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It Must be Sustainable, in Order to be Maintainable………

This morning the news reported that fad diets, while they work for weight loss in the short term, don’t work in the long term.  What works?  The reported concluded that exercise and healthful eating are the solution to long term weight loss.  AND THIS MAKES THE NEWS?  The problem with diets, to me, is that if you can go ON one, then of course, you can also go OFF of one, as well.  While there is no doubt that many fad diets are incredibly effective at getting the pounds off, if it is not something you can sustain for the long haul, it is highly unlikely you will be able to maintain the loss.  This is what leads to the yo-yo syndrome which is, according to those in the medical field, rather unhealthy.

While I am on this topic, I need to say, once again, as a society we need to stop confusing CARBS with CRAP!  If you are eating veggies and fruits, you are eating carbs and they are NEVER going to be what’s making/keeping you overweight.  From my experience, when people are successful on a low carb diet it’s because they have cut out the CRAP they ordinarily eat.  The main purpose of carbohydrates in our daily “diet,” is to provide energy to all the cells in the body.  If you are limiting your carbs enough, the body will resort to using the amino acids from protein, but only if your carb level is low enough to be in ketosis, which may have been a natural state for the caveman, but our modernized world has definitely not allowed for ANY of us to live like they did.  Ketosis is very controversial so I leave that up to you to do your homework.  Once again, this only happens when carb intake is EXTREMELY low and that means one is probably not getting ample fiber and nutrients to stay healthy even if they are losing weight.  I promise that if you listed all the carbs you eat and then delete the ones that are CRAP you will lose weight–perhaps not as fast as you would like, but in a way you can sustain to maintain!

Thanks to those that came back to the mat last night, proving it pays to “advertise.”  A simple reminder and a couple of flyers at the gym and class size doubled from last week to this week.   I love all the classes that I teach and love all the different types of training I do during my personal training sessions, but I have to admit that the peaceful yoga/Pilates stretch and stress reduction is the one that truly nurtures all aspects of our being–body, mind and soul.  As we continue to move into the season of giving, giving, giving, I hope that you will remember to take time out to give to the most important person of all….YOU.  We cannot give what we don’t already have, so taking care of YOU, really benefits everyone in your world.

Finally, I have to say that as I continue my daily practice of meditation, I am feeling much more focused on who I am and what I desire at my deepest level, which is helping others to feel good in their own bodies, minds and souls.  This was proof to me that taking time each day to take care of me by nurturing my spirit, allows me to appreciate how much I desire seeing others succeed in finding their own happiness through peace and fitness.  Namaste.


Massage, Meditation, Medical Marijuana and Missing you on the Mat!

Last Wednesday afternoon, thanks to a gift from Rita, I had an awesome massage.  It wasn’t the first time I went to this massage therapist, but I honestly forgot how incredibly awesome she is.  If you live locally (Coral Spring area) and are needing or just wanting a great massage you have to check out Sandy Rabolli.  She is located in the building right next to Tavolino’s (just west of) and does have a Facebook page.  Her phone number is 954-345-7571.  Sandy has done extensive study in her field and really knows her way around all the spots that ail us!  One thing that really stands out to me is the confidence she has as a result of all her years of experience.  I also love that she works out so she can relate really well to those of us that do and respects the importance of it!  Please keep her in mind when you are looking for your next massage and tell her that you found her right here at peaceandfitness.com

If you haven’t started the new 21 day meditation with Deepak, it’s not too late.  This 3 week gift is dedicated to the Energy of Attraction and after just one day, I am already reminded that we attract the very same energy we give out.  Go to chopracentermeditation.com to register now and get started today!  While it takes some time to get used to sitting for 20 minutes, I promise if you stick with it, you may find it to be the best 20 minutes of your day.  After all, when else is it your job to just SIT and BE??

Today, I hope if you haven’t already, you will get out and exercise your right to vote.  Here in Florida I can’t say I am excited about my choices for Governor, but I will vote for the one I think fits my values best.  More importantly, I will go out and vote YES for medical marijuana and hope that it gets the 60% approval it needs today.  As I said yesterday on Facebook, if the only argument against this is that it might get into the wrong hands, we need to go back and look at pain meds, alcohol, cigarettes, guns and most everything!  The one big difference is that marijuana doesn’t kill anyone, EVER and has been proven, consistently, to be effective in controlling seizures, pain relief and much more.  While several states are voting for it’s recreational use, Florida is not.  Please don’t be misled by ads or debates claiming this is a vote for recreational marijuana.

Finally, I encourage those of you who haven’t been at 7pm restorative yoga/Pilates class, to please come out and relax and release.  The class has been super small and I miss the days of seeing a sea of people taking care of their bodies, minds and souls.  While all other classes have been busy, it has always been my feeling that what we might need the most is this hour on the mat.  Why not come on back, tonight?

Hoping EVERYONE, everywhere is taking care of their bodies, minds and souls.  Namaste


Who Am I (to Judge) ?

http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/35/44/0b/35440b74afdc9a7e74b3e7124dad1ab2.jpgIn the Seven Spiritual Laws of  Success by Deepak Chopra, the first is the Law of Pure Potentiality.  He suggests that one way to access our pure potentiality is by practicing NON-JUDGEMENT.  He goes on to say that “Judgement is the constant evaluation of things as right or wrong, good or bad.  When you are constantly evaluating, classifying, labeling, analyzing, you create a lot of turbulence in your internal dialogue.”

This really struck a chord with me (and I believe most of us, if we stopped to pay attention to ourselves, would agree we spend a lot of time in judgement…not just of others, but of ourselves as well) so I am working hard on step 3 of putting the law into action, which says “Today, I shall judge nothing that occurs.”   I will remind myself often and be aware of the times that I am about to make a judgement.

I challenge you to become aware of how often you find yourself making judgements.  Awareness, I have come to understand, is the first step towards improvement.  Goes for just about EVERY aspect of life…..Let me know what you become aware of as you set this challenge in motion.