Warning. This Image May Hit Hard.

As you all know I haven’t been doing a whole lot of blogging lately.  Mostly because, as I said a few weeks ago, I am a little tired of “hearing” myself and I want to do more learning and more listening before I start spouting again!  Meditation each morning with Mitch and Ms. Roxburry has been a great way to begin each day.  Guided meditation helps set an intention and today that intention was completely in line with my speaking less and listening more…

The other reason I have been “quiet,” is because I find I am conflicted about certain aspects of my life and my business and I need to sort it all out.  It’s always better to think things out before we speak.

As for it being Vegan (Feast) Thursday, all I can say is that the world is so mixed up and upside down, I just wish we could all exercise a little more compassion and I know from personal experience that since I stopped eating animal products, I feel much more connected to the entire universe.  Always the ultimate dog lover, I see ALL animals in a much lighter, light and after all, we are ALL animals!

But today I am totally stepping away from blogging about a plant-based diet in order to share an image that has me totally conflicted on so many levels….both personal and professional.  This was shared by Alexis Wolfer of thebeautybean.com. 


It was shared a couple of days ago and has left me doing a lot of thinking…We have all got to stop obsessing about the number on the scale (definitely myself included) and the images (ALL digitally manipulated) we see of models, actresses and celebs.  This doesn’t mean we let ourselves go and stop caring.  It means we do the work of being physical and eating healthfully and nurturing our souls.  But it’s confusing.  What’s healthy to you, might not at all be healthy to me.  So we have to do our homework and be honest with ourselves.

So, if my students, clients and friends find me changing the subject about the pound or two you gained or lost, I am not at all not interested, I am just working on being a better role model.  We know it’s not our job to ask others to do or be more or different than they are.  It’s our job to work on ourselves and be the best ME we can.

I am asking for random feedback today.  I will have to approve your comments before they will appear and I am off to do my CPR renewal in a bit, but I will be back later.  Please, I want to hear from you and feel free to share with others.

Health and fitness is my business and my passion, but when there are lines that blur with regard to weight and I need to sort through all of this to be better at what it is I love.  Children are also a great passion of mine and I want us all to be sending out the healthiest messages we can to them.

And now I will return to the listening.  Thank you!




Got 24?

This was the quote on my desktop calendar yesterday:

“The moment you think only of yourself, the focus of you whole mind narrows, and because of this narrow focus, uncomfortable things can appear huge and bring you fear, discomfort, and a sense of feeling overwhelmed by misery.  The moment you think of others with a sense of caring, however, your mind widens.  With that wider angle, your own problems appear to be of no significance, and this makes a big difference.”

–Insight from the Dalai Lama

I love the above quote and loved finding it when I flipped the page yesterday. I think it is absolutely true.  I also loved this and challenge myself and all of you…..GO!

Happy one month anniversary to Nicole and Kyle.  Happy Hawaii trip to Jolene and Derek.  Savor it all!!!

I will be doing all the SilverSneakers classes at the gym this week while Ellen celebrates birthdays with her family.  Sorry, stuck with me like it or not~

Let’s all get out there and think about others first, and see what a day without complaining feels like!  I, for one, am ready!  Much love…..

Getting to the Heart of (Muscle) Things….

Yesterday I took the ice bucket challenge and today Mitch will do the same.  Today I will also make a donation to the ALS foundation.  It is no coincidence that I once worked in an organization that helped raise money for diseased muscles and ever since have worked with helping people make their muscles stronger.  I will NEVER take for granted my healthy muscles and I will push them to their limit, because I can, but will always be sympathetic towards those that can’t.

No matter how hard we work at our Facebook voting, Charlotte remains in second place.  I am frustrated but know that we will celebrate and honor her regardless of the outcome.  Continue to vote daily and continue to spread the word.  You never know what can happen in the next 11 days!

English: CPR Français : Massage cardiaque

English: CPR Français : Massage cardiaque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember, if you are local and want to come take or renew your CPR and AED you can join Ellen and I as we renew ours on Thursday September 18th at 11am at Tamarac Fitness Center, for a 40.00 fee.  You will receive certification cards through the American Heart Association.  The hope is that we never have to use our knowledge, but in case we do, we’ll be ready….and let’s face it, our hearts are the most important muscle we have!

Last night on Jeopardy, a clue had to do with a blog being an online diary.  It sort of made me uncomfortable.  I always aimed to help people by blogging, but often think it comes across totally self-indulgent.  That makes me very uncomfortable and I will have to give a lot of thought to that moving forward.

If you are participating in the 21 day meditation challenge, today is all about being purposeful as it impacts happiness.  So my wish for you today is to have a highly purposeful day!  Namaste.

Getting Back to Business…Hearts, Love and Happiness…..

English: CPR training

English: CPR training (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had been putting off so many things until after the wedding, and now that time is here.  It was back to work for me on Wednesday and additionally, I have completed 2 home study courses and narrowed down a couple of days that would be great for CPR renewal.  I have located someone who will come to the gym to do our CPR training and after I get with Ellen on Monday I will narrow it down to which Wednesday or Thursday afternoon we will do this.  If you are local and reading this and need or want CPR/AED training (renewal or first timers) let me know.  I will also post something at the gym once we have a definite date.

I will be at the gym this morning for our regularly scheduled Saturday morning class.  Thinking 20 minutes cardio, 15 weights, 10 yoga, 5 abs and then stretching, so if you are coming to class think along those lines.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Zipp will return from their honeymoon today.  I would imagine getting back into their reality will be very hard.  I am just so glad that their wedding was everything they dreamed of.  Hope the honeymoon was as well.  What could really be bad about having a butler at an all inclusive in a land where everything is no problem!  I think I will give them a day or so to unwind and catch up on all the comments and pics that have been posted while they were unplugged…

Remember that the 21 day meditation begins Monday.  I am sure you can go to chopracentermeditation.com to register.  This time the topic is expanding your happiness, and since happiness is EVERYTHING who wouldn’t want to expand theirs?

One big thing I have realized through meditation, and asking myself what makes me happy, is that music is a huge source of happiness for me.  I am off to pick some out for class and then couple it with another great source of happiness…physical activity!  Let’s do it……………