Change Happens!

Another amazing transformation last night on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss with Chris and Heidi Powell.  Last night the show was about the one year journey of Pearls, a twice divorced, 36 year old mom of an autistic son who along with her second divorce, lost the rights to see her step son several years prior.

Pearls was a broken soul, who dined on bags of cheeze puffs and weighed in at almost 300 pounds at the beginning of her transformation.  By the end she lost a little more than half her weight.  What she gained was almost….everything.

Pearl had two fitness goals.  One was to run a high heel race, which Chris Powell humbled himself and did with her.  The second was to fly (with silks) like Pink and Cirque performers.  After losing her first big chunk of weight she took some lessons and after making her second (half year) weight loss goal, Heidi and Chris brought her to a Cirque show and she got some private training and was able to both fly and do a 30 foot drop.  She looked amaaaaaaazing and her pride was shining from the inside out.

What Pearls wanted more than anything, however, was a chance to see her step son again, but was sadly denied this wish by her ex who felt it was not in the best interest of his son.  With all the strength and self-esteem Pearls gained along her journey, she was able to come to terms with this.  She decided to focus on what she DID have; her birth son, Mason.  Together, they committed to a healthy life moving forward and by the end of the show Mason had lost 25 pounds and gained a beautiful mom who continued her all-out efforts as an advocate for autistic children.

Thank you, Pearls, for driving home the message that WE AREN’T WHO WE WERE!  Every day there is a chance to start over.  With a positive attitude, a clear goal and a lot of strength and determination, great things really do happen!

I am unable to find before and after photos of this transformation, this morning, but trust me, she was a whole new person!

This morning I would also like to acknowledge all that were at the 7pm yoga/Pilates “stretch” reduction class.  It was a “sea of calm” as you all looked so amazingly relaxed during final mediation.  Namaste!

Congratulations, Toma…..

Thursday, January 29


I just don’t think Toma (in the middle) had enough weight to lose at home, to win tonight.  He was already under 200 pounds at the last weigh in.   His face looks so slender.  Who knew how handsome he would be when the season began?  Sonya looks like a completely different woman and I think she is a great role model for a Biggest Loser Winner….Rob….he struggled a lot.  He seemed way too “wow is me,” all season.  He was negative and angry and I wonder if he will keep the weight off once the show is over.  All that said, he had the most amount of weight to still lose, which could make him the top contender.  Hmmm.  I am sad that another BL season is coming to an end.  I fell in love with the trainer, Jen.  Watching her train alongside the other two trainers last week (while Bob led the session) impressed me, as does the way she rocks her very muscular body.  That girl has some set of thighs and is a fantastic image for the slogan “strong is the new skinny.”  Her addition to the show has been very positive for me….and Jessie is just so good to look at!  Bob Harper has had my heart from the beginning and has stayed with this show through all the years.  Dolvett?  meh……..

Happy Vegan (Feast) Thursday and above all else, happy, happy birthday to my new daughter, Nicole aka Mrs. Zipp.  Looks like this is the year she is going to earn the title of coast to coast 1/2 marathoner.  The world is at your fingertips, cutie.  Always know how loved you are.


The Journey of 10,000 Steps…Or These Boots Were Made for Walking, Jogging and Running………. I started wearing my pedometer (thanks, again, Carole) I have really come to understand why we are a nation of overweight people!  Though I may be repeating myself, it takes a lot of moving around to get in the recommended 10,000 steps a day.  I honestly don’t know too many people that take more steps a day than me and I definitely get my 10,000 a day (and many over that on most days) in, but that is after hours upon hours of exercise!  If you sit behind a desk for most of the day, you HAVE to walk or jog or run or do something along those lines for about 5 miles (approximately) to get in your 10,000.  This is why I understand that people who put on a Fit Bit (or any pedometer) are likely to lose weight!  Awareness is everything.  Once we are aware of what we need to do, we are more likely to do it!  This goes for all aspects of life.

Many of you are stuck in because of the snow, today.  Obviously, heading to the gym or getting outside to walk is NOT realistic.  Many of you also have a treadmill somewhere in your house with clothes hung on it.  Today would make a great day to clean it off and get moving!  Or put on some music and dance your ass off (literally).   Last week on Biggest Loser, Jenna Wolfe of the the Today Show, gave the contestants an amazing workout using NOTHING but their own bodies.  I loved this because we ALL can use our own bodies.  I am a huge fan of those kind of workouts anyway.  Add in a chair or a step and you can go crazy!

We can all find a million excuses to not get a job done.  This is our health and our temples we are talking about.  Excuses are just that.  Daily I get my inspiration from people who work around their limitations.  They do not let their conditions, their age or their ANYTHING stop them from getting in their daily fitness.  My student Charlotte turned 96 this month.  Sometimes her leg hurts.  I tell her she can sit if she needs to.  She looks at me with darts in her eyes and simply says “I will NOT!”  She is just one role model, but my all my students impress me with their determination and tenacity.

If you want some fitness or weight loss motivation, be sure to tune into the Biggest Loser finale this Thursday night on NBC.  I can barely stand having to wait to see all the eliminated contestants return to see who will win the at home prize, as well as see who of the 3 finalists wins the money, the confetti and the bragging rights to this year’s Biggest Loser title!