The Journey of 1000 Petals…., at 7, we conclude our chakra series, with the 7th, or crown chakra.  We visualize this wheel of petals as violet or white in color.  It is the chakra that connects us to one another, to the universe and to all things spiritual.  If you are coming to class, feel free to wear either of these colors to help enhance your session.  Diamonds and crystals are the associated stones, so feel free to don those, as well!  As the crown chakra is much more about spirituality  than physicality (though clearly all chakras relate to our physical being) expect to be spending a good amount of time in meditation.

I will be there at 6, as well, for our cardio/strength training fusion.  Come for one, or the other…or wherever YOU are, make sure your day has included some all important physical and spiritual activity!