Storms, Work, and A “Stupid” Issue! have a lot to say this morning, and unfortunately, many people have no power and my message will only reach some.  So firstly, and most importantly, my thoughts and heart are with those in northeast who will now struggle with the aftermath of one powerful Sandy.  Thinking of family members in the dark, and friends and family members on the shores of Long Island and New Jersey, who will step out into a nightmare this morning.  The single best thing I can say to these people, is hold on.  Though things may not be the same today as they were yesterday, for most everyone, life will go on, and your surroundings will be rebuilt.  Used to be that Florida was the hurricane state, and yes, we have had our fair share, but no place stands immune, now.  From the gulf states, to the eastern seaboard and beyond, hurricanes no longer seem to discriminate.  We all need to be careful what we wish for, for in the wish for more jobs, there once again will now be.  These storms of devastation always create jobs.  Think of the numbers of people it will take to clean-up, restore buildings, fix roofs, and so much more.  And while on topic of jobs, even without the storm, there are many.  People need to WANT to work!  Mitch and I feel grateful that both our grown boys are and have been gainfully employed in jobs of their choice, since they were teenagers (except when Kyle was a full-time student).  While the media and naysayers tried to wear them down, they either never heard them, or heard them and ignored them, because there IS work to be had.

Speaking of work to be had…Regularly their are job fairs, so there must be jobs!  In fact, this Thursday here in South Florida there will be a job fair, with over 750 jobs up for grabs.  Macy’s,  G&K Services, O2Media, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Pollo Tropical, PartsBase, The Continental Group, Education Dynamics, International Buildings, Community Blood Centers and WPTV-5, are just some of the companies that will be looking for help.  This fair is from 10am-2pm at the Marriott West Palm Beach, 1001 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm.  For more info go to  If you know someone locally that is looking for work, please pass this along.

Now, to jump to what is REALLY on my mind this morning.  I am getting on my soapbox about a “stupid” trend, and I don’t mean a trend that is stupid…I mean a “stupid” trend!  Someone please tell me when it became OK to call people stupid.  This one single word, is causing a lot of unrest amongst people, and I have witnessed it myself too many times in just the past few weeks.  Just because people don’t agree, doesn’t make them stupid.   What you eat or don’t eat, doesn’t make you stupid.  You are not stupid for endorsing a candidate, and definitely neither of the Presidential candidates are stupid, or they certainly couldn’t have made it this far!  You don’t have to agree with their policies, but that doesn’t make them stupid.  And using the word is mean and only causes unrest.  Just this morning I watched the news about Governor Christie calling people who did not evacuate selfish and yup, stupid, saying “I am going to arrest all the stupid people in New Jersey”.  Sure, we all have made some stupid decisions in our lives, and we probably will again.  Don’t confuse bad decisions, or more importantly decisions that simply aren’t the same as the ones you would make with stupid.  Sure, I believe in freedom of speech and I know we all have the right to THINK whatever we want…but early on in life we learn to filter our thoughts and words.  Maybe we all need to exercise the filter idea a little more in an effort to reach a more peaceful place.

A storm like Sandy reminds us all that there are some things we will never have control over, but so many other things we DO have control over…Imagine a world in which we filtered our negative words and opt to speak kindly to one another, despite our differences….That is something we CAN make happen, and my guess is that this morning, people who might otherwise think one another stupid, will come together to help one another out of the storm and into the light.  Coming out of the darkness, there is much to be learned.

Sandy? Did they Really Name Her Sandy?

Sending good thoughts and wishes to all our family and friends in the northeast, as Sandy begins to make her way on shore.  With so many beaches along the coast, who names a storm Sandy, anyway  That’s just a bad joke.  Hoping everyone took this one seriously and stocked themselves with lots of water and other fluids.  Remember to stay hydrated as that is more important than many other things right now.  Remember that things are replaceable.  Give your animals some extra special attention; they know things are not right.  Know that some fabulous meals can be made from items stored in your pantry.  Flashlights are a whole lot safer than candles…right Arlene?  Don’t be tempted to go outside until you know both the front and the back of the storm have passed!  Don’t fool around with Mother Nature.  She is one serious force, and should never be taken lightly.

From our experience, the sun will definitely shine again, and there will be beautiful rainbows.  Above and beyond all else, remember what my little hero Matty used to suggest, which was to “play after every storm”.  Stay safe everyone.  Much love.

