Be Love and Gratitude

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heartfire (Photo credit: Dane Low)

Inhale Love…

Exhale Gratitude

nourishing the Heart,

stoking the HeartFire,

opening HeartFire Gateways,

flowing thru

in Love and Gratitude.

For today…

sit for a few rounds of breathing…

in Love and releasing Gratitude.

Beyond thoughts, simply BE.

No questions, no answers.

Be Love and Gratitude.


S-A-TUR-DAY! Another Saturday…

Spookleys! (Photo credit: amanderbear)

Yesterday I blogged about Spookley and it bothered me all night that I thanked my sister for some awesome kids and gave my brother-in-law Ron, no credit!  Sorry, Ron!  Sometimes my brain isn’t fully engaged in the early hours of the morning, and sometimes it isn’t even fully engaged, period!  Anyway, you can check out Spookley by scrolling down or clicking on yesterday’s entry.

I did get my copy of Eat to Live this week and I am enjoying the read, though I am also finding some inconsistencies between what Dr. Furhman says and then the recipes in the back of the book.  Some of the changes I have been making in my eating as a result of my reading is less oil and less processed food.  After almost 2 weeks, I am finding that I am not really having cravings for anything.  The bulk of my lunch and dinner is salad, veggies and beans and I never walk away from a meal feeling hungry.  If you want to know more about the Eat to Live plan by Dr. Furhman, scroll down or click on the “Dropping the GBOMB” entry from last week.

Thinking a lot about my friend Debbie who a year ago yesterday lost her beautiful daughter, Nicole,to complications arising from Cystic Fibrosis. Today I will leave you with the quote that I left you with a year ago.  It means so much to them and all who suffer with this disease.  Nicole had it inked across her back and I know the pennies I keep finding are a sign from her.  I hope you will ponder the words in this quote because they ring true for each and every one of us.

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”

 author– several take claim to this one!

Wishing you moments that take your breath away.  Enjoy the weekend

It’s Hip to Be Square!

Spookley the Square Pumpkin
Spookley the Square Pumpkin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I am going slightly off topic (though anything that helps bring PEACE is never off topic, here) to introduce you to Spookley the Square Pumpkin, the main character of a book and movie by the same name, who teaches young children (3-8) about tolerance, diversity and kindness.  Spookley has been embraced by pre-school and early elementary education teachers to help “stop bullying before it starts.” PACER, the national non-profit organization that runs the National Bullying Prevention Center, has named Spookley its “Official Spokes-Pumpkin” for National Bullying Prevention Month in October.

My deliciously special nephew, Aaron, recently started a business in which he works with family farmers (that have pumpkin patches and corn mazes) to develop activities that feature Spookley and his friends as part of their “agritainment” offerings.  Aaron’s mission is to foster bullying protection and help family farmers grow their business to supplement what in many cases may be falling revenue from their crops.

This morning I would like to let you know that the online store at Holiday Hill Farm (where Spookley lives) which had previously been open to only farmers, educators and children’s museums, in now open to the general public.  You can visit the store at where you will find a link to the store on the top right corner of the page, once you enter the site.  In addition to the book and movie, you’ll find other Spookley items, and you’ll find some of Spookley’s friends who also live on Holiday Hill Farm, like Lyla the Lovesick Ladybug, Mistletoe the Christmas Kittens, JellyBean and the Unbreakable Egg, and Beacon the Bright Little Firefly.  The characters deliver messages about sharing, caring and love, as well as generosity, team work and independence. 

I am so proud of Aaron, for a million reasons, but in this case for combining his passions for anti-bullying and agriculture, and his Columbia MBA to work making this world a better place for ALL of us to live in.  If you know an educator, a parent or grandparent or even a farm owner that might be interested in Spookley and his bffs, please feel free to share today’s blog entry!

Hat’s off to my sister, Arlene, and her husband, Ron for raising a couple of the most incredible human beings (and for making it easy for me to blog this morning!!) Thanks to everyone for stopping in.  All this talk about Spookley makes me even more excited for October, pumpkins and Halloween!


Popeye WAS Right All Along

English: Cows
English: Cows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The biggest animals–elephants, gorillas, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, and giraffes –all eat predominantly green vegetation.  How did they get the protein to get so big?  Obviously, greens pack a powerful protein punch.  In fact, all protein on the planet was formed from the effect of sunlight on green plants.  The cow didn’t eat another cow to form the protein in it’s muscles, which we call steak.  The protein wasn’t formed out of thin air–the cow ate grass.  Not that protein is such a bid deal or some special nutrient to be held in high esteem.  I am making this point because most people think animal products are necessary for a diet to include adequate protein.  I am merely illustrating how easy it is to consume more than enough protein while at the same time avoiding risky cancer–promoting effects of too many animal products.  Consuming more plant protein is also the key to achieving sage and successful weight loss.”

–Dr. Joel Furhman

Tabata Anyone?

ANNAPOLIS, MD - MAY 17:  Members of the United...
(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Bored with your workout?  Looking to kick things up a notch?  Already including interval training, where are you are doing bouts of high intensity work, followed by recovery periods?  Try doing the intervals for longer and making the recovery period shorter.  Tabata, named for Izumi Tabata, a Japanese researcher who found that it improved fitness levels of cyclists faster than steady state exercise, alternates 20 seconds of high intensity work with 10 seconds of recovery.  I believe the Insanity videos are based on a similar theory.  Wanna try it?  Warm up well and then go all out doing sprinting or plyo moves like jump squats or burpees and then rest for just 10 seconds and start again.  Repeat for a total of 8 intervals.  Won’t take long and will keep your heart rate way up throughout the workout as 10 seconds is NOT enough time to fully recover.  Because of this, Tabata type workouts are only recommended for those that have already been regularly exercising.  If that’s not you, what are you waiting for?  Exercise IS, after all THE fountain of youth (and health!).

