Because We ALL Deserve Peace

There are so many things I thought about blogging about on this Vegan (Feast) Thursday.  I started writing about how this site really should be called peasandfitness but my sentences started to run on…and on…but it really should be called that.  I started to write about how insanely great I feel physically and spiritually and how much of that is related to what I eat.  But that started  getting tricky and some of my sentences could come across as offensive and I NEVER want to be offensive.

Then I found this.  And a picture is always worth at least a thousand words.  Especially in this day and age of instagram….and this picture tells a lot of stories.

All Natural Cure….

This was my Facebook find of the day, yesterday.  Thanks, Erin.  I LOVE IT.

I am on a regular schedule, today.  Come on out for some Senior Strength at 11:30…cardio sculpt at 6 or Yoga/Pilates at 7.  Tomorrow, Ellen will be subbing both of my morning classes.  Thanks, Ellen.

Remember what your mom told you.  Eat your veggies.  Grow up strong and healthy!

A Sweet New Year

For months I was in that pensive,reading, learning, quiet mode and now….I am not!  Must be the change in seasons.  Not only did my cat fall into fall yesterday, but I took a mini fall as well.  Thankfully, it was only a little trip and I, like Roxy, was fine!  From here on in, I think we will call it AUTUMN!

This has been one busy and interesting week.  It is truly the roller coaster we call life.  Celebration on Monday…funeral on Tuesday (which really ALWAYS should be a celebration of one’s life!)  Aunt Pearl had a great life filled with friends, family and a lot of love.  It was nice to be together with family, and remember her so fondly.  The rabbi had many beautiful sentiments and there were a lot of lesson in his service.  As he talked about a time to plant and a time to uproot, etc., I really wanted to sing (those that know me, know most things make me want to sing).  I also laughed because my blog title, yesterday, was TURN TURN TURN.  If you don’t get that connection, you are too young to know the song!  On a serious note, though, his words about being able to dance again, smile again and find joy again, made me sad for those that just can’t seem to do that and are stuck in the misery of past experiences. One life…no dress rehearsals…we owe it not just to ourselves, but also to our loved ones to be happy and embrace each new day.

Today is more celebrating with a photographer meeting Charlotte for photos for the story they are planning to put in this Sunday’s Miami Herald.  I hate speaking to reporters but this was ALL about Charlotte and SilverSneakers, so all good!

Tonight begins Rosh Hashana aka the Jewish New Year.  For Mitch and I, life has changed an awful lot with family so far away, including our kids.  While we have never really practiced our religion, we always enjoyed having family and friends over for holidays.  Wishing our whole family a very happy new year!  We will be happy to see all of our kids over the next week and half!   YAY!!!!!!

My friend Shelli always says “friends are the family we choose for ourselves.”–or something close to that.  Thank you Shelli and Al for inviting us to be with your family tonight.  We appreciate and when I saw this comic I had to share….

Have a very happy hump day, and to all a sweet new year.  May we all have peace in our hearts, in our homes and in the world!  Much love……


Funny Stuff…

I had a few different things in mind to blog about today and then I found this.  Thanks, for sharing, Sheree!  I love this one and admit to be guilty.  Rings, hairbands, etc….

And to all my fellow Biggest Loser fans, TOMORROW NIGHT (moving from Tuesday nights)  the new season begins.  GLORY DAYS.  2 new trainers.  Some definite type A personality contestants (former athletes).  Should make for an interesting season!  Set your DVRs.  NBC at 8 eastern time.   Click the article below to meet the new trainers and this season’s contestants.


Unplugging to Plug In.

Well, by now I have done my part informing people about Kyle and Nicole requesting an unplugged wedding.  Oh, sure, when all the formalities are over it’s expected that people will take some pictures and they should, but during the ceremony, first dances and speeches, it is the bride and groom’s request that people leave the photographing up to the hired photographers.  Between flashes going off and people ending up basically photo bombing some special moments, this all makes sense to me.  But a much big factor is that when people are busy with their phones, they miss the moment.  I loved this little gem I found on Facebook yesterday which brings this point home NOT just for the wedding but for every day.  If we could all unplug a little more from our phones, we could all plug into the present a little more.  Let’s face it, when we engage in our phones while we are with other people, we aren’t giving either their due respect.  I certainly am as guilty of this as the next “guy,” and am reminding myself as I share this.

I have to share one more that I also found scrolling through my Facebook yesterday.   I have little patience for complainers, yet I know I can do my fair share of that, too, and that’s just ugly.  NO ONE like complaining.  I remember years ago when one of my very besties, Carole, was undergoing treatment for the big C.  I never heard her complain and she wisely shared with me that she had some really awesome friends helping her and spending time with her and if she complained and became a drag to be with, they wouldn’t want to anymore.   TODAY I am taking the challenge!  I have officially entered an unplugging from complaining zone.  My life is pretty damn good right now and I really want it to change, but I bet it will get even better if I can rise to the challenge.  How about you?

I will be at the gym this morning for 8:30 and 11:30 classes.  Then, it’s time to finish the final prepping for the wedding weekend.  Don’t be shocked if I show up for 11:30 class in flip-flops.  Once my feet are free of sneakers, my body and mind know it’s time to unplug from routine and plug into the present.

A Message from Mahatma…

Need a humor break?  Google bizaaro comics and hit images…scroll through. I love the ones about animals but they cover the full spectrum of issues!

Gotta love Gumby and Pokey.  They were simple.  They were loved.  They were flexible.  They could be bent in all different directions and still return to their normal state.  I wish you a day just like that!   Happy Friday to all.

It’s Not Just Good it’s Friday.

This one is totally off topic, but I couldn’t resist. Thanks to Steph M for putting this up on Facebook yesterday.  It just cracked me up!

Wishing my friends and family a good, Good Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend.