesday, I was raised to believe that some things are best left kept to oneself.  Talks about religion, money and politics are at the top of that list.  Certainly I do my fair share of talking about all 3 of those things, but I am working really hard at trying to keep my OPINIONS to myself as much as possible.  We can agree to disagree but the SLANTED info (on all sides of the political spectrum) that is appearing on Facebook is really cutting into all of our PEACE—so personally I am spending A LOT less time on the good Book for now.   As with all things in life, I just hope people will do their OWN research.  If we only get our info from SLANTED publications and news sources, we cannot possibly be accurately informed.  I will continue to do mine and make the choices that I feel best reflect my own values.  Checking out things you read on social media before re-posting is a great gift to give your “friends and followers.”

As for my students, you can talk as much as you want among yourselves but please don’t get upset when I refuse to get into political conversations.  I find it will be the best way for us to all continue with the love-fest we have at the gym!

And speaking of the gym…I did get to meet Ihab, our new owner, yesterday.  If you are a student/member and you haven’t met him yet, you will know who he is immediately upon sight, when I say he is a serious bodybuilder!  He seems eager to “build” on all that is already working at the gym…pun intended.  I remain very optimistic on all levels and I will keep you informed.

If you are a Tuesday night student of either or both classes I hope to see you at the gym tonight, where I am sure, you, too will meet Ihab  (rhymes with rehab).  At 6:00 will will work up a SUPER sweat and at 7pm yoga/Pilates will find us celebrating March and all that is reborn in this month when winter turns to spring….Thanks to all my students for your incredible support during this transition.  You are all SUPER SUPER!

Let’s all get out there and exercise our bodies, our minds and of course our right to vote, today or whenever your opportunity is.  If you don’t believe voting is a privilege, ask anyone who has lost (or never had) this right!

Thanks for stopping in….



Get on Your Way…..


To all the students and teachers….which in reality, is all of us, everywhere.  Learning certainly is not meant to stop when we finish school!  Life is a classroom.  Let’s all keep learning and teaching!  To those headed to the physical classrooms, wishing you an easy day and a productive year!

Let’s ALL  get on our way.

It’s a Celebration………….

So today is not only Friday


and the first day of spring,


which I think we all know, but also the 2nd Annual International Day of Happiness (yes, it’s a thing)


and also The Great American Meat Out day (though I am posting that a little late in the day for those of us on eastern time, especially).


So let’s all celebrate with some TGIF cheer of choice, knowledge that the seasons have changed (even if it is snowing where you are–it’s bound to be over VERY soon)–lots of smiles and laughter and a meatless meal or two (depending upon what time you read this)…

So much to celebrate!  Enjoy it all…and the weekend!