Give Me Fuel Give Me Fire…………

It’s been too long since I have posted.  Today, inspired by the breeze and how it impacted my morning run (jog) –I decided to update the site, discard spam, check on comments and ramble random thoughts, so here’s the random thoughts and tidbits. of things effect our output when working out.  The cooler weather, breeze, frustration after waiting too long for a service worker and maybe even going on an empty (water of course, and coffee–of course) stomach, I had a faster, easy and more enjoyable run than usual.  IF YOU ARE HAPPY, SAD, EXCITED, MAD, FRUSTRATED, ANXIOUS, HEARTBROKEN  (and all the rest) use your energy positively and invest it in your workout.  It ALWAYS (and all ways) pays off!  A good workout will do wonders for your mental and physical well being.  That is why NIKE says…”just do it!”

It also helps to go in with a “cleaner” body.  Since all I had was a little red wine last night before dinner, I am sure my body was sharper than say, Sunday morning, when I ran after a couple of Saturday night cocktails.  I still pushed out 4 miles that morning, but much more slowly and with much more effort.  Cause and effect.

Speaking of alcohol, I found it quite interesting that it’s been all over the news that studies show when we drink when we are pregnant, it’s poses significant risk to our offspring.  Only interesting in that this is definitely not news.  It’s been 30ish years since my pregnancies and studies clearly showed this, then.  I guess what’s newsworthy is that the studies reveal the same risks now as they did then…and the take-away is that there is NO SUCH THING as moderate drinking when we are bringing another person into the world.  Sacrifice for our children begins even before they are born, but boy(s) is it worth it!

Once again, I am carrying the two petitions (solar energy and medical marijuana) with me almost everywhere.  I am not allowing them to get in the way of any workout time, so make sure to see me before or after class if you are a student who has wanted to sign them and hasn’t yet.  If seems like most of my students have signed them and interestingly they have been even most anxious to sign the medical marijuana petitions.  Many of my students are over 65 and the personal stories they have been sharing with me regarding this issue are spectacular!  My students DEFINITELY teach me more than I could ever teach them.  Remember these signatures are just to get these issues on our next ballot so we can vote on them.

I won’t be driving my car to the gym tonight so if you are reading this and coming to class, (tomorrow, too)  please don’t look in the parking lot and think I am not there!   7pm class will continue to put the emphasis on the principles of Pilates.  We have covered breathing and concentration.  Tonight we will move into centering.   We will continue this series for a few more weeks, always working yoga in, just like Joseph himself did.

Studies area also confirming that the more time we sit, the less years we live!  So on that note, I am getting up from my desk.  You may want to do the same.  A five minute break is productive and healthy! Repeat hourly.

Remember, treat your body like the temple it most certainly is.  When we love and respect ourselves, it is only natural that we treat others in the same manner.

What fuels your workouts and your committment?  Please let us know.





Because EXERCISING is Everything.

Ok.  I really dropped the ball on blogging.  Summer makes me just want to SWIM!  I am grateful to live in a place where even in October, I am still hitting the pool and getting in some laps.  There is NOTHING like the water to get in some non-impact movement.  (We all need impact, but I get enough of that!)

There also have been some other projects, non-fitness related, that I have been working on.  Currently, it’s gathering petition signatures on 2 different Constitutional Amendment Petition forms.

The first is to limit the barriers on solar energy and the second is on MEDICAL marijuana.  These are only petitions and it will be up to us to all go out and vote (yay or nay) on these on election day.

It is not my job to sell you on either, either way.  Just gathering the signatures from those that would like to see us be able to exercise our right to vote on them.

I will be lots of places with these forms over the next weeks and months.  They will be with me at the gym, so I will try to make sure I have some extra time before and/or after classes whenever possible.

So on that note, I am off to get ready to get to the gym a little early.  I will try to update you on where you may be able to find me in Tamarac/Coral Springs over the next few weeks to make your signature count.

Thanks and remember whether you are exercising your Constitutional rights or your BODY ….exercise is EVERYTHING!