Wishing light and love to all.  In observance of the holiday, I will not be teaching tonight or tomorrow, and those classes are cancelled.   The gym, however, is open and if you aren’t observing the holiday, it’s a great opportunity to get in the gym and do some high intensity training.

Football, Fitness and (Keeping) Friends on FaceBook Dolphins might have taken the loss yesterday, but that was a great game!  It was exciting and actually kept me awake for the entire 4 quarters AND overtime.  No reason to hang your heads this morning, guys.  You put up a really good fight against those guys from New York and should be proud.  And how bout those Houston Texans and Arian Foster(I can’t believe I am following 2 teams, let alone just 1).  They just might be the team to beat this season…..Revisited the jump rope again on Saturday morning, taking turns with Jane.  Jane can jump and my suggestion to her and you,  for a great, quick, haven’t got time for much workout is this:  jump for 30-60 seconds, do a set of push-ups, jump for 30-60 seconds, do a set of crunches, and start over again until you complete 3 cycles.  End with the rope.  Stretch.  You can switch the push-ups and crunches for other exercises you need to get in but try to keep at least one of them in the big muscles to keep the heart rate up……  On the peaceful side, if you are on FaceBook and those political postings are starting to get the best of you, “you still want to like your friends after the election,”  get on your home computer and hover over the upper right hand corner of the post that is bothering you.  It will bring up an arrow with a pull-down screen and you can click “hide this post.”  Once you do, it will give you the option of hiding ALL of that person’s posts which you may or may not want to do.  What irks me is that early on in life we are taught to keep our religious and political views to ourselves.  Social media has broken all the rules on interpersonal communication.  Maybe that’s because it’s not so personal.  I certainly understand wanting to educate people, but at this stage of the game, I would have to think we all have decided which way we are voting in November and our country is REALLY in some awful shape if a one of us is making that decision based on something we read on the Internet!!!  So much of what gets posted isn’t even close to the truth, so please do your homework before hitting those polls.

**If you come to classes at TFC remember that there are NO classes at 6 and 7 tomorrow night and NO classes at 8:30 or 11:30 Wednesday morning, in honor of the holiday. 

In the Here and Now

Jets trail and two birds .
(Photo credit: Tal777)

Try this incredibly easy mantra when you need to turn off from the over-stimulation of life…all you need to do is say these 4 words…

Right here, right now.

That’s it.  Told you it was incredibly easy.  You can do it anywhere, sitting, standing, walking, etc.  Just STOP whatever you are doing and say it over and over again.  Right here, right now.  The most amazing thing I take away from this exercise is that when I really stop to be present in right here and now, it always makes me smile at the realization that in the calm there is so much to be thankful for, which is the surest way to peace.  Try it and let me know what you think.

Enjoy your first Sunday of fall.  Hope your team wins…unless, of course, your team is the Jets.

Everybody Jump.

Jump rope
Jump rope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Partly because it’s been a long time since I have jumped and partly because rope jumping is just intense.  My fall goal is to increase my intervals and get a little more creative with my feet.

What’s on your fall 2012 bucket list?  Whatever it is, it’s time to get busy.  Try something intense for you.  Intensity is the key to firing up that metabolism and get those calories burning….and yes, Jane, if you are reading this I AM bringing the jump rope this morning!

Happy fall, one and all!

Summer Love

Dear Summer:

It has been a pleasure being a part of your season for the past 12 weeks.  You have given us nice long days, warm sunshine and a bounty of locally grown fruits and vegetables to choose from!  (Speaking of which, I stopped into Barnes and Noble for a copy of Dr. Furhman’s book, Eat to Live, but they were all out so I ordered a copy, and was kindof happy it’s been so popular). Personally, I committed to lots of swimming and I feel great about having kept that commitment.  With a light work schedule, I got to tackle lots of home projects and purged lots of garbage which always feels awesome!

But alas, all good things must some day end and the season’s they go round and round.  It’s time to set our sights on the beautiful tapestry of colors that we call fall.  The cooler temperatures may make it harder to swim, but at the same time, make it all the more inviting to hit the streets walking, running, bike riding, skating, playing ball or whatever your favorite outdoor activity might be.  After watching the First Lady show off her rope jumping skills, I am definitely putting that on my “things to conquer outdoors” list for fall.

What’s on your vision board for fall?  As we say good-bye to the crazy, lazy, hazy days of summer, let us also plant the seeds that we can sow all through autumn.

Thank you, summer, for never, ever disappointing me.  I except you as you are despite your flaws of extreme heat, too much rain and  terrifying thunder that makes thebigreddog think he can somehow hide himself under things like the fridge.  I am eternally grateful for you and will be as happy as I am every year, when you return in 9 months.  Until then, I will find the best in each changing season, but they will never, ever, be you.

Much love…Bonni

Words of Wisdom from Robin

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 24:  ABC Media personality...
NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 24: ABC Media personality Robin Roberts and dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy dance as part of her 50th birthday celebration during a taping of 'Good Morning America' at ABC Studios on November 24, 2010 in New York City. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

“You have to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel.”

–Robin Roberts (on her way to her bone marrow transplant)

Thank you, Robin, for showing us the meaning of courage.  Hoping you’ll be back on your feet and dancing again, soon.