Still More Wisdom for the Dalai Lama

Thanks, again, to Derek and Jolene for an entire year’s worth of wisdom from the Dalai Lama.  So many of these quotes are just too good not to share.

2nd Dalai Lama
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“Feelings of anger, bitterness and hate are negative.  If I kept those inside me, they would spoil my body and my health.  They are of NO use.”

I don’t know about all of you, but I spend way too much time on trying to keep my body and health in the best possible shape to let those negative feelings sabotage me!  I hope you all feel the same way.  Love and peace and a very happy Friday!

This and That Thursday….

Cover of "This and That"
Cover of This and That

If you see me out and about on Thursdays, you may notice that instead of my often black attire, I choose pink.  This is to honor the request of the Levinson family, whose patriarch, Bob, a former FBI agent, has been missing, for way too many years.  Suspected of being captured and held in Iran, the Levinson family asks we wear pink on Thursdays to keep attention on our government, bringing their loved one back home to Coral Springs, my town.  If you are looking in your closet this morning, please consider adding a touch of pink, to help make this a worldwide effort.

In response to the comments and conversations regarding this week’s weigh in on Biggest Loser, I agree that something was off.  I remember hearing or reading that sometimes they make 2 weeks look like 1.  I believe this is exactly what happened this past episode.  Not only did the men lose way too many pounds but Rachel, who was assured a spot in the finale by winning the triathlon, only lost 1, which makes me think she had some time to play with her numbers.  It may not be fair, but it is important to remember that while thousands of pounds are lost each season, and lives are changed so much for the better, Biggest Loser still is what it is…a TV show.  Ratings, ratings, ratings.  Apparently, they are doing something right, as the show remains on the air after all these years!

On the fitness side, I continue to be amazed at how quickly muscles get stronger.  3 weeks ago when I started back to a modified program of P90X, I couldn’t make it through more than 10 or 12 reps of the ab work.  By this past Monday, which was about the 5th time I did the video since I started, I was able to make it through all 25 reps of each exercise, which amounts to some 300+ moves.  It was not just a big accomplishment, but much more importantly a reminder that muscles adapt very quickly if you just keeping plugging away.  Today will be my 3rd Thursday of yoga and the big challenge there is the balance work and also the 90+ minutes the video runs, so I fast forward through some of the exercises and commit to an hour each Thursday.  So far, that works!

On the peaceful side, I would like to share the insight from the Dalai Lama that I found when I turned my calendar page this morning.  I really love this message and know that daily exercise and daily meditation (and I truly believe eating a plant-based diet, as well) has helped me with my own attitude as well as maintaining a (somewhat) calm and stable mind, at least most of of the time 🙂

“Our state of mind plays a major role in our day-to-day experiences, as well as our physical and mental well being.  If a person has a calm and stable mind, this influences his or her attitude and behavior in relation to others.  In other words, if someone remains in a peaceful and tranquil state of mind, external surroundings can cause them only a limited disturbance.”

As I sign off to spend a little time in meditation before I am off to train, I wish you all a calm and stable mind, some fitness, and of course, given the weather right now, warmth and safety.  Please consider a plant-based option for a meal or 2 or 3 today, and above all else,  I wish you peace in your mind and your heart.  Thanks for stopping in.

The Final 3

I loved the triathlon on Biggest Loser, last night!  It was doable, yet still a good challenge.  Rachel was at a great advantage, being an accomplished swimmer, and put her in the lead, where she stayed the entire time.  The win assured her a spot in next week’s finale, and I was happy for that.  Poor Bobby was so miserable having to swim, but he made it and though he finished the challenge last, he did finish it, a huge accomplishment for anyone!

Two contestants had to be eliminated, and it was all about the red line.  (They do a lot less voting off of people this season…I wonder why.)  Jennifer and Chelsea fell below and lost their shot at becoming the Biggest Loser.  That left David and Bobby in the mix with Rachel, for the chance at the title, the money and bragging rights.  I just don’t think Rachel can lose enough weight to compete with the big boys, as David still has a considerable amount of weight to lose, despite the fact he has already lost almost half of himself!  The guys both pulled huge numbers last night…both in the high double digits!  How?  That I just don’t get.

Next week is the finale, so I am already exciting and stocking up on tissues.  Seeing all the eliminated contestants come back shadows of their previous selves, blows my mind.

Wishing my beautiful, smart, artistic, talented (and so much more) soon to be daughter (do I have to say daughter-in-law?) Nicole, a wonderful 27th birthday.  Hope your day is as special as you!


Black is the New Brown

English: Black rice as sold in Haikou, Hainan,...
English: Black rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though those of us that read this blog, and/or know me personally, you know that I am always annoyed with Dr. Oz for adding more confusion to already confusing topics regarding health/diet/exercise.  Still, I record his show and skim through them because often there is an interesting tidbit that I would like to further investigate.  Recently, he introduced me to black rice, also known as “forbidden” rice.  Intrigued by the amount of antioxidants in it, as well as the amount of protein it packs, I tried some.  It cooks up to look similar to a bowl of black beans, so it would be weird, I think, to mix it with black beans, so instead I cooked up some mushrooms, onions and peppers and ate them on top of the rice.  I added a little saracha (we add that to lots of foods) to kick up the spice and taste and it was really good.

One serving of black rice (1/4 cup) provides 5 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, 160 calories (no sodium, sugar or cholesterol) and the same amount of antioxidants as a single serving of blueberries.  I made enough to store in the fridge and sprinkle on top of salads and combine with other dishes through the week.

