The ABCs Of Good Health

By:  Bonni Zipp

A is for Aerobic exercise, get your heart rate up most every day

B is for Breathing – deeply, to melt your stress away

C is for Calories, because they really do count

D is for the vitamin, from sunshine, all you need is a small amount

E is for Exercise, THE magic bullet for good health (and good moods)

F is for Fresh Fruits—not French Fries or other FRIED FOODS

G is for Greens, the darker the better

H is Hydration, think water because it’s…wetter?!

I is for Iron, followed by J for Jogging and Jumping Jacks, too

K is for Kissing (and hugging), so good for you

L is for LOVE, for it makes the world go round

M is for Meditation, JUST sitting still, shhhh not a sound

O is for Over scheduling, don’t do it, let some things wait

P is for PEACE and we must ALL strive for THIS

Q is for Quiet time; just a few minutes can be shear bliss

R is for Resistance training, with weights or balls or bands

S is for Stretching, from your feet, all the way up to your neck and hands

T is for Taking Time for YOU, because YOU are number one

U is for Unwinding when all your work is done

V is for Vegetables; they really can be so yummy

W is for your Waistline; your health is greatly determined by your tummy

X is for X-ing out negative thoughts – YOU control your mind

Y is for Yoga, to your body always be kind

Z is Zzzzzs and getting enough sleep each night

Put the ABCs together and your health will be just right!

Now you know your ABCs and I hope you understand

YOU hold the key to health and wellness, in your very own hand.