It Was (Is) the Third of September…………

Yesterday, I posted the “no complaining for 24 hours” challenge and took it myself.  It was easy and felt so good, I am doing it again today.  My bestie since birth, Carole, commented on how easy it was for her because her mom, Judy, taught her complaining didn’t get you anywhere.  Great lesson, but plenty of people have great teachers, yet never put into practice what has been shared with them.  I have to also add, —and I probably should have asked Carole first but I am taking the liberty here—that when Carole was being treated with chemo for breast cancer some years ago, she told me how she wouldn’t complain to her friends about it because NO ONE wants to spend time with complainers, and she wanted to continue to hang out with her friends.  So simple, but so huge!   Carole may or may not realize this, but that line–that concept–impacted me and made sooooooooooo much sense.  Most everyone in the world wants to be with people who are upbeat and spread light.   Can we always be that person?  I don’t think so but we can surely always do our best.  Thanks, Carole, for the lesson and for your constant light.

I see there is a formal announcement on Facebook of the Swanson Award winner.  Apparently Grace overcame some pretty serious health challenges and has found that by coming regularly to SilverSneakers classes, her health and her life have improved tremendously.  Congratulations to her.  In all fairness, Charlotte is pretty much the picture of health, so….once again, she’s a winner.  Ok, she did outlive not one, but 2 husbands (and has been sworn off men by her children who say she kills them).  I was a little concerned when she wasn’t in class today, but found out that she opted for the casino, instead.  Gotta love her.  Talk about a shining light.

Mitch and I completed the 21-day meditation challenge, which came with 2 bonus days.  I plan on continuing to spend at least 10 minutes “sitting” each morning before the day unfolds, which seems to be the best time for me.  Besides all the positive effects meditation is scientifically proven to have on the mind and body, it really gives one a chance to BE PRESENT.  This means that though thoughts of the past and the future will go through the mind, returning to the present (which is the goal) is happening, at least in intervals.  Somehow, being present allows us to let the past go  a little more easily and worry less about the future.  I heard a quote recently (on Criminal Minds…yes, I am obsessed) by David Rossi–it was something about how our scars tell us where we have been, but don’t determine where we are going.  I loved it, because each and every day we have the ability to move beyond our past and create a new present.  Today really is the first day of the rest of our lives…

And speaking of today…it is the 3rd of September…which really just wants to make me sing aloud…thank you Temptations!

Finally, I found this little gem on Facebook today.  It reminds me of what I said to Nicole and Kyle in their wedding toast, about depositing more into the wedding box than you withdraw.  Marriages, friendships, all relationships require a lot of give and take.  I was thinking about it and thinking the only exception is parent/child, because it’s expected parents give a hell of a lot.  But then I thought, there comes a time when your kids start giving back.  Maybe it’s with accomplishments that make parents proud or maybe it’s bringing home the perfect addition to the family. (Thanks, boys)  Maybe it’s the care we give to our ailing or elderly parents.  Whatever it is, we must always remember that we cannot expect from others what we are not willing to give ourselves because that would make life a one way street and we all know that is not the case!

Hoping Derek, Jolene and our west coast “family” are having a spectacular time in Hawaii.  Can’t wait to see and hear all!   Enjoy it all.

I will be subbing for Ellen tomorrow and Friday at 10 and teaching my regularly scheduled classes as well.  See you there…or right here!  Thanks for stopping in and make it a happy hump day!

Just One More Week for This and That, Too….

