Thursday, January 29


I just don’t think Toma (in the middle) had enough weight to lose at home, to win tonight.  He was already under 200 pounds at the last weigh in.   His face looks so slender.  Who knew how handsome he would be when the season began?  Sonya looks like a completely different woman and I think she is a great role model for a Biggest Loser Winner….Rob….he struggled a lot.  He seemed way too “wow is me,” all season.  He was negative and angry and I wonder if he will keep the weight off once the show is over.  All that said, he had the most amount of weight to still lose, which could make him the top contender.  Hmmm.  I am sad that another BL season is coming to an end.  I fell in love with the trainer, Jen.  Watching her train alongside the other two trainers last week (while Bob led the session) impressed me, as does the way she rocks her very muscular body.  That girl has some set of thighs and is a fantastic image for the slogan “strong is the new skinny.”  Her addition to the show has been very positive for me….and Jessie is just so good to look at!  Bob Harper has had my heart from the beginning and has stayed with this show through all the years.  Dolvett?  meh……..

Happy Vegan (Feast) Thursday and above all else, happy, happy birthday to my new daughter, Nicole aka Mrs. Zipp.  Looks like this is the year she is going to earn the title of coast to coast 1/2 marathoner.  The world is at your fingertips, cutie.  Always know how loved you are.


Post Lunch(eon)

Just returned from another annual SilverSneakers (plus) luncheon.  We (all 110 of us) sure know how to fill a room!  Every single person who came out today is very special and once again my heart is filled with gratitude.  Thanks to my students for your kindness and generous spirits.  Thanks to my amazing co-instructor, Ellen, for organizing this event AGAIN!

Yes, it was at a Chinese buffet and one of the great things about that is that there was plenty to eat for everyone, including me.  The stir-fry bar was just perfect for me!  It was both filled with lots of assorted veggie choices AND worked into my current plan to lose my December weight — (the scale is slowly moving back to where it should be).

It’s amazing how enjoyable food can be when you feel good about what you’re eating.  There are so many options once you move past the stuff you grew up on.  Since today is Vegan (Feast) Thursday it seemed appropriate to share something I just stumbled upon.

Compassionate Communication couple of week long mystery was solved when Jolene asked me if I got the book she sent me….A Vegan’s Daily Companion is CHOCK FULL of information, including recipes, stories about animal compassion, some written by some well  known and surprising authors, health tidbits and so much more.  Written by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, it includes some thought provoking tidbits on compassionate communication, which I love!

This book is written, as the title suggests, to be read one day at a time for the entire year.  On Day 2, Patrick-Goudreau writes about the history if the expression “kill two birds with one stone,” which most of us group up with, but actually dates back about 2,000 years.  Instead, she suggests, why not say “to cut two carrots with one knife?”  She goes on to say “Besides spreading nonviolent language, the best part about saying it will be watching people stop you in mid-sentence to say “What did you just say?”  Nice!  It never fails to make people smile and think twice about the violence of the original phrase.  We can still say what we mean without promoting violence toward animals.”

I love this new phrase and hope I can remember to use it until it becomes natural.  Like Pete suggests in his Green Panther Press…”Learn to unlearn.”  I will be sharing more of these as it’s amazing how many expressions we use freely that really represent violence to the very beings we love to love– our beautiful animal friends.  I mean really, do we ever REALLY run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off??

On Vegan (Feast) Thursday, why don’t we all consider compassion…not just in our food choices, but in all our choices.  What the world needs now is definitely some love, sweet love.  Pass it on!

Found in the Funnies………..

As I have mentioned before, and wrote in my article in Green Panther Press (Pete and Erin’s all things vegan venture/zine) one of the byproducts of eating a plant-based diet is that a more peaceful nature becomes you.  This is much like what happens from sitting in meditation regularly.  While this comic pokes fun at lawyers, it’s pretty clear, based on the recent on-going theme that someone (the artist?) involved in the production of this comic has given up eating animals and is feeling the peaceful difference it makes.

In fact, though, becoming more at peace doesn’t HAVE to make you any less on your game if you are a lawyer or an athlete or an ANYTHING!  Dan Harris (ABC News anchor) writes about this very topic in his book 10% Happier.  While meditation started to make him TOO ZEN, he did find the balance and stay on his game (a quite competitive field!).  It’s learning how to enjoy a more peaceful soul, without losing the aggressiveness needed to be successful on the job.

So if want more peace and happiness in your life, consider some plant-based meals today and every day!   If you want to learn more about the vegan lifestyle, I have lots of info, can recommend some great reads and foods and you can search this site for some recipes.  If you are on Facebook make friends with Green Panther Press for lots more (hardcore) info!

Happy Vegan (Feast) Thursday.  Can’t wait till next month to get together with some of most favorite people in the world for a vegan pot-luck Friday.  More about that as it gets closer!