Well Hello, Doll-y!

Good morning and hello Doll-y.

Yesterday was Museum Day and Mitch and I took advantage of free admission to the Norton Musuem in West Palm.  While we originally hoped to see the newlyweds and have a Jones-Zipp experience, weather earlier in the weekend had us changing plans.  We listened to the entire new Barbara Streisand CD of duets, which pairs her with some fabulous singers, my favorite being New York State of Mind, with Billy Joel.

The museum had several exhibits going on, one being all Matchbox cars and Barbie Dolls.  Being the mom of boys, I was immediately drawn to the small car side and loved all of it, but the little girl in me also enjoyed the Barbie side.  SO MANY OUTFITS!!!!!!  So many accessories and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of this one and sharing….

barbie scaleNiLooking at the Barbie dolls, and her clothes, they were certainly unrealistic body images.  Carole sent me a link to a doll (Lammily) which is build to NORMAL HUMAN FEMALE scale.  What a concept.  Nickolay Lamm, the creator of this doll shares this image of what Barbie would look like if she was modeled after a real woman.  I am happy that she not only has a butt, but some calves, too!

Barbie 5

If you are a mom of little girls and would like more info on this doll, who is still in the pre-order stages, thanks to Carole, I have some info.

My take-away from all of this is that it’s awesome to want to look and feel our best, but to try to be or look like someone that is unrealistic, is basically like trying to turn a cat into a dog.  Make sure your role models and especially your children’s role models are something they can truly aspire to be like.

Speaking of role models, I glanced through the Miami Herald at the news stand yesterday and DID NOT see an article about Charlotte in the Health section.  If anyone has seen it in today’s paper, please let me know!  I don’t get the Herald, but I do get the Sentinel and I didn’t want to waste all that additional paper unless the story was in there.  If they dropped the ball on this story I will be PISSED!  I have the reporters name, so I will call her tomorrow and see what’s up.  I realize, with the birth of Chelsea Clinton’s brand new living doll, Charlotte, that our Charlotte wasn’t the biggest news story–but then again, to some of us it was!

In closing, I want to say that whether you are a Streisand fan or not, I think you will enjoy her new CD.  Thanks, Rita, for encouraging me to listen.  Thanks to Carole for the info on Lammily.  You are both LIVING DOLLS.

As you travel through your Sunday and all your journeys, remember that the most beautiful of all dolls, female or male, are always the ones that come complete with hearts!




How to Cultivate More Happiness and Joy

Good morning.  Happy New Year and here it is Vegan (Feast) Thursday again.

  I am in the middle of a good read in this month’s Yoga Magazine….about a 21 day vegan challenge.   Yoga and a plant-based diet go together like…peanut butter and jelly—or lettuce and tomatoes.  “Ahimsa,” meaning non-harming, is the first of the five yamas (guides to enlightenment).  While not all yogis and yoga enthusiasts refrain from eating animals and their by-products, a plant-based diet IS a great way of practicing ahimsa or “do no harm.”  Doing no harm to ourselves, others and our universe certainly includes animals!

One of the things I have been making lately is what I like to call my chakra salad.  We know that their are foods that help balance our 7 chakras and when we put them together in a bowl, we get one very, very colorful and inviting salad.  Each chakra has it’s own color and to keep it easy, the foods associated with balancing that chakra are the same colors.

English: Illustration of the main 7 Chakras, a...

English: Illustration of the main 7 Chakras, as taught by contemporary Reiki masters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our root chakra is red so think of foods like radishes, beets and red onions.  The sacral chakra is orange so consider orange peppers, or shredded carrots.  For the solar plexus we want to add something yellow; corn or some yellow squash works.  Moving up to the heart chakra we can opt for any of the leafy greens, lettuce being the most obvious, but kale and spinach are also great.  For the throat chakra, which is blue, I like to throw in a handful of blueberries.  Blue is a tough color–if you can think of anything else, please let me know!  Those blueberries have to cover the third eye chakra which is also blue.  Finally, for the radiant crown chakra think shredded purple cabbage.  This covers all the chakras, but I also like to add calamata olives and avocado when available as these add great taste, texture and some much needed healthy fat to the mix.  Finally, if I am looking for a little protein I will add rinsed and drained chick peas.  I always dress my salad with fresh squeezed lemon, a small amount of balsamic vinegar and just enough olive oil.  Turns out, what’s great for balancing our chakras, (and we can all use some balance in our lives!) is also great for everything that ails us without doing any harm.  The big bonus is the rainbow of colors make it so pretty!  Play around with the ingredients.  Be creative and let me know what you come up with!

