Time to Celebrate Chanukah….


From our home, to yours, we wish you a very happy Chanukah.  May your candles burn brightly and may you holiday be filled with peace, love and abundant miracles.

An FYI for those of you who want to veganize your latkes, just omit the eggs!  Simple as that….

**Regular schedule today at TFC.  11:30am Senior Strength, 6pm Cardio Mix and 7 pm class, which will be an even more zen Yoga/Pilates aka stretchhhh reduction class than usual with ample time for contemplation and meditation.  This will be the last Tuesday night of classes until the new year and I hope to see you there for one or both!  


Just This….

Every time I get to spend time with my kids, the aftermath is that I sleep really well.  Some people do this after a big meal.  Rita was right when she said I am SATIATED after spending time with them.  2014 afforded us quite a few opportunities to spend time with all of them.  This past weekend was a bonus round with Kyle and Nicole.  Last night I slept great.  I am so grateful, appreciative and SATIATED!

Catching Up!

I know, I know…it’s been quite a while.  Between getting ready for the holidays, celebrating the holidays and a vacation to Vegas to visit Derek and Jolene, I have not been on the computer much.  I generally do my blogging in the morning but I have been finding it more important to use that time for meditation, as things get kind of crazy this time of year.  Balance, balance, balance.

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQN3UScAtnoELoYsbU81jT327Qpun7ZZ_0jP6DK66uKsM7xQ7e_So for those that have asked, YES we had a fabulous Thanksgiving with the newlyweds and the Jones crew and a fabulous few days in Vegas just last week.  As soon as I can find some time, I will sit down and post some pics.  I put away my phone/camera when we visited Red Rock Canyon because I really wanted to just appreciate it all.  Additionally, there was no way photos could capture the vastness of those gorgeous mountains.  They are some gift from Mother Nature.  We also visited Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, Bonnie Springs (of course!) old Las Vegas (which was a blast) and spent a few nights on the strip  where we ate some amazing vegan food at the Wynn and the Encore (there was amazing vegan food everywhere we went!) and saw David Copperfield at the MGM Grand….but clearly the best part of the trip was simply being with the kids and seeing what a nice life they have there!  Can’t wait till the next time 🙂

I returned to a regular work schedule yesterday.  All classes at TFC are on a regular schedule for me until much later this month.  There is a holiday schedule posted by the front door and I will post changes as they come.  Remember that taking care of yourself at this time is paramount.  In order to take care of everyone else,  you have to start with you.  Come on out tonight for some cardio mix at 6pm, or some peaceful stretch reduction via yoga and Pilates at 7.  Dress in layers……See you there, or back here soon.