Almost the Holidaze!

English: Gentaur schedule
English: Gentaur schedule (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just wanted to let my students know that I am on my regular class schedule this week.   I will be at TFC for my 2 classes, this evening, both classes tomorrow morning, my regularly scheduled SilverSneakers class on Friday at 11:30 and to the best of my knowledge, the gym is open Saturday, so I will be there for my 9:30 class.  Tomorrow we will make room for food and drink, then Friday and Saturday we will burn that food and drink off!

As we approach the season of many holidays, I will keep you posted here and of course, in class, as well.  Remember, it’s all about balance!  As we enjoy the festivities of the next 6 weeks or so, we need to remember  to take care of our bodies and minds as well.

Also, SilverSneakers students remember to start bringing in luncheon money.  The annual gala is on Thursday, January 23rd at 12:30 at the East Fusion Buffet in Coral Springs.  The cost is $11.00 per person (includes tax and tip) and you are welcome to bring guests with you.  Please place your exact cash (11,22, 33, etc.) in an envelope with each name printed clearly on the front of the envelope.  Money is returnable if you cannot make the luncheon, but I must say that last year everyone in my classes showed and combined with Ellen’s students we had over 150 people!  It’s a joy to be out with our gym friends, doing something other than working out (even though we love that, too!)

Biggest Loser, tonight at 8.

And for all those that have asked, I do hope to get back to blogging a little more often, but probably not until after the new year.  But check in as you never know when I have something (like today) that I feel I need to share.  Thanks and keep taking care of each other!  xox

Here, Take this Pill (but not That one) and More

Unexpected ending last night on Biggest Loser.  Jillian Michael’s team penalized for taking

English: Ruben Studdard singer in 2011
English: Ruben Studdard singer in 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

caffeine pills as per Jillian’s suggestion.  Thinking they shouldn’t have penalized her team, but should have really penalized her (for not telling the docs), if she was breaking the rules!  Her team lost another player last night (Craig) and Ruben Studdard will be returning next week, as they voided last week’s weigh in, completely.  While I am glad he will be returning (I honestly thought he looked happy to go home) I am a bit confused by last night’s turn of events.  If reality shows are truly all scripted, then was this just all part of the “show?”  Would they penalize contestants like that?  And why did EVERYONE lose so much weight last night?  Did they just decide to give everyone supplements?  I have a lot of questions…and did they (as the article below suggests) “use” Jillian to bring Studdard back?

Yes, I have a lot of questions and not just about BL. What about the new recommendations for prescribing statins?  I understand adding stroke patients to the list (in most cases I would think that makes perfect sense) but what’s up with adding diabetics?  Didn’t we learn that statins actually increase the chances of diabetes?  And are we really not to care at all about our LDL numbers anymore?  What about all the years patients got “beaten up” about bad LDL…I am confused and suspicious (new guidelines suggest twice as many people will now end up on statins–hmmm), but of course if you know me at all, you know I would be.

On a much, much lighter note, Gardein products are BOGO at Publix this week (starting tomorrow).  My client, Andrea, told me that Gardein makes veggie pot pies.  Why did I never see these??  Gardein has come out with such a huge variety of foods this year, and I have to say I am having a love affair with the (“sausage”) breakfast patties.  I try so hard not to eat processed foods, but for breakfast I have been loving these.  This past Sunday morning, I made “must go” hash for brunch.  Scrambled tofu with mushrooms, onions, beans and kale in a pita topped with siracha sauce (you are right, Derek, it IS good on everything!) and a breakfast patty on the side.  Filling, lots of protein and really tasty!  I know I will be filling my cart this weekend.

Going back to the new recommendations on statins; I have to say I am thrilled that physicians are encouraged to promote healthy lifestyles as part of the prescription.  What we can never get from a statin is the OVERALL wellness that comes from eating healthfully, exercising regularly and practicing stress reduction.

Make it a great day!



It Will Come Back to You…

Meditation (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

This mindful moment is brought to you by the people at today’s Oprah and Deepak meditation challenge….

Take a moment to observe one choice before you today.  Prior to making a decision, check in with your inner voice and ask yourself “is this the most nourishing choice for me and everyone around me?”  If the answer does not feel right to you, then consider making another decision.  If when you check in with yourself, your choice feels right in your heart, then proceed with abandon.

“Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.  Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

—Chief Seattle

The Great Outdoors

As much as I love teaching fitness in a gym, there is something about working out outside that satisfies so many things.  This morning I had a great workout with Andrea and Christina in the park.  It’s amazing how comprehensive a workout you can get with just your own body and something like a bench.  Pushups, dips, step-ups, lunges, squats, walking, running (whoops, we had a moment of panic when we arrived back at what we thought was “our” bench only to find our water, phones and keys missing—thankfully we had simply arrived back at the wrong bench.)   We did add in some work with resistance bands, and brought mats for abs and stretching, but honestly, we didn’t need any of those “props” to get in a great workout.

Take advantage of the outdoors if and when you can.  Bonding with Mother Nature, the trees, the air, the sun, the birds, is all so good for you.  You get in some much needed vitamin D and feel a sense of unity with the world around you.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that an outdoor workout can often fill your daily needs for 2 super important things….peace and fitness!  Wishing you both….

Long over Short (almost) Every Time

Healthy life choice
Healthy life choice (Photo credit: RambergMediaImages)

This quote  applies to most everything, certainly our fitness and weight management goals.  In my opinion, it is the one greatest thing we have to understand AND accept in order to finally grab the brass ring.  Perhaps as you go through your day, you will keep this thought in mind to help you resist the temptations that sabotage YOUR goals.

“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short tem in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term, is the indispensable prerequisite for success.”

–Brian Tracy

 PS.  Thanks to Kyle and Nicole for giving me the best long term goal — August will come sooner than we think!

One Thing You Need to Do TODAY to Prevent Weight Gain

GET RID OF THE LEFT OVER CANDY that you were giving out for trick-or-treat.  Give it away if you can.  Throw it away if you must.  Your waistline will thank you.  So will your teeth, your skin and just about every part of your body.   And…keep your hands out of your kid’s candy stash.  They can burn off that sugar much better than their parents can.

Hoping you had a safe and fun Halloween.  Welcome to November!