Whether you are a yoga guru or have never done a single yoga posture in your life, consider a meal or two today that are void of any animals.  As Sharon Gannon, co-founder of the Jivamukti Yoga school and the Jivamuki vegan cafe in NYC, as well as the author of the cookbook Simple Recipes for Joy says “Veganism is NOT about restriction–it’s a way of eating and living that can create more happiness and joy.”

Wishing you more happiness and joy and a wonderful a day! Namaste






Warning. This Image May Hit Hard.

As you all know I haven’t been doing a whole lot of blogging lately.  Mostly because, as I said a few weeks ago, I am a little tired of “hearing” myself and I want to do more learning and more listening before I start spouting again!  Meditation each morning with Mitch and Ms. Roxburry has been a great way to begin each day.  Guided meditation helps set an intention and today that intention was completely in line with my speaking less and listening more…

The other reason I have been “quiet,” is because I find I am conflicted about certain aspects of my life and my business and I need to sort it all out.  It’s always better to think things out before we speak.

As for it being Vegan (Feast) Thursday, all I can say is that the world is so mixed up and upside down, I just wish we could all exercise a little more compassion and I know from personal experience that since I stopped eating animal products, I feel much more connected to the entire universe.  Always the ultimate dog lover, I see ALL animals in a much lighter, light and after all, we are ALL animals!

But today I am totally stepping away from blogging about a plant-based diet in order to share an image that has me totally conflicted on so many levels….both personal and professional.  This was shared by Alexis Wolfer of thebeautybean.com. 


It was shared a couple of days ago and has left me doing a lot of thinking…We have all got to stop obsessing about the number on the scale (definitely myself included) and the images (ALL digitally manipulated) we see of models, actresses and celebs.  This doesn’t mean we let ourselves go and stop caring.  It means we do the work of being physical and eating healthfully and nurturing our souls.  But it’s confusing.  What’s healthy to you, might not at all be healthy to me.  So we have to do our homework and be honest with ourselves.

So, if my students, clients and friends find me changing the subject about the pound or two you gained or lost, I am not at all not interested, I am just working on being a better role model.  We know it’s not our job to ask others to do or be more or different than they are.  It’s our job to work on ourselves and be the best ME we can.

I am asking for random feedback today.  I will have to approve your comments before they will appear and I am off to do my CPR renewal in a bit, but I will be back later.  Please, I want to hear from you and feel free to share with others.

Health and fitness is my business and my passion, but when there are lines that blur with regard to weight and I need to sort through all of this to be better at what it is I love.  Children are also a great passion of mine and I want us all to be sending out the healthiest messages we can to them.

And now I will return to the listening.  Thank you!




Got 24?

This was the quote on my desktop calendar yesterday:

“The moment you think only of yourself, the focus of you whole mind narrows, and because of this narrow focus, uncomfortable things can appear huge and bring you fear, discomfort, and a sense of feeling overwhelmed by misery.  The moment you think of others with a sense of caring, however, your mind widens.  With that wider angle, your own problems appear to be of no significance, and this makes a big difference.”

–Insight from the Dalai Lama

I love the above quote and loved finding it when I flipped the page yesterday. I think it is absolutely true.  I also loved this and challenge myself and all of you…..GO!

Happy one month anniversary to Nicole and Kyle.  Happy Hawaii trip to Jolene and Derek.  Savor it all!!!

I will be doing all the SilverSneakers classes at the gym this week while Ellen celebrates birthdays with her family.  Sorry, stuck with me like it or not~

Let’s all get out there and think about others first, and see what a day without complaining feels like!  I, for one, am ready!  Much love…..