Remembering Lori….Today and EVERY Day! marks 4 weeks since the sudden passing of our niece, Lori.  We were asked, at her service,  to “remember Lori.”  Every day, in her honor and memory, I try to fill in my “dash” with a little more than I might have before this tragic loss which was a HUGE reminder that there are no guarantees in life, and I remember Lori.  We often say “tomorrow is another day,” but I don’t say it anymore.  I am sure Lori expected to wake up on Saturday morning and have a regular weekend with her family and friends.  In life, we really do only have NOW.

So for now, I am off to class.  Then I will be taking some time off to be with Mitch, Derek and Jolene.  YAY!  Tomorrow there will be NO 9:30 class.  Monday Ellen will be holding up the fort, subbing at 8:30 and 11:30.  Tuesday night both classes are cancelled.  Wednesday Ellen will be pinch hitting again at 8:30 and 11:30.  I will be back on schedule Thursday, Friday and Saturday so on.

Thank you all so much for your support.  I am so lucky to have the most amazing people in my life and I am grateful for that every single day.

Enjoy your day.  Make it special.

How Do You Live Your Dash?

We are back from our extremely emotional trip to NY.  Flying up for the funeral of our 43 year old niece, Lori, was definitely the hardest trip we ever made.  Thanks to my big sister and brother-in-law for taking fantastic care of us in every way.

We learned a lot about life on this trip.  Lori was a big ball of love and in return, was loved by everyone.  There was no way of telling how many people showed up to honor her and pay their respects to her family, because there were people everywhere you turned.  The stories were all the same.  Her thoughtfulness and willingness to extend herself to anyone that needed a hand, was the constant thread in each story shared.   One woman told us the story about how she had come from Japan about 10 years ago and her son, who spoke very little English, was in pre-school with the twins.  The woman who had no met friends yet, was diagnosed with cancer.  Lori stepped right up offering to transport her son and do whatever she could to help the woman with her son.  The woman came to the funeral to let her family know that Lori made her a better person.  Everyone who’s life was touched by Lori expressed that same sentiment.

Lori lived her life.  She made each day count.  She worked hard at home and at work.  She volunteered at school, at baseball and at Girl Scouts.  She took care of her dad (my brother) when he was living in her and her family’s home and dying of pancreatic cancer.   She was a great wife, sister, aunt, cousin, niece and friend.  She loved her animals,  Candy Crush, going to the movies on Friday nights, playing pool, watching the fights.  She loved the Rock.  I wish she had gotten to meet him.  She loved her huge extended family but nothing held a torch to the love she had for her twins, who she tried very hard to have and worked so hard to help them become the beautiful young adults they are today.

At the funeral, a poem that many of us have heard before was recited.  It’s worth repeating.

My niece only lived 43 years, but her dash was extraordinary.

Thank you so much to everyone who was so kind, generous and loving these past 10 days.   Your kind words, hugs, texts, messages, donations, help with the house and work…all mean so much to me and our family.

We did a lot in NYC in honor of Lori and the dash.  We walked everywhere in that amazing city and saw things we never saw before.  Today, it is back to work and continuing to work the dash.

I hope you will read that poem and work on your own dash.

A very happy birthday to Jolene, Jolene who we love to pieces and who definitely knows how to live each day to it’s fullest.   Keep living the dash, Jolene and enjoy your day!






I’ll Be There……..

REGULAR SCHEDULE AT THE GYM ALL WEEK.  So yes, I will be there today for both classes.

Wishing all that celebrate a very happy and healthy New Year.  Much love and all sweet and wonderful things, people and experiences.  Be kind to one another.  xoxox

ALL Lives Matter. It’s bigger than US, people!

Black lives matter, cops lives matter, your life matters…


All lives matter.  Your life matters.  What you eat matters.  Animal lives matter.

It seems the surest way to take care of your own life, the lives of the animals and the life of our planet, as well, is to eat more cancer preventing, heart healthy, life supporting foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds (and so much more).

My hope today, on this Vegan (Feast) Thursday, is that you will at least consider a plant-based meal or two.  Hey, it doesn’t have to be tofu with a side of lettuce…  I don’t know a one of us who has been tortured by eating a good PB&J sandwich!  Think outside the box, because there are way more non-animal foods outside of that box, than in it……………..

I will be subbing at 10 this morning and tomorrow morning.  Regular 11:30 tomorrow as well.  Gym is closed on Monday.


Speak Up!

Good morning and welcome to September.  No matter how old I (or my kids) get, I will always feel that sinking feeling of summer on it’s way out (even here in South Florida) and the school year back in.  But it is back to school time for all of us, and life, after all, is one big learning experience!

Today I will be subbing for Ellen at 10 (SilverSneakers) and back tonight for regular 6 and 7 pm classes….

