Know Your Numbers single greatest form of exercise we can do tonight, is to exercise responsibility.  It’s easy to say we don’t drink and drive, until we are drinking….and then driving.  Though Thanksgiving is actually the single worst drinking and driving holiday (thanks,  Attorney Adam Harmelin, for that info) New Year’s Eve is right behind it!  If you are venturing out, a cab is a nice way to stay safe.  If you have your car with you and you are drunk, you can find ways to avoid driving.  Here in Broward county, Florida,  AAA and Budweiser team up to offer a service that will pick you up and drive you home and tow your car home, too!  It might be worth programming the Tow to Go number into your phone now if you are local.  It is 1-800-AAA-HELP.  In Palm Beach county, the police offers will give you a ride home, for free.  There non-emergency number is 561-838-5454.  Wherever YOU are, it’s worth doing a quick Google search to see what options are out there for you and storing some numbers in your cell phone BEFORE heading out.

IF you make a bad choice and get pulled over in Broward County, I would like to share our family friend’s phone number.  Attorney Adam Harmelin can be reached tonight (or any time 24/7) on his cell phone at 954-294-9372.  He is definitely the guy to call should you get in trouble with the law for any reason from traffic infractions to much more serious offenses!  I love that he uses his cell phone number for business as it makes him incredibly accessible.  I suggest to everyone local that they put his number at the top of their cell phone contact list…A for Adam.  While I hope none of us ever need it, it’s a good contact to have.

As you ponder your resolutions, I hope you will consider ways to bring more peace…and fitness…into your own and your loved ones lives.  Thanks to all of you for the role you have played in MY 2011.   May you have a happy, healthy 2012 and may we all remember all the lessons we learned through the recession as we move into the recovery, that I feel in my heart, WILL happen in the coming year.  Cheers.

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  1. Happy, Healthy New Year to you, Bonni, and all your readers. I wish all of you a new year filled with an abundance of love, peace and good health.

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