Love is Lovely….Let it Flow I have said it once, I have said it a billion or more times, people that workout and take care of themselves are some of the very kindest, most caring people in the universe.  Thank you to all my 8:30 in the morning students who responded so quickly and effortlessly to my suggestion yesterday at the end of class.  I don’t want to say too much until our “project” is completed, but you ladies came thru like nothing I have ever seen!  Within minutes I had people approaching me from all angles.

Your participation is going to mean the world to one person, but also to me, because my heart was truly warmed by your generosity and trust!  Hit me up personally if you are wondering what this is all about.

Love really is like currency.  It flows.  You have to put love out there in order to get love back.  This was the message of Tuesday night’s yoga/Pilates class and 25 hours later, I was able to witness just how true that is!

Later in the day, I had a long conversation with a loved one, about fitness, health, nutrition, school, money and happiness (the kinds that come from external sources, and true happiness which comes from within).  Money can buy a lot of awesome stuff as well as peace of mind and security.  It really CANNOT buy happiness and it CANNOT buy love.

Want to feel more internal happiness and self-love?  Remember to start giving of yourself.  Giving really is a selfish act, because what we give away comes back in abundance.

I am humbled by, and grateful to ALL my students.  A better family, I could not ask for!  Much love to all….


When Stress Rears it’s Ugly Head Friday!  Thanks to everyone who reached out to check in on me after I left the gym early Wednesday morning and did not come back for my next class.

Without going into a great deal of detail, I will simply share that stress can take it’s toll in physical ways that many of us can’t believe can really happen.  Thankfully, the stress was pretty much self-created and after a day of rest I felt much better.  The only reason I am sharing this is because we all need to listen to the triggers in our bodies because ultimately, they help us make decisions.  We also need to realize that stress and anxiety don’t manifest their symptoms in the same ways in each of us and sometimes we run to doctors who find all sorts of things wrong with us, but none of them are really the problem at all. (I am pretty sure most western doctors would NOT agree that a fever can come from stress)  So tune into YOUR body and YOUR symptoms so you can recognize a pattern of symptoms when they occur in YOUR life.  We are each so unique!

For those that asked, yes, I will be at class today with bells on.  Thanks to Ellen for pinch-hitting on Wednesday.

Wishing you all a very happy and above all else stress free weekend.  Much love………….

Another Brick in the Wall….

Here in Broward County it’s back to work for the teachers.  Wishing you all a productive, safe and good year ahead.  Our kids may LONG be out of school, but every year I am remain thankful to all of you that start each year enthusiastic and ready to take on the challenge that is educating our youth.  We all know it takes a village and you are all a paramount part of that village.

And….I’m Back

Without going into a lot of detail, Vegas was wonderful.  Anytime we are with our kids, it’s wonderful!  But, it’s especially nice to see all our kids living so nicely and smiling so much, both in Vegas and in Largo.

It was definitely different getting in a run in Summerlin, Nevada.  I only did a mile, but damn those hills are different for someone who only runs on flat Florida land. (Nicole and Kyle, be warned for your Disney half next month!!!!!)  It felt great and the scenery was fabulous.

I don’t know why I can’t attach my own beautiful photo today, but I had to put a stock pic on to avoid getting overly frustrated!

Now, it’s back to my regular work schedule.  Effective immediately, the Tuesday at 11:30 Senior Strength class has been cancelled due to low attendance.  If things pick up again in the fall, Ron will re-evaluate.  Until then, make sure to get into class at least 2-3 times a week.  With 7 opportunities for SilverSneakers, there are plenty of options!

This change frees up some time for me to add a Tuesday/Thursday client to my personal training schedule.  I have really been loving the outdoor park and trail training with some of my current clients, so if you live in the Parkland/Coral Springs/Tamarac/Margate area and are looking to do some personal or small group training let me know.    10-11 am would be absolutely perfect, and as the days get cooler, it will only get nicer to be outdoors.  I have minimal availability some other days, so I have some flexibility if need be.  If you are interested, let me know and we can work out the details.  My rates are always reasonable as my passion is helping others to get fit and learn to love fitness, as I do.

So tonight, it’s 6pm cardio fusion and 7pm Pilates/yoga fusion….Since we had no class last week, make sure to get back in this week!

Wherever YOU are….whatever you have going on…make time to take care of your health and fitness.  Thanks for stopping in………..