Leaping into This Last Monday of February

Here it is Monday, again.  In our house, we are coming off of a great weekend with great friends in from out of town.  Thank you Mother Nature for the gift of AMAZING weather which allowed us to tour the Morakami Gardens, walk on the beautiful beach and spend a lot of time sitting outside and just enjoying being together.

For those asking about the gym, as I have said before, I am expecting business as usual, at least for the immediate.  I will be at there for my regularly scheduled classes today and all week and am expecting any changes to be gradual, though I really have no idea what our new owner has in mind.  I look forward to meeting him this week, as he takes over ownership of the gym, tomorrow.  Hoping all my students have their membership card in hand.  Please remember to show them at the front desk.  All SilverSneakers members will swipe their cards upon arrival, each visit to the gym.


While I just touched on it last week, I would like to once again thank Ron and Wendie for the great opportunity they gave me over the past 28 or so years.  Teaching seniors was something that Ron and his dad Howard believed in from the start.  8:30 in the morning classes were packed with some of my favorite people, including my mom who LOVED her aerobics.  Some of my same students who were seniors then are STILL in my classes, almost 30 years later.  Adding weight training classes, Pilates, yoga and SilverSneakers along the way, I appreciate the free reign I was given to bring to the members what I knew would benefit them physically, mentally and spiritually….and that is exactly what I intend to keep on doing.   While I plunge into the change, I am committed to continuing to bring you the same level of peaceandfitness as I always have.  Ron and Wendie, I wish you all good things as you enter this next phase of life and move closer to retirement!

Wherever YOU are, I always hope that you are making fitness, and peace a part of each day.  Take this “extra” day and make it a great one!


And We’re Back

In light of many changes happening around me, I have decided to bring back peaceandfitness.com once again.

Many of you have heard about the sale of Tamarac Fitness Center which becomes official on March 1.  I would like to thank Ron and Wendie for 28 consecutive years of teaching at this facility.  I will forever be grateful for this amazing gig.  Before they owned the gym, I taught for Glenn and before that the first owner, Anita.  So no, this (hopefully) changes nothing on my end, at least not by any choice of my own.  More info as it becomes available and relevant.

My desire is to keep this blog informative and somewhat light.   If there are any changes that effect my students or clients, I will post here.  There will be no talk of politics or this will not remain a place of PEACE…apparently there is enough politics on Facebook and the validity of so many of the posts makes me very Un-peaceful.  With all things in life, we need to check our facts before we repeat things as fact!

Tomorrow at 10 Ellen will be subbing for me so I can enjoy a day with my friends flying in from points north and west, beginning tonight!  I will be at the gym Saturday morning for 9:30 class (in what condition, I do not know, lol) and back on a regular schedule Monday morning.

This morning I plucked this little cutie off of Facebook to share with you.  Fact is we all need our healthy fats!