Thanks to Elephant Yoga for This One!

For those that resist meditation or feel it is too hippie dippy…but just as much for those that meditate daily…this one, if you haven’t seen it already, probably has the same calming effects as other more traditional guided journeys, but definitely is anything but traditional.  I tried integrating some of it into my morning meditation and it actually helped me gather some internal focus!


Flickr/Tambako The Jaguar:

A special congratulations to Jolene and Derek as they move into their new home this week and lay down some roots in Sin City.  For them, Las Vegas has been ANYTHING but the city of Lost Wages.  Focus, determination, hard work, and goal setting all paid off.  As a team, my guess is you 2 can accomplish anything.  You probably could have used the above guided meditation over the last month or so.

Can’t wait to celebrate with them.

Lessons Learned From a Cat……….

Peeking at Roxy Cat during our morning meditation is living, breathing, in our face proof of the INSTANT power of meditation.  (I took about 8 pictures this morning, but they don’t due the situation any justice as she just looks like a blob of fur…)

We aim to do our sitting session at about 7:30am and it’s amazing how Roxy starts to talk to us (a lot!) right around then.  She is absolutely ready and heads right off to the room we meditate in.  The SECOND we hit play on the tablet, she is in her zone.  When Oprah stops talking and Deepak begins, she starts to wag her tail a few times and then goes way deeper into the zone, usually ending up in savasana for the duration of the time.

When the 20 minutes comes to an end, she remains calm and begins to give herself a little bath.  Spirit and body clean, she heads out to the patio for her morning dose of sunshine and exercise.  It’s truly amazing to witness and is more affirmation of how important it is for all of us to take time out of busy days to at least try to block out all the chatter in our heads.  Taking the time to be present helps us to better learn to appreciate and be grateful for the here and now, for in reality, that is all we have.

Thank you, Roxburry, for helping us to learn more about ourselves, but also for helping us even better understand how much the humans and the animals have in common.  We all seek the very same things……

Find YOUR Inner Peace…

Next 21-day, free, online meditation with Deepak Chopra begins on Monday the 13th.  To register, just go to

An email will be sent to you each morning so it’s easy to remember to do your daily meditation.  Equally as great for beginners, or those that have been meditating forever.

Meditation is for EVERYONE!  Mitch and I have committed to getting up earlier for the next 3 weeks so we don’t feel rushed.  If you feel that you don’t have enough time, you need it even more!

“Sitting,” always helps with focus and the ability to prioritize what is most important, so the investment of just 15 or 20 minutes a day, just might help you squeeze more time out of your busy day.  Let’s face it.  If you are working, caring for family members, getting in your daily dose of fitness, taking time to eat healthfully and mindfully and contributing to your community there isn’t a whole lot of time left.  Meditation has definitely helped me fine tune what I want to use my “extra” (is there such a thing??) time for.  Asking myself the simple question “What makes me happy?” on a daily basis and then, just letting the images and answers come to me, has helped me more than I can put into words.

But…this isn’t about me…it’s about YOU.  If you are looking for ways to lower your stress and worry levels, if you are looking for a mini-vacation for your body and your mind, if you need to lower your blood pressure, lower your resting heart-rate, improve your immune system, (ok…I could go on endlessly because the benefits are endless) give it a try.

Hoping the link below opens for you–I don’t seem to be getting audio but hoping that’s just me………..Namaste!

What Makes a Champion?

Love this quote.  Apparently Coach Carroll made a very wise move when in 2011 he initiated meditation practice for his team to help fight stress and improve performance.  Meditation.  The less you think it’s for you, the more it probably IS!

“Meditation is as important as lifting weights and being out here on the field to practice.”

–Russell Okung, Seattle Seahawks Offensive Tackle