We will be moving up the chakra line during 7 o’clock yoga/Pilates fusion class.  Tonight we will focus on the 5th chakra, the all important throat chakra, which is visualized as a beautiful shade of blue.  Feel free to wear blue, and as always bring anything that will make your practice more comfortable (pillows, eye masks, straps, blocks).,1000x1000,075,f.jpg

“The fifth Chakra is the seat of self expression, and can be seen as the crossroads between the head and the heart.  As such, it serves as the mediator between thought and emotion.  The throat must be open in order for the energy to flow. “Open” means that the person is capable of “letting the sound out” – both the sounds of pleasure and of pain.  Often, as the throat is opened, the pelvis begins to move spontaneously, indicating a strong link between self-expression and passion.  Blockages will be seen in sore throats, shoulder and neck pain, and clenched jaws.”

Thanks, once again, to all of you who contributed to the “gift” we will be presenting to one of our workout buddies when we next see her.  You are all amazing and restore all my faith in what is right with this world.  Thanks, Rita…the card is perfect!!

Wherever you are, consider learning something new, giving something of yourself to someone else, finding your fitness, and of course your peace!  Namaste….

The “contact” link on my homepage has been fixed (thanks, Kyle) so those of you that need to contact me privately can use that link again. 


Monday August 31, Gym Schedule morning and welcome to the last day of August.  For those of you that are checking, we have a regular gym schedule this morning.  I will be teaching my regular 8:30 am class, followed by Ellen’s 10 o’clock SilverSneakers, and then my 11:30 SilverSneakers class.

I will continue to post but at this point I am scheduled for all my regular classes and all of Ellen’s SilverSneakers classes until she returns to the gym on Thursday the 10th.

Remember there is NO 11:30 am Senior Strength Training class on Tuesdays at this time.

Again, thanks to everyone who generously contributed to the collection we have going.

I was notified that the link to “contact” me on this site’s homepage isn’t working.  I alerted my webmaster but until it is fixed, you can leave me a COMMENT…it will remain private until I view it, so if it’s meant to be private, just mention that in the actual comment.

Get out there and make it a great Monday.

Tuesday Schedule and More…..

Please remember there is NO 11:30 class today as it has been cancelled due to low attendance.  I know that many of you (my SilverSneaker students) are really upset about the loss of this strength training class and I can only say that hopefully, as the seasons change, there will be a need to add it back on the schedule.  My apologies to those of you that are upset and frustrated that you were unable to find Ron after he made this change in the schedule.   I promise he will be available this week as he returns from vacation.   Continue to get in your other workouts and remember that you can use the gym any and every day.

Regular schedule this evening.  If you drove by last Tuesday night and did NOT see my car, it wasn’t because I wasn’t there.  Due to the weather, I opted for a ride.  Especially on those stormy nights, please don’t assume I am not there if my car is not.  Do be careful, though, where you park your car as the parking lot does get pretty wet during downpours.

I am considering starting a back to school series of yoga classes with an emphasis on the 7 chakras.  Thinking about one Friday night a month.  There would be a small fee for this class.  If you are interested, please let me know.  I don’t think Ron would have a problem with my doing this at TFC and we can go much deeper than we do on a Tuesday yoga/Pilates class.  Just in the thinking stages, so input is appreciated.

Also still have that opening for a training session on Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings at 10.  I would absolutely love to help someone transform so if you have some weight to lose and feel 100% ready to commit yourself to training and nutrition changes, let’s see if we can make that happen.  I would also be open to training a small group which always makes personal training more affordable.  With school starting next week here in Broward County, this is the perfect time for a mom who has mornings free to get into the best shape of their life.  As I mentioned last week, I am a huge fan of outdoor park/track/trail training as it accomplishes so much more than just a workout.

Feel free to contact me personally thru my contact page here or at 00xrsizer@  All emails will be confidential.  Let’s get busy!



And….I’m Back

Without going into a lot of detail, Vegas was wonderful.  Anytime we are with our kids, it’s wonderful!  But, it’s especially nice to see all our kids living so nicely and smiling so much, both in Vegas and in Largo.

It was definitely different getting in a run in Summerlin, Nevada.  I only did a mile, but damn those hills are different for someone who only runs on flat Florida land. (Nicole and Kyle, be warned for your Disney half next month!!!!!)  It felt great and the scenery was fabulous.

I don’t know why I can’t attach my own beautiful photo today, but I had to put a stock pic on to avoid getting overly frustrated!

Now, it’s back to my regular work schedule.  Effective immediately, the Tuesday at 11:30 Senior Strength class has been cancelled due to low attendance.  If things pick up again in the fall, Ron will re-evaluate.  Until then, make sure to get into class at least 2-3 times a week.  With 7 opportunities for SilverSneakers, there are plenty of options!

