A Very, Merry


Good morning, Merry Christmas,

hoping Santa was good to you.

Wishing your waking up to peace and love,

and all your Christmas dreams come true.


Today we eat, we drink and we’re merry,

and we’re sure to over-indulge.

Tomorrow it’s back to the drawing board

to fight the holiday battle of the bulge.


So bring on the pastas

the desserts and the egg-nog

break bread with your loved ones,

tomorrow we lift, cross-train, and jog.


From our house to yours,

it’s lots of love we send…

and now this Christmas ditty,

has come to an end.


One thought on “A Very, Merry”

  1. Your Christmas ditty was so clever and true,
    My wishes for peace and love are extended to you.
    Enjoy this special day with your family and friends,
    May the happiness and joy that you share with your loved ones never end!!

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