Plugged in yet Still Unplugged………

While I have been a bit unplugged from social media, we have been back in town since last Wednesday and I have been back on my regular work schedule since Thursday.  So yes, I will be at the gym for all my regularly scheduled classes this week and for as far as I can see!  It is definitely Ellen’s turn to take vacation next (though that is not until May).

Whenever I am on vacation or spending real quality time with friends/family, I try to unplug from almost all technology.  My photos suffer from this choice, but everything else benefits.  I have noticed that people seem to look at at their “devices,” and then often are annoyed.  Whether it’s an email from work, a voicemail that could wait, or a post on Facebook, our “device” often alters our mood, even if just for the moment.

So if I have missed your birthday/anniversary or a special Facebook holiday–(as if Hallmark holidays weren’t enough!) I apologize and send you lots of love and good wishes!

One thing I have not detached from is the 21 day meditation challenge.  While I am a couple of days behind, I have managed to stay on it and today my centering thought was “I find myself in a world created by love.”  I am not sure exactly what has happened in our world to cause some to think ANYTHING is more important than love.  I do know love begins in our own hearts.  The quote shared on the meditation site is timely—

“This world is in deep trouble, but it can be swiftly healed by the balm of love.”  RUMI

So as you go through your day, and I do understand that we have become dependent on our “devices,” notice how you feel or what you see in others after they check their messages, or catch up on social media.  Awareness is EVERYTHING.  Whatever doesn’t serve you—let it go!  And above all else, remember that love IS the answer!

I admit to being conflicted about the importance of un-plugging, yet still opting to blog.  So please read or don’t read……whatever makes YOU happier!  Namaste


Even in the Darkest Times There is so Much to be Thankful for!

I WILL be at the gym tonight for both 6 and 7pm classes…I will be “going off the grid,” tomorrow to spend time with my family and will NOT be posting again until next week.  Remember that there is NO class Saturday morning but I will be back at the gym on Monday and will resume a regular schedule then.

Once again, I feel so grateful for the outpouring of love and kindness.  I have a restored faith in social media after watching how quickly people can come together to lift up those in need of being lifted!  It’s also such a great way to be connected to those so far away, and for that, and all of you, I am so very thankful.

Schedule of Classes at TFC This Week

This one is for my students…….

I will be teaching all my regularly scheduled classes this week (Monday – Saturday) and additionally I will be subbing for Ellen at 10 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Friday morning there will be NO Low Impact at 8:30 and NO SilverSneakers at 10–those are the only 2 classes of Ellen’s that I am unable to sub this week (so if you want to get in a SS class this Friday the 13th, come on in at 11:30)

It’s been nice seeing classes so full since the new year!  Keep up your resolutions.  When it get’s tough staying with them, remember why you made them in the first place!!!!  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be the best you possible!

Turn, Turn, Turn

Good morning and happy fall!!! Our cat, Roxburry, took that quite literally when she decided, first thing this morning, to take a …fall…into our swimming pool.  Cats are amazing and they really do have 9 lives.   This isn’t her first trip in the pool (only when something scares her and she isn’t expecting it, has this happened, which I am sure is what happened at 5:45 this morning!)  She once ate some wires and the electricity went right through her body.  She tore her collar with her ID off in an instant as it must have been burning hot.  She survived that one and who knows what else?!?!  Animals are amazing.  If you watch those incredibly beautiful animal videos on the internet, it’s hard not to be impressed with their sensitivity and intelligence.

Yesterday’s celebration for Charlotte and her regional Swanson Award presentation was just lovely.  What a happy occasion!  95.5 and still pulling a crowd of over 60 people.  More about this when time is more plentiful!

For now I am off to train with a client.  A little on the early side as we sadly have a funeral this morning.  Mitch’s (our) Aunt Pearl was an amazing woman.  I have so many fond memories of her feisty personality, starting with the very first day we met.  She was wonderful to Mitch, Derek, Kyle and I and was a great friend not only to my mother-in-law, Esther, but also to my mom, Ruth.  I hope they are all laughing together on the other side.  Since we will be coming back to our house after the service, I will NOT be teaching at 11:30 today but Ellen WILL be there so go!!!  I WILL be at both of my classes tonight.

Enjoy your day.  Be productive.  Take Charlotte’s sage advice and exercise more…worry less!!! It sure works for her.  If you are on Facebook you can find a few pics there.  I will repost them here at later in the week.

HAPPY FALL.  Enjoy the changing seasons.  There is a purpose to them all!

Unplugging to Plug In.