This change frees up some time for me to add a Tuesday/Thursday client to my personal training schedule.  I have really been loving the outdoor park and trail training with some of my current clients, so if you live in the Parkland/Coral Springs/Tamarac/Margate area and are looking to do some personal or small group training let me know.    10-11 am would be absolutely perfect, and as the days get cooler, it will only get nicer to be outdoors.  I have minimal availability some other days, so I have some flexibility if need be.  If you are interested, let me know and we can work out the details.  My rates are always reasonable as my passion is helping others to get fit and learn to love fitness, as I do.

So tonight, it’s 6pm cardio fusion and 7pm Pilates/yoga fusion….Since we had no class last week, make sure to get back in this week!

Wherever YOU are….whatever you have going on…make time to take care of your health and fitness.  Thanks for stopping in………..

Gym Schedule for This Week….

Just to clarify (because I know it got confusing for some)…this week’s schedule at Tamarac Fitness.

Today, Monday the 3rd, I will be there this morning for 8:30 class, and again for 11:30 SilverSneakers.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 4th, I will be there for 11:30 Senior Strength Training.

Both Tuesday night classes are cancelled on the 4th.

Wednesday, the 5th, Ellen will be subbing for me at 8:30 and again at 11:30 for SilverSneakers.

Friday, the 7th, Ellen will be subbing my 11:30 SilverSneakers.

Saturday, the 8th, 9:30 cardio mix will be cancelled.

Next week, we go back to my regular schedule.

A cancelled class is a great opportunity to try a different workout.  Come in and get on a machine or 3.  Check out the circuit machines or the weight room….or get outside and get moving.

You control your body.  Don’t let obstacles slow you down.  Let them, instead, make you stronger.  Get out there and make your Monday matter!




Again with the Diet and Exercise!!!! to everyone that came out for senior strength training today.  While this particular class has been slow to grow, today we were over 30 strong–and I DO mean strong…Don’t forget the SilverSneakers luncheon is this Thursday at 12:30 at China Buffet on University Drive and Sunset Strip—head count is about 110!  It’s our once a year splurge and we will just work harder tomorrow and Friday, because buffets are really not EVER our friends (veggies and tofu for this girl—see next paragraph) but being with our gym friends in a different environment is always great fun for all.   Thanks, Ellen, for taking care of all the arrangements!…

Confession.  In December I decided to really let my hair down and indulge like the rest of the world does through the holidays.  For the first time in, probably my entire adult life, I stopped counting calories and thinking about every food choice and just enjoyed.  I ate the most amazing vegan foods in Vegas (and with all the walking and hiking didn’t gain a pound) and came home to Chanukah, my birthday, Christmas and New Years.  My takeaway is that I can now truly understand how easy it is to put on the “average of 7 pounds” from Thanksgiving to New Years.  My bigger take away is that it really is harder to take the weight off, the older you get.  I am now officially a counter, once again.  Counting calories, counting steps (thanks to Carole and my pedometer which I wear every day) counting miles jogged, counting reps, etc.  While there are many roads to choose in the weight loss journey, for me, the only sensible way is counting calories and NOT by elimination of one food, or food group.  I have come to realize that most people that say they lost their weight by cutting way back on breads, rice, pasta and potatoes forget to include the worst culprits of all like cake, cookies, chips, ice cream, candy, donuts, creamy sauces, etc.,  We need to all get real with what we eat (and what we stop eating) so we aren’t “out there” offering false hope or spreading weight loss myths.  I am tired of potatoes taking the rap for the cookies and ice cream.  Nuff said.  About that, anyway.  It is, after all,  just my 2 cents.

I have many other things on my mind but feel that this entry has already turned into an all about me story, which I so hate (and have been shying away from)– I shared the above paragraph with you because I think the December “story” speaks to so many of us.  It is now 3 weeks into January and I hope that all of us have gained control of our eating/drinking/etc.  This isn’t just about weight gain, but much more importantly, about HEALTH.  It’s hard to be truly healthy when our numbers are out of whack.  We can all moan and b*tch about the state of health care in our country,  but don’t we each have a responsibility to take care of our own health???  Almost 100% of the time, when I watch people get to a healthy weight via exercise and healthful eating, I also watch their numbers stabilize and their health improve–often dramatically.  Let’s all stop placing blame and start taking control of our lives, regardless of the obstacles involved.  One life…….

I’ll be back at the gym tonight for 6pm cardio/combo and 7pm Yoga/Pilates streeeeetch reduction.  It was so nice, last week, to see so many faces I hadn’t seen in a while.  And some new ones, too!  Hope to see all of you again, tonight.  Doesn’t really matter where we get our daily dose of peaceandfitness, as long as we are getting it somewhere!