Who Am I (to Judge) ?

http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/35/44/0b/35440b74afdc9a7e74b3e7124dad1ab2.jpgIn the Seven Spiritual Laws of  Success by Deepak Chopra, the first is the Law of Pure Potentiality.  He suggests that one way to access our pure potentiality is by practicing NON-JUDGEMENT.  He goes on to say that “Judgement is the constant evaluation of things as right or wrong, good or bad.  When you are constantly evaluating, classifying, labeling, analyzing, you create a lot of turbulence in your internal dialogue.”

This really struck a chord with me (and I believe most of us, if we stopped to pay attention to ourselves, would agree we spend a lot of time in judgement…not just of others, but of ourselves as well) so I am working hard on step 3 of putting the law into action, which says “Today, I shall judge nothing that occurs.”   I will remind myself often and be aware of the times that I am about to make a judgement.

I challenge you to become aware of how often you find yourself making judgements.  Awareness, I have come to understand, is the first step towards improvement.  Goes for just about EVERY aspect of life…..Let me know what you become aware of as you set this challenge in motion.

The Great Wheel of Color…..

No coincidence that our chakras are these colors and that eating foods associated with the color of each chakra can help balance them.  This chart will be super helpful when putting together your own chakra salad!  Using these colors/foods as a guide will not only be great for your body, heart and soul, but also will end up making a really pretty presentation!




http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-nWM4BSgFjEE/TX5i8vX9dcI/AAAAAAAAAkw/TRQHEnY3HRk/s1600/kids_yoga.jpgHaving been a kid who did NOT enjoy P.E. or sports, it warms my heart to see articles about schools offering Yoga as a P.E. option.  The only part of gym class I ever liked was gymnastics, and, I admit, square dancing.  Still, I dreaded that hour as so many students do.  Thinking I was not athletic because I didn’t do well in games like dodge ball (really?  how many of us really loved having a ball thrown at us?) just made it worse as the years went on.  Thank goodness for cheer-leading which often got me out of gym class.  I loved my years of cheering.

In many ways, I am still a cheerleader.  But I also love aerobic dancing, lifting weights, doing Pilates, jogging and yoga.  So this morning I salute the schools that are offering Yoga as an option to fulfill the P.E. credit.   The students who are taking these classes are getting so much more than just the credit, as any of that practice yoga know.  They are gaining confidence, learning useful tools to combat stress, increasing focus and concentration and of course, gaining strength, flexibility and coordination.

It is never too late to start adding yoga to your life.  If you are a parent, remember that we are the most important roll models in our children’s lives.  Namaste.

Building and Seeding……….

There is so much going on in the world to be thankful for and happy about that I refuse to be frightened or angered by the news about viruses, terrorists, politicians, etc.

This morning, I am thankful to modern medicine and Dr. Murray Rosenbaum for (in the doc’s words, not mine) a PERFECT cardio ablation preformed on Mitch 2 days ago.  If you or someone you know, struggles with A-FIB (atrial fibrillation) and are NOT familiar with this option, please ask me questions!  While this cannot be considered a “cure,” we are feeling very optimisitic!

My gratitude list is too long this morning.   I have written and deleted several times.  I don’t want to sound like I am gloating.  I do have to say beyond being thankful for the obvious, how much it makes me smile that my boys still love Legos and that my girls deal with it and can bond about it across many miles.  All the pics and comments they shared these past few days on Facebook have made me grin from ear to ear.

I am not a preacher so I cannot tell you how much practicing gratitude can change your life, I can only tell you how positively it impacts me in my life.  A healthy mind helps keep a healthy body and vice-versa!

So for me, I choose to step away from the news which really is terrorism in it’s true form and instead focus on what I can control.  I absolutely LOVE this quote of the day from early this week and wanted to share before I leave for the park for my first workout of the day……..

“I will be generous with my love today.  I will sprinkle compliments and uplifting words everywhere I go.  I will do this knowing that my words are like seeds and when they fall on fertile soil, a reflection of those seeds will grow into something greater.”

–Steve Maraboli

Thank you to everyone who kept great thoughts for Mitch and I this week.  I have the most amazing support system and for that I am beyond grateful.

Have a beautiful day and remember you choose what you want to fill your 24 hours with…..