Every Picture Tells a Story….

Just a little more proof that children definitely learn what they see, not what they are told….

Jane and her son, Nate (5) doing plank with a twist (perfectly).

When I go to Jane’s house to train, her kids often enjoy coming in to do a workout, too.  While Nate’s older brother, Sam, was busy doing exercises with elastic tubing, Nate was working with mom doing sets of these, mixed up with jumping jacks.

If for one minute you don’t think your kids are watching you…and wanting to be like you, think again!  This picture says it all.

A Haiku, for You…

Want to lose some weight?

Want to look and feel so great?

Fill up on veggies!

So low in calories, yet so high in nutritional density and fiber, veggies are your best ally not only with regard to shrinking your waistline, but more importantly in fueling your body with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and everything good, under the sun (literally).  In many cases, veggies have that “negative calorie” effect because it takes calories to process so much fiber, causing the body to burn more calories than it takes in.  While the negative calorie idea is highly disputed, and it may not actually be a negative, it’s often a “wash”.  Beware the more starchy veggies, like white potatoes and corn, if you are trying to lose weight.  With SO many different choices and so many different ways to mix em up and prepare them, everyone can find their favorites.  Grilled, roasted, simply steamed or right out of the bag…or even better the ground…love (or learn to love) your veggies, because I promise they will love you back!


This Weigh after study show that when trying to lose weight, the people that weigh themselves EVERY day lose the most.  While this may sound obsessive and/or frustrating to some, I am just reporting the data.  Of course our weight fluctuates throughout the day, so the weigh in needs to be about the same time every day.  Best time?  Just after rising…and peeing…and drop the towel!

Beyond the Monster…

Monster Energy Supplement Facts
Monster Energy Supplement Facts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monster Energy drinks have always been a staple in Derek’s diet, though I am not sure they still are.  When I was in my 30s and young 40s Diet Fuel was my energy boost of choice.  For some of us, its just a bunch of cups of coffee.  Whatever way we get our UP kicks (or DOWN, for that matter) we have to know that there are always risks involved!  Anything that has the ability to change our bodies (for the seemingly better) through chemistry has the potential to chemically change our bodies for the worse.

For me, it was the grinding of the teeth while sleeping that first made me question how the ephedra was negatively effecting me.  Pathetically, I wasn’t even thinking about how my heart (born with a murmur) might be impacted, but thankfully it became a challenge to get ephedra and I realized how much I DIDN’T need it.  I do think it effected my adrenal glands some, putting on a few pounds after I stopped taking it…and having a hell of a time ever losing those pounds, but thankfully nothing more serious ever happened.  Now Monster Energy Drink is being sued by the family of a 14 year old who died after drinking two cans in a 24 hour period.  Additionally it is being investigated in the deaths of 4 others. Though it was determined that the 14 year old had an underlying cardiac condition…so do many!  And especially when we are young, we haven’t yet even learned that we have those conditions.

Moral of the story is, remember that ANYTHING that goes in YOUR body that can have positive effects (through chemistry) can probably also have some negative effects and sometimes they can be fatal.  Though it is Monster brand involved in these investigations, clearly there are many, many other brands that have the same potential.  Eat the right foods, stay hydrated, get your much needed sleep and save the chemicals for emergency situations, if at all.  Derek…I hope you are reading this….



Everyone has ONE Minute

Mindfulness (Photo credit: kenleyneufeld)

1-Minute Meditation

Right about now, and until the New Year, stress levels run high…especially during an election year.  Here is a simple 1-Minute Meditation based on tips from Mark Williams, author of Mindfulness: An Eight Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World.


Your feet can be flat on the floor.  Close your eyes or lower your gaze.


Stay in touch with the different sensations of each in-breath and each out-breath.  Observer the breath without looking for anything special to happen.  There is no need to alter your breathing in any way.


When you notice this, gently bring your attention back to your breath without giving yourself a hard time.  The act of realizing that your mind has wandered and bringing your attention back without criticizing yourself is central to the practice of mindfulness meditation.


Even if you do get a sense of absolute stillness, it may only be fleeting.  If you feel angry or exasperated, notice that this may be fleeting, too!  Whatever happens, just allow it to be as it is.  After a minute, let your eyes open and take the room in.

Wishing you a peaceful, yet productive Monday.