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If The Sneaker Fits, Buy It!

If The Sneaker Fits, Buy It!

By: bonni zipp

Did you know most Americans buy sneakers that are just too tight? OUCH! Cramming your poor feet into sneakers or shoes that are too small is the reason we get most of our blisters, corns and calluses. Admittedly, finding a good fit is NOT as easy at it would seem, but well worth the effort.

Let me guide you as we shop “together” for that perfect fit. First, consider the activity you will be doing in your new sneaker, as that will help narrow down the choices. If you like to mix things up, consider a cross trainer. Next remember that your feet swell as the day goes on, and also as the activity goes on. If you shop for a sneaker first thing in the morning, by the time you are half way through your 6pm kickboxing class, your feet will be suffocating! If your feet are cramped, so will your body and mind be. Often this means (as it does for me) buying a sneaker that is 1/2 to 1 full size larger than your street shoes. I always advise looking for a sneaker with a wide toe box as well. This allows your toes room to wiggle, which is important to comfort, as well as aiding in circulating blood and oxygen back to the heart and lungs. This is key to a good workout and will benefit your general well being.

Though you need not spend top dollar on a sneaker, a reputable shoe store will usually allow you to wear a sneaker to the gym to see how they feel. If you do not wear them on the street and you are not happy with the fit in class, they will generally allow you to return or exchange your purchase, but it’s a good idea to double check on your store’s policy. Our feet should be worshipped. They have the very tough job of supporting our weight, all day long. Just as Prince Charming sought the perfect fit, we owe it to ourselves to do the same. Now if that sneaker fits, buy it…in every color!