The Answer is YES–They ALL Can

After a great visit with Derek and Jolene and their animals, we are back.   Great adventures, great food and great fun with the animals.  For those that wondered, the racoon is not very interested in the puppies and they are figuring out how to co-exist, quite nicely!  I tried to post a pic of the 3 of them roaming around the yard together (supervised) but I am technology challenged today.

After seeing Kyle and Nicole and Chase just a couple of weeks ago, and then the Vegas family, we come home feeling very happy, very proud and very grateful.

I absolutely love having Lulz, Chase, Nibbler, Pheebs and Lil Dude in the family.  Animals bring so much into our lives.

If they had cows, pigs, ducks, turkeys–I would feel no differently.  They are all so special and all deserve equal treatment.

As we travel through this Vegan (Feast) Thursday, let’s try to keep in mind the following:

I am back on schedule today, and plan to be at all scheduled classes and sessions for months to come…

See you there, or here.

Because all MEALS Matter……

People would be surprised to see how much VEGAN food they really eat–but somehow when you attach the word VEGAN to food, most people just imagine tofu and lettuce.   So I am positive the word VEGAN denotes negative thoughts to many non-vegans.  This really needs to change.

If you like peanut butter, bagels, salads, pasta, hummus, fruits, potato chips, popcorn, oreos, rice and beans, french fries, hash browns, chick peas, vodka, coffee, pretzels, nuts, raisins, ghiradelli chocolate chips, english muffins…I can go on, but I think the picture is clear, then you already are eating many naturally VEGAN foods.  I just had a peanut butter and banana sandwich on nice grainy bread–absolutely NO sacrifice there!

My intention is not to try to convert people.  It’s simply to bridge the gap between the animal eaters and the non-animal eaters.  So many people ask me what I eat…my simplest answer is I eat most everything you do, except the foods that came from animals.

We all have so much more in common, that what divides us.  Peace out and if you can look at the above list and put together an animal free meal today, that would be an amazing way to help so much more than the animals.  The earth and YOUR BODY will both benefit….from even just one meal.  Because ALL MEALS MATTER (and so do ALL animals)

Does this look like sacrifice?

ALL Lives Matter

It was so beautiful to look at all the pictures of dogs on the internet this week…people celebrating National Dog/Puppy Day.  We humans sure do love our dogs, our cats, our birds, our pet fish and turtles, etc.  Basically, we are a society of self-proclaiming animal lovers.


Because ALL lives matter, please consider a meatless meal or two today.  Remember what’s good for the animals is also good for the earth and definitely so good for you!  Happy Vegan (Feast) Thursday.

Green, Lost (but not to be found) Plants and Peace….

Happy St. Patty’s Day to one and all and may the luck of the Irish be with you as you journey through your day.

Also a HUGE congrats to Carol R. on hitting the 20 pound weight loss mark this morning.   This has happened in 10 weeks, proving if you can get your brain in the right place and then make good choices one day at a time goals become accomplishments.  Can’t wait to celebrate together!!!

Also great article, Carole W. about the vegan course at UCSB.   Knowing that someone out there is teaching our youth about veganism and how it intersects with politics, lifestyles, etc. is very encouraging!  I know from my own personal experience that eating a plant-based diet has changed my thinking about almost everything!  There is every reason to believe our planet would be more peaceful and compassionate if we all chose to eat living plants and not dead animals.  Hence, I don’t really buy into the notion that vegans are violent.  Some of the nonsense is the news is just that!