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I got a call from Elizabeth at Healthways (who owns SilverSneakers) late last week to let me know that the company will be coming out to Tamarac Fitness Center to make a light luncheon party in honor of Charlotte. I honestly don’t know if this is being done for all 10 candidates or because Charlotte is such a close second.  This event will be on Monday September 22nd at 12:30, immediately following class.  If you are a SilverSneakers student at TFC, please mark your calendar and come out to socialize and honor this wonderful woman.  While she continues to be many votes behind Grace, from Arizona, she continues to be many, many votes ahead of the other 8 nominees for the Swanson Award.  We still have a week to vote, once every day, so if you are on Facebook, please continue to go to the SilverSneakers page and cast your vote for her.  Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped her earn almost 1000 votes as of this morning.  I am totally impressed and warmed by how many of my friends on Facebook have gone out of their way, each and every day this month, not just to vote, but to spread the word to their Facebook network and encourage them to vote as well.  You have all made a huge difference in the outcome and I appreciate each and every one of you and your efforts.  I know this celebration in Charlotte’s honor is going to mean a lot to her.  How many 95 year old’s get to be celebrated for anything other than a birthday?  Think about it…..

I haven’t been blogging much — I have been spending my blogging time doing the 21 day meditation challenge along with Mitch…and Roxbury (the cat) who purrs without pause as she lies in savasana.  I would video it, except she really just lies there–but it is quite obvious how soothing it is for any living thing!….Anyway, today is day 15 and that means we have just one more week…Interestingly enough, Mitch and I did our daily meditation at the beach yesterday and had the exact same experience (thinking we might have dozed off and then forgetting what the mantra was).  One thing I have learned about meditation is that however it turns out, it was exactly what was needed at that time.  No judgement.  No good meditations or bad meditations…Hoping we will be able to continue to keep a routine once this one is over.  It’s the third time I am doing the 21 day challenge and it just gets better each time.

Since I got up extra early this morning, I thought I would check in, but time is up so I just want to wish you all an easy yet productive Monday.  I will be doing a lot of subbing later this week and next, so I will keep you (the SilverSneakers students) posted.  For this week, I will be subbing Thursday and Friday at 10 along with my regular classes.  There will be no 8:30 am class this (or next) Friday.

Make it a great day.


For the Love of Robin, Koko and Charlotte

I am thankful every single day that I live in a country that still allows me choices.  The below photo shows just one more reason I choose animals as my friends, not my nutrition.

Koko’s handlers took this photo of the gorilla reacting to the news of Robin Williams’ death. “Koko became very somber, with her head bowed and her lip quivering,” they said.

Thanks for continuing to vote for Charlotte on Facebook.  There is so much to say about this woman.  I have better conversations (about EVERYTHING) with this woman than I do with many of my own peers.  She is funny, loving, caring, giving, smart, open-minded and so much more.  She only comes to class 2x a week because there is so much else to do.  From helping kids with life skills and meditation, to hitting the casinos, creating the most intricate and gorgeous needlepoint pieces and of course spending time with friends and her family including her great grandchildren who she RUNS around with…this 95 year young woman is a phenom.  So keep the votes coming!  She’s nudging her way up to second place this morning.  GO VOTE via the SilverSneakers Facebook page.  Do it every day until we turn the calendar to September.  Thanks so much to all who are doing this daily and also for those sharing their status about it.  I am so appreciative…………..

Today is day 4 of the 21 day meditation and Mitch and I did it earlier this morning.  Today we are love.  Doesn’t get better than that.  Namaste

Find Your Happy Place

English: By kac's meditation

English: By kac’s meditation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good morning and welcome to a new week.  To those heading back to work/school this morning, I wish you all a productive and peaceful year.  I will be learning more about expanding my happiness, as I tune into my first of 21 days of meditation.  I will be trading in most of my blogging time over the next 3 weeks so that I can do the meditations in the early morning, when I find it easiest to sit, and something to reflect on all day, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find me blogging too much over the next 3 weeks.

What a beautiful day at the beach yesterday.  It’s hard to believe ANYTHING can bring more peace or happiness than a few hours playing in that beautiful ocean.  I pointed out to Mitch that next week when we go we can do our daily meditation there.  That’s heaven on earth.

I am back to a regular schedule this week and am ready!  Kids are back from their honeymoon and I have to think they are anything BUT ready to return to reality, but they do go back to their office as Mr. and Mrs. which is pretty awesome!

Wishing you expanding happiness and a wonderful Monday.