I AM Still Here…………….

Ok.  So quite a few people have mentioned how long it’s been since I have blogged.  Thanks for asking!  Turns out it has been longer than I even thought!  I took a bunch of time to focus on introspect and meditation in the morning, instead of blah, blah, blahging, and along the way, came to understand how sometimes it really helps to just SHUT UP and listen.  Not just listening to others, but listening to one’s own soul.  That is the mode I am still in.

That does NOT in any way mean my passion for peace, health, fitness or nutrition has dwindled.  In fact, I am reminded more and more of how important all of those things are, each and every day.

My hope is to soon find that happy medium where I can share information with you and not get obsessed with writing EVERY morning, as I did for years.  For today, I will leave you with this little meme I found that I thought had some good advice in it’s simple acronyms.  Hope you are taking care of yourselves, each other, the animals and the planet.  We are ALL connected.