Got 24?

This was the quote on my desktop calendar yesterday:

“The moment you think only of yourself, the focus of you whole mind narrows, and because of this narrow focus, uncomfortable things can appear huge and bring you fear, discomfort, and a sense of feeling overwhelmed by misery.  The moment you think of others with a sense of caring, however, your mind widens.  With that wider angle, your own problems appear to be of no significance, and this makes a big difference.”

–Insight from the Dalai Lama

I love the above quote and loved finding it when I flipped the page yesterday. I think it is absolutely true.  I also loved this and challenge myself and all of you…..GO!

Happy one month anniversary to Nicole and Kyle.  Happy Hawaii trip to Jolene and Derek.  Savor it all!!!

I will be doing all the SilverSneakers classes at the gym this week while Ellen celebrates birthdays with her family.  Sorry, stuck with me like it or not~

Let’s all get out there and think about others first, and see what a day without complaining feels like!  I, for one, am ready!  Much love…..

Getting to the Heart of (Muscle) Things….

Yesterday I took the ice bucket challenge and today Mitch will do the same.  Today I will also make a donation to the ALS foundation.  It is no coincidence that I once worked in an organization that helped raise money for diseased muscles and ever since have worked with helping people make their muscles stronger.  I will NEVER take for granted my healthy muscles and I will push them to their limit, because I can, but will always be sympathetic towards those that can’t.

No matter how hard we work at our Facebook voting, Charlotte remains in second place.  I am frustrated but know that we will celebrate and honor her regardless of the outcome.  Continue to vote daily and continue to spread the word.  You never know what can happen in the next 11 days!

English: CPR Français : Massage cardiaque

English: CPR Français : Massage cardiaque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember, if you are local and want to come take or renew your CPR and AED you can join Ellen and I as we renew ours on Thursday September 18th at 11am at Tamarac Fitness Center, for a 40.00 fee.  You will receive certification cards through the American Heart Association.  The hope is that we never have to use our knowledge, but in case we do, we’ll be ready….and let’s face it, our hearts are the most important muscle we have!

Last night on Jeopardy, a clue had to do with a blog being an online diary.  It sort of made me uncomfortable.  I always aimed to help people by blogging, but often think it comes across totally self-indulgent.  That makes me very uncomfortable and I will have to give a lot of thought to that moving forward.

If you are participating in the 21 day meditation challenge, today is all about being purposeful as it impacts happiness.  So my wish for you today is to have a highly purposeful day!  Namaste.

New Challenges Await….

The Yankee duo reunited Lou Gehrig and Babe Ru...

The Yankee duo reunited Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth (r) on Lou Gehrig Day (July 4, 1939). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No matter how old I get, and how long I (and my kids!) am done with school, I will always get “butterflies” on the first day back.  Good luck to all the teachers and students embarking on a new school year, starting today.  It’s a good day for all of us to consider starting a new, learning something new, setting a new goal or taking on a new challenge.

Kyle accepted the ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS and today, I will accept his challenge to me.  You may be next!  Remember that regardless of whether you accept the challenge or not, a donation to the ALS organization is still in order.  As the challenge spreads like wildfire, let us remember the purpose!  If you aren’t familiar with how devastating this disease is, read up on Lou Gehrig, or read the book Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom, which was, in my opinion the best of his books, by far.

Thanks to everyone who continues to vote for Charlotte.  She has slipped way behind the first place holder, Grace….by about 50 votes.  I don’t know what else to do so please vote and tell everyone you know to do the same.  Thank you so much………..



In Honor and In Memory……….

I thought blogging would be put aside for a few weeks, but today I have a favor to ask and info to share and Mitch and I already did our day 2 meditation so….

1)  My student Charlotte, from SilverSneakers class, is in the running for an recognition given yearly.  Along with the rest of the class, we nominated her for all she brings to us each day, and all she has given to the world in her 95 years (though she likes to flip those numbers and call herself 59 right now).  Yesterday, I found out that Facebook voters will decide who wins, so please, please, if you are on Facebook can you go to the SilverSneakers page, like it, and then scroll down to the entry about the Swanson Award, and click the box to vote for her.  We are allowed to vote every day, until the last day of August, so I warn you that I will be reminding you daily.  It’s not for me…it’s all for her!  If you follow my blog you have already read about what an inspiration this woman is.  If you are in class, you know by being with her.  This morning she is in third place so let’s see what we can do to move her to, and keep her in, the numero uno spot!

2)  I am organizing a CPR/AED certification at Tamarac Fitness Center on Thursday September 18 at 11.  If you are an instructor in need of renewal, of in need of CPR or renewal for any job, this is the one you need and will get your card a few days after, by mail.  If you have never taken CPR, why not come out and join us.  The life you save will probably be a loved one, as that’s how the stats roll.   Let me know if you are interested and/or if you need directions.  Nicole Goldstein will be our instructor.

Robin Williams Walk of Fame

Robin Williams Walk of Fame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So sad to learn about the passing of Robin Williams aka Mork from Ork.  My memories of his first character are so vivid and all good.  There was always a message at the end, as he reported back to his boss about what he learned on earth and in all the humor, the message was always meaningful.  Robin Williams sure made some huge contributions to our planet in his lifetime and it saddens us all that someone like himself could have still been struggling to find happiness…the tears of a clown are the saddest tears of all.  Let us honor his life by expanding our own happiness.  Much love…..and I bid you a…nanu nanu, of course!