Use your black rice any of the ways you would use any other rice.  Black just might be the new brown, around this house!

Tonight is the last taped episode of Biggest Losers.  2 more contestants will get eliminated leaving the final 3.  As always, I can hardly wait!!!

Can More Ohms = More Touchdowns?

East Rutherford, NJ ...item 4.. SUPER BOWL REC...
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I just read a great article in Yoga Journal about professional athletes practicing yoga. For those of you who may still believe “real men” don’t do funny contortions or chant ohms, you might be surprised to learn that the Seattle Seahawks are one of those professional teams that include yoga in their training.  I was already rooting for them, but now I am feeling even more confident.  Practicing yoga is truly good for every fiber of one’s being.  The strength, flexibility, endurance, patience, and calm of mind that all come naturally from regular yoga practice, combine to set one up for success in all aspects of work and play.  Go Seahawks!


Teddy the Talking Porcupine

This one is too cute to miss.  Sharing for all my animal loving friends and family.  Teddy the talking porcupine.  Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the luncheon yesterday.   I know I had a great afternoon.  Thanks for joining us, Mitch.  And thanks to my students for their generous token of appreciation.  Love you ALL!

The Key to Happiness

It so unusual for me to say that sitting here in my garage gym/computer station, it is  cold (but definitely not complaining!) While we installed a room air conditioner in the garage as soon as we bought the house, we never expected to need heat out here.  That said, I will keep this entry short and get busy with Tony Horton and his yoga, soon.  That will certainly have me warm in  just a few minutes.  Weather is NOT a reason (though it might be an excuse) to not exercise, you just need to change it up.  Too cold to go outside, pop in a video…No video?  Put on the stereo and dance your ass off (literally).  Hate to dance?  Jog in place and lift some weights.  What is that you say?  No weights?  Fine, then jog in place and get busy with push-ups, crunches, dips, jumping jacks….I think you get the picture.  There are a million reasons, but that’s just your brain…move it aside and let your body be in control.  All you have to do is MOVE!

Today is VFT Thursday, and I am excited to eat some veggie dishes at our annual SilverSneakers luncheon, today at 12:30.  Looks like we will be about 125 strong.  And I definitely mean strong!  It is always a nice event, and thank you, Ellen for making it happen every year.  Also on the vegan front, I just read that in the past 10 years, meat eating has dropped by almost 10%.  What’s good for the animals, is also so good for us and our planet, so any decline in meat eating is something to be celebrated, at least by this “girl.”

I loved this quote on my daily Insight from the Dalai Lama calendar and wanted to share with all of you.  Regardless of what you eat or don’t eat, whether you exercise or not, what side of politics you are on, etc., one thing I have come to understand is that we all want the very same thing, and that is simply to be happy…

“As human beings, we all want to be happy and free from misery…We have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace.  The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger and attachment, fear and suspicion, while love, compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.”

I can’t help but say that many of the things that make me so happy are choices I have made for myself.  Embracing love, nurturing relationships, resisting worry, practicing gratitude, daily meditation, daily exercise, eating a plant-based diet and yes, realizing my universal responsibility.   My wish for you is to be happy and free of misery.  Focus right now on all you have and forget about what you don’t…it will instantly make you more content.   Much love…

Transformation Happens!

Absolutely amazing transformations last night on Biggest Loser.  I am never too happy with the clothes they choose to wear and I don’t always love the hair cuts and colors (even though I would die to have Ken Paves remake my hair…) and I am not sure how I felt about clean cut, David, but despite all of that, the transformations were mind blowing.  Tanya looks so beautiful with her straight bob and Rachel reminds me of a red headed Sandra Bullock.  Chelsea looked adorable with bangs, though they were probably already bothering her by last chance workout.  Still on the fence about Jennifer going from blonde to red, but she DID say she wanted to be unrecognizable.  She is a beauty either way. To think that all that happens in 13 weeks is more than I can wrap my brain around, each and every season.

While 7 went for makeovers, only 5 will come back next week.  We said goodbye to Marie and very sadly to Tanya.  She had me from week one when she announced her crush on Dolvett.  Next week is the last week on the ranch and 2 more will be eliminated.  My pick for 3 finalists is Rachel, David and ??  Not sure between Bobby, Chelsea and Jennifer.  I hope Rachel has enough weight to lose to capture the title of BL.  She is a powerhouse, but David is some pretty tough competition.  2 more weeks and we will see them all in real time, competing live at the finale.  I can’t wait to see not only who wins, but all the eliminated contestants back on stage and competing for the at home prize.  I never wish time away, but I can hardly wait…


Where Will You Be in 3 Months?

English: ATSUGI, Japan (Feb. 3, 2011) Tony Hor...
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Last week I started back to some P90X and the first day was BACK and CHEST.  The next morning I felt like I got hit by a truck, I was so sore.  Yesterday, one week later, I repeated that same workout, perhaps doing a few more reps of each exercise.  This morning, I am hardly sore at all.  Just goes to show you how quickly our muscles respond to being used!  It is not easy to push myself to do more exercise after coming home from teaching class, but I have some serious motivation this year!

Want some of your own diet and exercise motivation?  Watch tonight’s MAKEOVER episode of Biggest Loser.  See how 3 months can change EVERYTHING.  Sure, I realize the contestants have one and only one job for the 5 or 6 months they are on the show, and that’s to eat under a certain amount of calories and exercise for like 6 hours a day.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t all change EVERYTHING in the same amount of time, just maybe not to the same degree.  The bottom line is sticking to the commitment you make!

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”

Art Turock