Wishes Do Come True


I woke up somewhat overwhelmed over the incredibly fulfilling birthday that I had, yesterday.  All I wished for was to be together with my kids for dinner, and I got that and so much more.  People always feel badly for me that my birthday gets jumbled up with Hanukkah and Christmas, but I see it completely the opposite way.  This entire week has been one big bundle of peace, love and light.  Our family  caught up on life over latkes, baklava, donuts, hand-painted Christmas cookies and chocolate peanut butter crispy treats.  We lit menorah lights and birthday candles, we sang Adam Sandler and the birthday song and exchanged tons of gifts.  I got to meet and play with the new little grand-kitty, Chase, who happens to have THE softest fur in the world.  We watched the 12 Days of Marketing video go live on You Tube, yesterday, and we know  that Kyle and Nicole worked hard to make that happen.  While I am not sure how to post the link to it (it’s still early in the day and my brain is not fully working) if you want to see something cute, go to You Tube and enter something like the 12 days of marketing by copy press.  If you are in marketing you will better appreciate it, but I would love if EVERYONE would just visit the video…the 6 and 3 year old brothers who sing are enough to make it worthwhile to anyone!  Most of all I got to just BE with Mitch and my kids and that was truly my birthday wish come true.  Thanks, my family.  We even managed to watch our local girl, Melanie Amaro, take home the big win on X Factor last night.  Talk about dreams and  wishes coming true!

And thanks, everyone.  With the help of modern technology I heard from friends and family near and far and in mass.  My friends, students and clients managed to spoil me rotten as they do every year (really every DAY).  I was showered with gifts to fill each and every one of my senses…and lots of  gifts of peace and fitness!

As Kyle, Nicole and baby Chase head to points north to continue the holiday celebrations with Nicole’s family, I will be at Tamarac Fitness Center subbing Ellen’s 10 am class and then teaching my own 11:30 class.  We can probably all use a little fitness before the holiday weekend.  I know I can!  We still have Derek’s birthday to celebrate this week, before we can even think about New Year’s Eve!

Be safe today as everyone is is racing just a little faster than usual to get the last of the holiday items checked off their lists while others are already indulging in some pre-Christmas partying.

Finally, thank YOU. Namaste.


2 thoughts on “Wishes Do Come True”

  1. ‘Great video that Kyle and Nicole worked on!…
    The content, graphics, message and voices are all way cool!

    You get what you give…
    And Bonni, YOU give us all so much that you truly deserve to be “spoiled rotten”!
    ‘Sending you peace, love and light from the west coast!

  2. I did not know your birthday was yesterday-Happy birthday to you-you give so much of yourself to others-you deserve everything you have been given. Love and Peace!

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