Unplugging to Plug In.

Well, by now I have done my part informing people about Kyle and Nicole requesting an unplugged wedding.  Oh, sure, when all the formalities are over it’s expected that people will take some pictures and they should, but during the ceremony, first dances and speeches, it is the bride and groom’s request that people leave the photographing up to the hired photographers.  Between flashes going off and people ending up basically photo bombing some special moments, this all makes sense to me.  But a much big factor is that when people are busy with their phones, they miss the moment.  I loved this little gem I found on Facebook yesterday which brings this point home NOT just for the wedding but for every day.  If we could all unplug a little more from our phones, we could all plug into the present a little more.  Let’s face it, when we engage in our phones while we are with other people, we aren’t giving either their due respect.  I certainly am as guilty of this as the next “guy,” and am reminding myself as I share this.


I have to share one more that I also found scrolling through my Facebook yesterday.   I have little patience for complainers, yet I know I can do my fair share of that, too, and that’s just ugly.  NO ONE like complaining.  I remember years ago when one of my very besties, Carole, was undergoing treatment for the big C.  I never heard her complain and she wisely shared with me that she had some really awesome friends helping her and spending time with her and if she complained and became a drag to be with, they wouldn’t want to anymore.   TODAY I am taking the challenge!  I have officially entered an unplugging from complaining zone.  My life is pretty damn good right now and I really want it to change, but I bet it will get even better if I can rise to the challenge.  How about you?


I will be at the gym this morning for 8:30 and 11:30 classes.  Then, it’s time to finish the final prepping for the wedding weekend.  Don’t be shocked if I show up for 11:30 class in flip-flops.  Once my feet are free of sneakers, my body and mind know it’s time to unplug from routine and plug into the present.

Running on Gratitude…….

So this morning’s new reported that running just 5 minutes a day CONSISTENTLY and basically eternally, can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by almost half!  The question was posed “What about all the people that say they can’t run because their knees, ankles, hips, feet, back, etc., hurt?”  The answer was basically that any or all of these things hurt because you don’t run.  Makes sense to me.  So if 5 minutes causes pain, try doing it for 30 seconds a day and add 30 seconds each week.   This is a pretty basic theory and it really works for most everything.  Slow and steady really does win the race.  Of course there will be times and situations when running is just not possible (although after watching Amy Purdy on Dancing With the Stars this year, I am pretty convinced all things are possible) and in those cases, substitution is key.  I have worked with people in wheelchairs and gotten their heart rates up in training zone with a lot of upper body work.  Be creative and get that heart pumping!  It’s not only good for the heart, but all your organs which are dependent upon the big ticker.


Speaking of heart, mine is so full.  With all the excitement of the wedding this weekend (yikes it really is THIS weekend) and all the love surrounding it.  I would be remiss if I didn’t share a little gratitude this morning.  I am grateful that there is no hurricane threatening our kid’s wedding weekend.  This is huge, as planning a wedding on the Gulf of Mexico in August could be risky.  Thankfully, Nicole knew early on that an outdoor wedding in hot August wasn’t for her, so we don’t even have to worry about rain.  I appreciate how hard she and Kyle worked on all the details of their special night, leaving us free to stress about silly things.  More than once I have dreamed that I forgot the shoes I am wearing to the wedding, but I am thankful they were just dreams.  If, however, I show up at the ceremony barefoot, I am grateful my feet are strong and tan.  JUST KIDDING…

I am mostly grateful to my friends and family who have sacrificed a lot to be with us.  Destination weddings are beautiful but challenging.  This wedding is rather intimate and we all asked only our closest friends (who knew Kyle from forever) and immediate families to be there, as per the kids request.  While Kyle and Nicole and many of their friends live close to the wedding venue, most of our and LeeAnn  and Gary’s family and friends, do not.  I am grateful that my father-in-law, Hy and his “like-a-wife,” Ellie are healthy and spunky enough to get on a plane from NJ and make the trip.  I am grateful that Derek and his “like-a-wife” Jolene can make the trip in from Vegas.  Mitch and I haven’t seen them in 8 months and it’s been wayyyyyyyyyyy too long.  I am grateful to the rest of our family and friends that are traveling to be a part of the festivities, coming from California, NY, North Carolina and of course various parts of Florida.  We understand all that is involved, the planning that it took, the efforts that were and are being made and we can’t thank you enough.  We keep visioning this huge ball of loving energy that is going to converge on Friday and Saturday and it blows us away.

And while we are on converging and merging, we are incredibly grateful for the family that Kyle is marrying into.  I think when he and Nicole say “I DO,” we will officially become the Jones-Zipp crew and we are so excited about that!

My heart is so full, I could go on, but if I do, I think I will have given away too much of my wedding speech/toast!

…For more photos of the kids (engagement pics) visit their site at zipptothewedding.com and click the camera icon….

