And the Genius Said….

In yesterday’s health news, in my daily paper, there was an article about a study on eaters of animal protein.  It compared people who ate different amounts of animal protein and how it impacted their chances of getting type 2 diabetes.   Put quite simply, for every 10 grams more a person ate, they increased their chances of getting the disease.  The people that ate the most (72 grams per day) were almost 20% more likely to end up diabetic.

The first thing that strikes me about this study is that 72 grams of animal protein a day is NOT that much for someone who eats a couple of eggs for breakfast (about 13 grams), a chicken wrap for lunch (let’s say about 20 grams in the chicken)  and a piece of meat or fish (about 30 grams in 6 ounces of fish)  for dinner.   That’s 63 grams before a glass of milk, a piece of cheese, etc.  There is no mystery behind why our society is overweight and under-”healthed.”  The same foods that cause diabetes, happen to also contribute to cancer, Alzheimers, and many auto-immune disorders.

The other thing that struck me about this news story, is that it isn’t really news at all!

We were ALL schooled to believe we need way more protein then we actually do.  We were also schooled to believe our protein can only come from animals.  While it is certainly harder to get protein from plants and grains, it is easily do-able.  Athletes do need more than non-athletes and most of us aren’t athletes!  The average person would do just fine with about 1/2 gram of protein for every pound they weigh.  Serious athletes will go to over 1 gram per pound they weigh.  Even at that, if you do your homework you can find protein in many foods that are healthy for you, for the planet and for the animals.

Hopefully you will consider this information as you make food choices today, on Vegan (Feast) Thursday…and every day.

Cheap (but healthy) Eats.

So often I hear people complaining about how expensive it is to eat healthfully or buy foods that will allow them to lose weight, after all, a bag of chips really is a bargain.  Additionally, when people hear I am a vegan, they think I have to buy all my food at pricey stores like Whole Foods, or farmers markets.

1905 Quaker Oats magazine advertisement

1905 Quaker Oats magazine advertisement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was thinking about just this, yesterday morning, as I was making my oatmeal.  I used to buy only steal cut oats, but honestly, when Quaker Oats (and I buy the old fashioned ones) goes on sale, it’s about 3 bucks for a huge canister that lasts for weeks.  I buy flax seeds and grind them (takes 2 seconds) myself.  I add that and some vegetable protein to my oatmeal, sprinkle with cinnamon and I have an insanely inexpensive, healthy, low calorie, high fiber, breakfast…almost every day.

Same thing goes for the soup I make, and I do make a pot every week of winter.  For the most part, soup always starts with chopped onion and celery which I think most everyone has hanging around.  Whether I add a cup of lentils, or beans, or cut up some sweet potatoes and simmer, the only other expense is the veggie broth if I choose to use that along with water.  (I never use straight broth because it is way too salty!)  You can feed a family of 4 for 2 nights with that pot of soup that costs a couple of dollars.

Whether you are attempting to lose weight, get healthier or stay away from animal products, there are a world of foods available that will help save you money, as well.  You have to compare prices, too.  Whole Foods sells their brand of uncooked tofu for 1.99 while it is 2.99 at my local Publix.  Sometimes the foods that are novel at your local grocery store, will actually be a better deal at a store where they aren’t so novel, like Whole Foods, and locally, Tunies.  Compare prices on organic produce as well.  Sometimes, I find will find them to be very comparable to the non-organic version.  Often at my local Doris’ Market, I can find some beautiful organic kale and mushrooms for the same price as I would pay for the non-organic at another store. Finally, when you buy seasonal items, they will always be a great deal, and if you can’t buy organic, know that veggies grown in the USA are at least monitored for certain pesticides, so they are always  a better choice than buying foods from other countries.

So today, on Vegan (Feast) Thursday, there are no excuses to eat the foods that are good for you, for our animal friends and for the environment.  Thanks for stopping in.  I am always grateful for your visit!

For the Animal Lovers


Happy Vegan Thursday.  Loved these pics…

At the TIGERS institute in South Carolina, a chimp raises tiger cubs after they were separated from their mother.

you want to test cosmetics, why do it on some poor animal who hasn’t
done anything? They should use prisoners who have been convicted of
murder or rape instead. So, rather than seeing if perfume irritates a
bunny rabbit’s eyes, they should throw it in Charles Manson’s eyes and
ask him if it hurts.”
Ellen DeGeneres, My Point… And I Do Have One

A totally different kind of animal…..

Charles Manson

Charles Manson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have a wonderful Thursday.  If you read my blog at all,  you know what I always say on Thursdays.  Just ONE meal void of animal products makes a difference to you, to the animals and to our planet….and like Ellen always says, be kind to one another.

Thursday Funnies….

Something light this VFT.   Make it a great one.  Remember, considering a plant-based meal or 2, today or any day.  It will do a world of good for your own well-being as well as the well-being of our animal friends and our Mother Earth.  Peace….