Well, by now I have done my part informing people about Kyle and Nicole requesting an unplugged wedding.  Oh, sure, when all the formalities are over it’s expected that people will take some pictures and they should, but during the ceremony, first dances and speeches, it is the bride and groom’s request that people leave the photographing up to the hired photographers.  Between flashes going off and people ending up basically photo bombing some special moments, this all makes sense to me.  But a much big factor is that when people are busy with their phones, they miss the moment.  I loved this little gem I found on Facebook yesterday which brings this point home NOT just for the wedding but for every day.  If we could all unplug a little more from our phones, we could all plug into the present a little more.  Let’s face it, when we engage in our phones while we are with other people, we aren’t giving either their due respect.  I certainly am as guilty of this as the next “guy,” and am reminding myself as I share this.

I have to share one more that I also found scrolling through my Facebook yesterday.   I have little patience for complainers, yet I know I can do my fair share of that, too, and that’s just ugly.  NO ONE like complaining.  I remember years ago when one of my very besties, Carole, was undergoing treatment for the big C.  I never heard her complain and she wisely shared with me that she had some really awesome friends helping her and spending time with her and if she complained and became a drag to be with, they wouldn’t want to anymore.   TODAY I am taking the challenge!  I have officially entered an unplugging from complaining zone.  My life is pretty damn good right now and I really want it to change, but I bet it will get even better if I can rise to the challenge.  How about you?

I will be at the gym this morning for 8:30 and 11:30 classes.  Then, it’s time to finish the final prepping for the wedding weekend.  Don’t be shocked if I show up for 11:30 class in flip-flops.  Once my feet are free of sneakers, my body and mind know it’s time to unplug from routine and plug into the present.

Monday Morning….July 21

To clear up some confusion, I am on a regular, full, work schedule this week, through Wednesday the 30th.  Check back next week for schedule changes the 1st through the 5th.

Nice to know all my kids had a special weekend.  Me, too.  Today it’s back to reality.  Sending warm hugs to Jolene and her family in California as they travel through their reality, today.  Hoping Kyle and Nicole are back in one piece this morning.  Rest up for another crazy weekend is coming very soon!

My time blogging and on FaceBook will be rather limited the next couple of weeks so I can be present with all the great stuff going on.  Kyle and Nicole are asking for an unplugged wedding.  More about that when it gets a little closer.  In the meantime, I am practicing!

Keep moving and keep spreading the peace.  Remember the next 21 day meditation is in just a few weeks.  I will be so ready!  Much love……….

President’s Day 2014

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Description unavailable (Photo credit: Kemon01)

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

–John F. Kennedy

If you are off from work today, consider it a good day to get in a little extra fitness.  I will be at the gym for my regularly scheduled classes.  TFC is on a regular schedule today, as well.  Then, it’s home for my extra workout–back and legs.   See you there, or back here during the week for more peaceandfitness.  Happy holiday!

Yes, Virginia, There IS Class This Morning

group (Photo credit: Riviera Fitness/French Riviera)

For all that asked and those that didn’t….I WILL BE AT TFC this morning for:

  • 8:30-9:30 low impact/mat

  • 10-11  SilverSneakers

  • 11:30-12:30 SilverSneakers

  • Tomorrow I will be there for both the 10 and 11:30 SilverSneakers classes as well.  NO CLASSES NEW YEAR’S EVE but the gym will be open till the afternoon.  NO CLASSES NEW YEAR’S DAY.  Then, we start it all again….ENJOY

Gym Schedule for Today, Monday December 23 and Lots of Thanks

I will be at TFC all morning.  Regular 8:30 class.  Subbing Ellen’s SS class at 10 and then doing my regularly scheduled SS class at 11:30.  Come in and get a workout in.  After (and before) all the eating going on, I am thrilled to be teaching all morning!

A bazillion thanks to all that sent kind words, cards, gifts etc.   It was a wonderful weekend celebrating my birthday with Mitch.  We loved The Book of Mormon, and a very spontaneous night on the beach.  Thanks for that birthday surprise, Mitch.

This weekend pick me up was just what the doctor ordered after saying goodbye to our best furry friend, the bigreddog, Blaze Zipp.  He will remain in our hearts and souls forever.  He was the best dog ever on the face of the earth.  Ok, he had one fault.  He was an overkisser.   We know that whenever we see or hear a motorcycle, it will be him, smiling down on us and enjoying the ride over the Rainbow Bridge…oh how he loved the hum of a Harley.

Blaze Zipp  May 13, 2001-December 19, 2013

In his memory, we will be planting a red rose garden.  It will remind of us of many of his beautiful qualities (though he was anything but thorny).  It will also remind us to stop and smell the flowers of life…Hoping you will, too!