Remember my gym peeps, that I WILL be there today, tonight and tomorrow and then will return (in what condition, I don’t know!?!) on Wednesday the 6th.  Ellen will be subbing this Friday at 11:30 and Monday at 8:30 and 11:30.  Tuesday all my classes will be cancelled including 11:30 strength training.  Keep moving and thanks for all the love and support!


Adrenaline Driven This Morning………

While Sunday is usually rest day for me, I woke up this morning inspired and motivated to get moving.  Inspired by the likes of Rose Brickman who took first place in several categories yesterday at the 2014 NGA Central Florida Gator Classic Pro/Am.  I have witnessed her dedication to fitness and she does prove that 50 really is the new 30, but it doesn’t just happen.  It takes lots of work, sacrifice and the ability to see the brass ring instead of dive into immediate gratification.  Congratulations to her and I know this is just the beginning!  Personally, I just want to know how you walk in those shoes!


Of course I am motivated by the fact that Nicole and Kyle’s wedding is now, officially, THIS WEEK!  I just went out and took a 2.5 miles run around the neighborhood, came home and did some ab work and will be hitting the pool shortly.  Every summer I goal to swim 1,000 laps and my short term goal was to do 600 of them by the wedding.  I am only 15 away so will make a dent into the more long term goal.  Around these parts we get at least 5 good swimming months and my pool isn’t huge, so laps go pretty quickly and there is plenty of time to accumulate 1000 of them.  I love setting goals because it feels so awesome to complete them!  I have come to realize, though, that I will never be a long distance runner.  I can push myself to get out there most every day and do 1 or 2 or so miles but I can’t seem to push myself to do the distance runs.  This might have everything to do with the fact that my job is pretty physical, so I am good with all of it.

In fact, this morning, I am feeling good (great) with everything!  Getting up and looking at Facebook this morning, I was so happy to see so many friends and family members celebrating good things, good times, special occasions and…life!  From sorority sisters from way back when all gathering for a girls weekend in NY, to family and friends celebrating milestone birthdays and sports accomplishments as well as pictures from awesome family trips and milestone occasions like Nicole’s bridal shower and Allison’s engagement there were many smiles on my face and in my heart this morning.  Here’s a photo from after the shower, heading to the Hard Rock.  This one wasn’t on Facebook this morning, so I thought I would share…


With 6 days until the wedding I will be at the gym tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday for all regularly scheduled classes and then will be out until Wednesday the 6th of August.  Ellen will be subbing my Friday and Monday SilverSneakers classes but all MY(including senior strength) Tuesday classes will be cancelled.  I believe Ellen is subbing my Monday 8:30 class on Aug 4 but you may want to double check with her or the front desk later in the week.  Additionally, I will be entertaining ONLY happy thoughts and am in totally negativity free zone!  This doesn’t mean I wont’ be sending positive energy where needed (even during wedding time, life goes on and it’s not always perfect).

Finally, for all those that keep saying “take a lot of pictures at the wedding,” I need everyone to know that the bride and groom have requested an unplugged wedding.  This means they are asking guests to put cellphones away as they walk down the aisle, exchange vows and have the first dances.  We all understand how hard this is in today’s PLUGGED in world, but Nicole and Kyle want their night to be intimate and they would like their closest family and friends, who will be there to witness this monumental event, to be present.  They also have been encouraged by their photographers and videographers as too many great wedding moments have been ruined by a well meaning guest’s flash going off, or getting in the way.  We all hope that everyone attending will understand that this is all about these 2 “kids” who have worked INCREDIBLY hard to make their own wedding and are paying attention to every detail!

I am sorry for going on and on this morning.  I usually reserve Sundays for peaceful thoughts but I have wayyyyyyyy too much adrenaline flowing!  I do, however, wish YOU a very peaceful Sunday and thank you for stopping in.  Much love…….


50 Shades

My mind is so focused on the big upcoming day, (weekend) and being together with most all of my closest loved ones (almost), that I am having a super hard time focusing on much of anything else.  Working makes passing the time a little easier, and I always love being with my students.  Today thru Wednesday I remain on my regular schedule and all classes are as usual.

My friends and family are doing a great job of helping me savor every moment and I spent a beautiful day at the beach, yesterday.  I don’t like to put names up on here unless I am certain it is not invading any privacy, so I will just say thanks to my friend who encouraged me to join her for a nice long beach outing.  The ocean, the sun, the sand were about the nicest EVER and they all do the body and mind a world of good.  I am a bit browner (like 50 shades) than I probably should be…lots of coconut oil and moisturizing cream this week!

