Monday August 31, Gym Schedule morning and welcome to the last day of August.  For those of you that are checking, we have a regular gym schedule this morning.  I will be teaching my regular 8:30 am class, followed by Ellen’s 10 o’clock SilverSneakers, and then my 11:30 SilverSneakers class.

I will continue to post but at this point I am scheduled for all my regular classes and all of Ellen’s SilverSneakers classes until she returns to the gym on Thursday the 10th.

Remember there is NO 11:30 am Senior Strength Training class on Tuesdays at this time.

Again, thanks to everyone who generously contributed to the collection we have going.

I was notified that the link to “contact” me on this site’s homepage isn’t working.  I alerted my webmaster but until it is fixed, you can leave me a COMMENT…it will remain private until I view it, so if it’s meant to be private, just mention that in the actual comment.

Get out there and make it a great Monday.