These are the Important Questions

Well, it took a full week, but we are all getting into the 21 day meditation challenge now, here at our home.  This morning Roxy made it to savasana and even stayed in position for quite a while after Mitch and I were done and out of the room.  This is a real reminder for all of us…routine and repetition go a VERY long way towards forming new habits!

https://chuckieb123.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/negative-and-positive.jpgI have gotten a few great tidbits out of this meditation challenge.   The one I will be focusing on today, and tonight in 7pm class, is the concept of positive and negative input.  In short, Chopra says that our days are filled with a lot of negative input (stress from work, finances, family, injury, illness, world news, just to name a few)  This input wreaks havoc on our physical, mental and spiritual health!  The only way to combat it is with POSITIVE input.  This is found in the things that bring us joy!  Many of us have to go out and find and make that positive input happen.  Whether it’s holding a baby, bonding with nature, a great workout, playing an instrument, painting a picture, watching a sunset (and I could go on and on) there is MUCH positive input for all of us IF we take the time to seek it out.

For the past few weeks, we have been repeating 4 important questions during yoga class.

Who am I? 

What do I want? 

What is my purpose

and most importantly,

What makes me happy?

Letting images, thoughts and words come freely after asking those questions, helps us answer them HONESTLY.   Learning what makes us happy allows us to fill our free time with POSITIVE input, hence counterbalancing all the negative input.

Chopra also suggests at the end of the day we ask ourselves what was the BEST part of our day, helping us to focus even more, and end the day, on the good stuff!

Whether you are at home, at work, coming to class tonight, participating in the meditation challenge or not–try giving some quiet time to these important questions and I promise you will not only learn more about who you are at your core, but also bring more joy into your life, which will make you healthier!

THIS, is just one of  the quiet ways in which meditation enriches our lives and improves our health and well-being.  Always, but especially during these crazy times in our world, we need that more than ever!



What Will You Lose?

Just a reminder that the next 21-day meditation challenge begins this Monday.  Hit this link and register —  The theme this time is about weight loss, but my guess is it is MUCH more than just that…..



When Was………..??

Last weekend we got to spring ahead.  That’s one of my two favorite days of the year.  Tomorrow we all get to be Irish.  Next week is not only the first day of spring, (also on the top of my list of favorite days) but on Monday a new 21 day meditation challenge begins with Oprah and Deepak Chopra.   It looks like it is going to be a great one:

Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit! Together we’ll take steps to release the burdens that hold us back so we can start shining from the inside out.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Release heaviness and toxicity – on every level

  2. Break free from unhealthy habits using the light of your own awareness

  3. Discover what truly nourishes your entire being to bring newfound freshness, inspiration, and joy into your life

Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit begins on Monday –  You can participate in this journey by registering at:


While walking the streets of NYC, I saw a great sign on a Kabbalah center.  I am sharing it today so we can all ponder this question which may help us all dare to step outside of our comfort zone.   It said:


If you have never tried the meditation challenge, that would be a great place to start!  I always say there is a reason that meditation and medication are only one letter apart.  It’s the cure for so many things that ail us.

Get out there and make it a wonderful Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping in!