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil (Photo credit: Veganbaking.net)

Coconut oil has become my favorite non edible.  I use it before I want to get a good shave by putting on a coat of it and leaving it on for a few minutes, before applying a hot washcloth and then shaving as usual.  I also use it to exfoliate my face by putting some in the palm of my hand and adding some kosher salt to it.  After gently rubbing it around on my face, I wipe off with a tissue and then wash and begin my usual makeup routine, starting with a moisturizer with sunscreen.  Before adding toothpaste to my toothbrush, I first brush my teeth with a small amount of the coconut oil.  This helps clean and brighten the teeth and has some good antibacterial components.  I also love to brush with a mix of toothpaste, Arm and Hammer and white vinegar.  I am no longer wasting any money on expensive products filled with chemicals when these items do the trick for most all my skin, hair and teeth needs.  Oh yes, some coconut oil before a shampoo or in place of a chi oil before blow drying or flat ironing also is great.  Just make sure you use very little.  Finally, I always mix some of the oil in with moisturizing cream for my body.  Long after the cream fades into skin, the oil will leave just enough of a gloss to keep skin looking hydrated and glowing.  Sure, you can use it to cook and bake as well, but I don’t make all those fancy foods, so it’s purely a bathroom item around this house, having at least 50 shades of use!

Hope you all had an awesome VFT and have a fabulous Friday followed by a wonderful weekend.  I will keep you posted on my work schedule, but remember for now we are on for all classes THRU Wednesday the 30th.  Much love………

Have you seen the trailer for 50 Shades and will you be seeing it???? Just curious.

It’s ALL in the Attitude

I am a huge believer in practicing gratitude and I do feel that practicing is the correct word.  It’s easy to be grateful when things are going well.  Never do things always go well though and each of us has our struggles.  By practicing gratitude regularly, it becomes a way of life so that when things AREN’T going so well, we have already become really good at finding the best in a situation.  At the end of many of my classes we take a minute to put as many people, places, things, etc., on our silent gratitude list and many of my students have let me know how much this has helped their perspective.  If you are reading this on your computer, tablet or phone, you already have a ton to be grateful for.  Not just for the device, but more importantly for your eye sight, for the time to sit and be online, for the ability to read, a brain that understands, etc.,

I am often reminded of what I learned when watching that documentary Happy recently….More money just doesn’t equate to more happiness.  I found this one on Facebook this morning and thought it was worth a share….

Wishing you a day filled with the ability to find so much to be grateful for…

Monday Morning….July 21

To clear up some confusion, I am on a regular, full, work schedule this week, through Wednesday the 30th.  Check back next week for schedule changes the 1st through the 5th.

Nice to know all my kids had a special weekend.  Me, too.  Today it’s back to reality.  Sending warm hugs to Jolene and her family in California as they travel through their reality, today.  Hoping Kyle and Nicole are back in one piece this morning.  Rest up for another crazy weekend is coming very soon!

My time blogging and on FaceBook will be rather limited the next couple of weeks so I can be present with all the great stuff going on.  Kyle and Nicole are asking for an unplugged wedding.  More about that when it gets a little closer.  In the meantime, I am practicing!

Keep moving and keep spreading the peace.  Remember the next 21 day meditation is in just a few weeks.  I will be so ready!  Much love……….


There will be NO 9:30 class at the gym today, Saturday, July 19.  I’ll be back for Monday morning classes.  Have a great weekend, everyone.  Get outside and enjoy.  Take time for some fitness, some peace and some FUN! 


The Circle of Life…

Last night we attended an event that no one ever wants to attend.  Ever.  Dillon Joseph Brooks slipped away, apparently with his usual smile on his face, last Saturday.  Only 9 years old, he impacted the community to the point that about 1000 people were in attendance at the service and celebration of his life.  Dillon was diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor last August and though his parents had the ability to bring him to the best facilities and the best doctors in the country, the cancer could not be beat.  We learned that Dillon never cried, never asked why and loved tacos, Starburst, bright colors, loud music, fireworks and bendy straws as well as his dad and mom, who never left his side.  What amazing job they did last night in honor of their son who never wanted people to cry.  Our hearts are with his parents, siblings and the rest of the family as they navigate through these difficult days and hope they are finding some peace in knowing that there are no more surgeries, no more doctors, no more hospitals and no more suffering for their baby.

Tomorrow we celebrate my future daughter’s (I just don’t really like the word daughter-in-law) bridal shower and girls night.  This is a huge day of celebration and kicks off the 2 week countdown till the night they say “I do.”

This is the circle of life.  The roller coaster we ride.  Through the darkest days and the brightest nights, love is always the answer.  It’s what we all have to give and there is an endless supply….Let’s all love each other just a little more today and then wake up and repeat….over and over again.

Now More than Ever….

"Peace Please" sign at the peace ral...
“Peace Please”  (Photo credit: jcolman)

“The time has come, I believe,  for each one of us to start thinking and acting on the basis of an identity rooted in the phrase “we human beings.”

–More wisdom for the Dalai Lama