Om Maha

Om Maha.

I radiate love.

Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of...
Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of love, empathy, selflessness and devotion. On the psychic level, this center of force inspires the human being to love, be compassionate, altruistic, devoted and to accept the things that happen in a divine way. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After all my other sessions and classes are over and all that is left is peaceful, restorative Pilates/yoga, tonight at 7, we will be focusing on opening up and unblocking our heart chakras.  Though all the chakras (just like all the organs of our body) need to be balanced to provide homeostasis, it is that heart chakra (and heart) that I find most special of all.  If you are coming to class tonight, you can begin to bring your attention to your heart through the day.  If you are unable to attend class, with me or ANYWHERE, simply taking some deep breaths, thinking loving thoughts and BEING love, will certainly help activate this all important chakra.  Namaste