The Journey of 1000 Petals…., at 7, we conclude our chakra series, with the 7th, or crown chakra.  We visualize this wheel of petals as violet or white in color.  It is the chakra that connects us to one another, to the universe and to all things spiritual.  If you are coming to class, feel free to wear either of these colors to help enhance your session.  Diamonds and crystals are the associated stones, so feel free to don those, as well!  As the crown chakra is much more about spirituality  than physicality (though clearly all chakras relate to our physical being) expect to be spending a good amount of time in meditation.

I will be there at 6, as well, for our cardio/strength training fusion.  Come for one, or the other…or wherever YOU are, make sure your day has included some all important physical and spiritual activity!



I’ll Be There……..

REGULAR SCHEDULE AT THE GYM ALL WEEK.  So yes, I will be there today for both classes.

Wishing all that celebrate a very happy and healthy New Year.  Much love and all sweet and wonderful things, people and experiences.  Be kind to one another.  xoxox

Want More? last week I didn’t want to be specific about “the project,” we were working on at the gym.  Now that we made our presentation, I can be.

Thelma is an 89 year old woman who has been in my classes for as long as I have been teaching fitness (almost 35 years).  She has been a constant inspiration for all of us at the gym.

In the 90s, when I was taking my Pilates training, she presented me with an original manual, from Joseph himself, which she got while taking classes with him in Manhattan.  (How cool is THAT?)  She has showered people she cares about with gifts and trinkets from the tapestry of her life.  When about 50 something of us from the gym organized to raise money for the City of Hope in their annual 5K walk, logically, most walked.  Not Thelma.  She jogged along with a very small group of us and never stopped till she made it thru the finish line.  She embraced kickboxing in her 70s and 80s and always put well over 100% into EVERY class she participated in.  Even these days when she is feeling like she needs to move more slowly, she often forgets and after a few minutes of being energized, she is right there not just keeping up, but often kicking up the moves!

With money a little tight these days, she wasn’t sure if she would renew her gym membership.  She did, but all of her classmates, along with another instructor, decided to reimburse her so she would know how important it is to have her in our class.   Within minutes of my just suggesting the idea, people were literally throwing money at me…because, like I said last week, my gym people are the most caring, loving, generous, embracing people you could imagine.

Because people were so generous, we were able to not only reimburse her, but inside the beautiful card Rita made for her, we were also able to add a gift card for some groceries.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen so effortlessly and so quickly!  My hope is she will be able to inspire us for many years to come.

There are so many lessons I learned from this.  So often people feel like they aren’t really in a financial position to help others.  Sometimes, just a few dollars can make a huge difference.  I also noticed that once one person approached me with money, a trail of people joined in.  Sometimes we have to be that person that makes the first move.

I have no question that Thelma was greatly touched by this gift.  More so, I have no question that when people give of themselves (it doesn’t have to be money) the feeling they feel is bigger than one the recipient feels.

As we enter into the long holiday weekend, enjoy your time off  with friends, family, or whatever it is you chose to do.  Remember you can make your weekend even happier by giving something of yourself to some else.  A donation in the form of time, money, blood are all huge.  While there is no longer a Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, there is still, unfortunately, Muscular Dystrophy.  Maybe there will even be fireman out on the streets collecting money in boots, old school style.  You can make a difference.   Maybe it’s as simple as letting someone else have the parking spot, or get in line in front of you.  Maybe even simpler, like holding a door or offering up a smile.

As our country seems to get more and more divided, let’s all do what we can to feed the human connection.  Speaking of which, my heart is so full this morning as I know our kids will be connecting, spending the weekend together, having a Disney adventure out in California.  Enjoy it all, Derek, Jolene, Kyle, Nicole and Heather!  Much love………..

ALL Lives Matter. It’s bigger than US, people!

Black lives matter, cops lives matter, your life matters…


All lives matter.  Your life matters.  What you eat matters.  Animal lives matter.

It seems the surest way to take care of your own life, the lives of the animals and the life of our planet, as well, is to eat more cancer preventing, heart healthy, life supporting foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds (and so much more).

My hope today, on this Vegan (Feast) Thursday, is that you will at least consider a plant-based meal or two.  Hey, it doesn’t have to be tofu with a side of lettuce…  I don’t know a one of us who has been tortured by eating a good PB&J sandwich!  Think outside the box, because there are way more non-animal foods outside of that box, than in it……………..

I will be subbing at 10 this morning and tomorrow morning.  Regular 11:30 tomorrow as well.  Gym is closed on Monday.


Speak Up!

Good morning and welcome to September.  No matter how old I (or my kids) get, I will always feel that sinking feeling of summer on it’s way out (even here in South Florida) and the school year back in.  But it is back to school time for all of us, and life, after all, is one big learning experience!

Today I will be subbing for Ellen at 10 (SilverSneakers) and back tonight for regular 6 and 7 pm classes….

We will be moving up the chakra line during 7 o’clock yoga/Pilates fusion class.  Tonight we will focus on the 5th chakra, the all important throat chakra, which is visualized as a beautiful shade of blue.  Feel free to wear blue, and as always bring anything that will make your practice more comfortable (pillows, eye masks, straps, blocks).,1000x1000,075,f.jpg

“The fifth Chakra is the seat of self expression, and can be seen as the crossroads between the head and the heart.  As such, it serves as the mediator between thought and emotion.  The throat must be open in order for the energy to flow. “Open” means that the person is capable of “letting the sound out” – both the sounds of pleasure and of pain.  Often, as the throat is opened, the pelvis begins to move spontaneously, indicating a strong link between self-expression and passion.  Blockages will be seen in sore throats, shoulder and neck pain, and clenched jaws.”

Thanks, once again, to all of you who contributed to the “gift” we will be presenting to one of our workout buddies when we next see her.  You are all amazing and restore all my faith in what is right with this world.  Thanks, Rita…the card is perfect!!

Wherever you are, consider learning something new, giving something of yourself to someone else, finding your fitness, and of course your peace!  Namaste….

The “contact” link on my homepage has been fixed (thanks, Kyle) so those of you that need to contact me privately can use that link again.