Divine, Sublime… it’s Birthday Time

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ6tDLx_KksuJsAR0mQ9wYUw0maoA5ahNtIIyjlBJrYuPT0wVtSGood morning and happy birthday to one of my very favorite people, who also happens to also be my son, Derek.  28 years ago, this morning, the entire world became a better place because he entered it!  Last night, we (Mitch, Derek, Michele and I) went to Sublime to celebrate (missing Kyle and Nicole, of course!!!) and the food was, once again, simply divine.  For those that don’t know, Sublime is an all vegan “fine dining” establishment in Ft. Lauderdale, open only for dinner, with a beautiful ambiance, incredible service and equally beautiful and incredible options!   We ate the crispy cauliflower (to die for and as Michele said, no one would even have to know it was cauliflower) and stuffed artichoke as appetizers and after sharing one chopped salad, we were well on our way to full.  Michele and Derek ordered the enchiladas, Mitch the penne pasta and I, of course, felt compelled to try their veggie burger, new to the menu since I last went.  It was a little on the “less firm” side, but very, very good.  We shared some dessert because we had to sing!   One piece of pumpkin cheesecake and one piece of chocolate nirvana.  OMG!  While we had no celebrity sitings last night, it is the hot spot for celebrity vegans like Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson.  The waiter said we would know if she was there 🙂  Just saw a picture of the good Dr. Oz with the owner, who is said to donate all her profits to animal causes.

Next week, VFT, back on at the house.  It’s the third week of birthdays, so next week we celebrate Pete.  That definitely calls for a Shepherd’s pie.  Hoping to see some of the missed faces back around the table as we begin a new year together.

 Still trying to figure out why I can’t post my blog to Facebook, but I will catch up with my other favorite guy over the weekend and get that resolved.   I am nothing without my webmaster, but I know how busy he is at Steelcast.

 I will be at Tamarac Fitness for my regularly scheduled 11:30 SS class this morning.   Last class of the year 2011.   The gym will be closed for the weekend and reopen with our regular schedule on Monday morning.   It’s been a great year and look forward to the next one with all my students and the new ones to come!  

Giving thought to some resolutions?  It is suggested we don’t overshoot and set ourselves up for failure.  Narrow them down and be specific.  More about this over the weekend.  Much love.  Be safe on the roads!

3 thoughts on “Divine, Sublime… it’s Birthday Time”

  1. Sending Very Happy Birthday wishes to Derek.

    I sure have missed everyone this past week. It feels weird to have been away and not working out because I was sick. I found myself making excuses NOT to hit the gym for an hour this morning … then I slapped myself around a little and just “Did It” – Hooray for me! It’s amazing how quickly we can fall out of a good habit.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy New Years and an awesome 2012 filled with Love and Happiness and Peace and Fitness.

  2. Happy New Year to all of my gym freinds, and of course best wishes to a fabulous teacher of peace and fitness!

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